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  1. Is not Meeteetse a great find! Love that area. Fished the Greybull river. Fantastic cutthroat trout fishing. Did not get to that reservoir. Will keep it on my to do list next time up there. And of course the Cody Buffalo Bill museum is Fantastic. Wife and I spent two days going thru it and wished we had more time. The gun portion is marvelous. What a collection. Thanks for the boondocking tip.
  2. Sounds like a marvelous journey Bill. Between McKay Idaho and Ketchum is the Copper Basin. I believe you might enjoy going up there and fish a fork of the Big Lost. Plenty of cutthroat trout. Also some good places to Boondock. There are a couple of Forest Service campgrounds in the area. The North Fork of the Wood River is a very nice area to camp. I have not fished it but sure it is productive. Enjoy.
  3. Frank, I would be interested in a West Coast gathering of Olivers. Hope it happens. Bob, Hull #52
  4. Very nice Larry, thank you for posting. I also served in the South China Sea, Task Force 77, 1966 thru 1969.
  5. May I say that one of the real pleasure in having the Oliver is how warm and cozy it is. We have taken ours on a couple of trips up the Northern California coast. Cold nights, cool days, ocean spray, wind, all of it. Very warm. The furnace does not take long to warm up the interior and it stays.
  6. I do not feel a need for the weight distribution hitch or the sway bar. I am sure the gang at the factory will be very forthcoming with advice once they hook you up. When they hooked up my Tacoma they recommended that the tongue be lengthen, I agreed and so they did. And that made the Oliver and Tacoma sit level to each other. Very glad I do not have to deal with additional devices.
  7. I am sure the day will come to me when some character will look at the Oliver and go "too much white" or "tv is on the wrong end" or "it doesn't float". I'm ready for it but enjoying the good comments so far.
  8. Finding out that when we are out traveling with the Oliver we become Rock Stars. People do want to see the trailer. We were traveling north on I-5 and pulled into a rest stop. Slid up alongside a Big Foot trailer. The owner was instantly on us. "Say, thats quiet the nice rig. Can I look at it". Of course. Gave him the quick tour. He kept saying "Damn". He left saying "Impressive". Did not invite me to see his trailer. We camped in Lassen Volcanic National Park. A truck pulling a Casita came cruising by looking for a camp site. Next day the couple stopped by. Tom and his wife from Redding. Real nice folks. Gave them the quickie tour of Oliver. I am betting that Mr Robert Partee is going to be getting a call from these folks. Hope so. Owning the Oliver is not only a joy to travel and camp in, it is also a joy to show off.
  9. And a legend was born. What a great day it must have been. So glad that I had such a day also.
  10. The second best thing about getting the Oliver....well maybe not second, maybe third.....oh shoot, there are a lot of good things about getting the Oliver. But discovering the Natchez Trace Parkways was a real joy for us. Can't wait for a trip back to Hohenwald to visit and then drive the length of the Parkway. October 2nd can't come soon enough for you. You will be so glad you made the decision to get one. Have fun and Happy Trails to you.
  11. I too tow my Oliver 22 without any sway control or equalizer. I tow with a 2014 Toyota Tacoma that has the tow package. The Oliver is a joy to take down the road. For several years I accumulated Airstream manuals, now I need to save them for some sort of historical value. Maybe. The Oliver is the real deal.
  12. Thought I would give it a try myself. Picture taken at Hohenwald the day Charlotte and I got the trailer.
  13. I will get on your road trip into South Carolina, hopefully this year soon. My son, daughter in law and the worlds greatest 4 year old granddaughter live in Denver.......that's right.....Denver, North Carolina. Will talk them into taking a drive looking for fresh melons!
  14. I have got to do that drive until I come across the cantaloupe pickup ! Yum. Also have to visit North, South Carolina. Love that kind of humor and I bet it is a cute small town. Thanks!
  15. Great "tip" Larry, especially slipping a washer in there.
  16. Congratulations! It is indeed a joy to have. Happy Trails!
  17. Charlotte and I did our first "real" camping excursion this weekend (we had previously spent 5 nights hauling Oliver home from TN). Went to Indian Grinding Rocks State Park, a California State Park in our Sierra Foothills. Small campground with 23 sites. No hookups. Does have a facility with flush toilets and hot showers. Has marvelous well maintained acreage with a reconstructed Mi-Wok Indian village. Main focus is on huge slabs of rocks with an estimated thousand holes ground into them by the maidens grinding down acorns for their future meals. Their "tee-pees" are constructed from the bark of Incense Cedar Trees. If you are in the area I would definitely recommend a visit. The surrounding area has many small towns that were created in the gold rush of 1849. There is much to explore, good shopping and even an Indian Casino in the neighborhood.
  18. Great post Skip. Picked my 22 Oliver a couple weeks back and my feet still haven't touch the ground! The dream has come true and it is better then the dream.
  19. I will definitely check out the fiberglass forum. I am so looking forward to some great adventures. I do hope we all meet up someday around a campfire somewhere.
  20. Thought I had a name, but it got vetoed! The Oliver is all that I thought it would be and more. I hope the same with you.
  21. Picked up our Oliver on Thursday. I am sure Robert Partee was glad to see it head on down the road. I must say we are absolutely thrilled with it. We spent our first night in West Memphis at the KOA. The campground host said they may come knocking on our door as a Tornado alert was on hand. When we got up in the morning the winds were very strong. I was apprehensive but lit out on the road anyway. The Oliver performed magnificently. Stayed right behind and did not give me one white knuckle moment at all. Saturday night found us camped in New Mexico with freezing temps. We were snug as a bug in a rug. Tonight we are in Flagstaff. Charlotte and I are very pleased with the trailer and our comforts. Almost hate to get home! So thank you Robert Partee, John Oliver, Alicia, Larry and Betty Harmon. Life is indeed good and much better with Oliver in tow.
  22. As my son would say, "SWEET"! Thanks for posting Larry
  23. It appears there is a very strong support team on this Forum. I will be grateful for that. There are not too many options you can add to the Oliver but we did add the solar package with 4 batteries. Not sure I really needed it but Larry did such a fine job describing their function to us I decided to do the add on. Really appreciate the advice on keeping the Oliver gleaming. Good point made not to let it go bad, difficult to recover. I think of what Airstream owners pay to keep theirs polished. Can hardly wait for May and "Happy Trails" time. Christmas all over!
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