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  1. Does Oliver Discount off List Price? I know Airstream does 10-12% even in today market.
  2. I've read though the forum, but can't seem to find an answer that I can hang my hat on! The Spec sheet says approximately 490 lbs. I assume this must be empty, what good is this? We are close to buying a new/used Elite 2 and need to know what actual Tongue Weight we can expect. The trailer is question will have the 30lb LPG tanks and we generally tow without full tanks, maybe 1/4 full. This info is critical in making sure our TV is set up correctly. We will be using the Andersen WDH on a Mid Size SUV with a max TW of 600lbs. I was hoping to be able to use the adjustable Tongue Extension feature to fine tune the TW, but I just realized they stop using this feature some time ago.
  3. It has been awhile since I started learning about Oliver Trailers and I can report I've learned about them! I am even more convinced than ever about their concepts! I sold my ML 350 because it didn't have a Factory Hitch on it and I wasn't comfortable with an After-Market installation, along with the necessary extra Coolant/Oil/Auto Trans cooling etc. Enter the replacement Tow Vehicle which is a used Mercedes Benz GL450 with Tow Package. According to CanAm, this is one of the BEST "TV" out there! I looked at several Olivers since I first started, a 2016, and 2020, but now I am seriously considering a new one. By the time we spent the money adding the options we wanted to the used trailers, it became obvious that we should consider a new trailer. Down-side is the Lead Time. Of course it would be more expensive, but it would have a Warranty that the 2020 doesn't and would be 1-2 years newer, not to mention the options that my wife wanted. We will sleep on this! I have warmed up to the Andersen Hitch and have even bought a used Hitch and purchased the Update-Kit, saved $550.00 over a new Hitch. As a retired "Heavy Duty Truck Sales Engineer," and experienced RVer, I know the important of proper Weight Distribution as it relates to Safety and good TV Handing. I doubt Oliver would select anything that wasn't able to do the job.
  4. Is it possible to remove the Night Stand on the Twin Bed Models and insert a Mattress Spacer? I sleep with my head towards the rear and could use a little more shoulder room! What do you think? Any suggestions? Thanks, Pat email patmaundrell7@gmail.com
  5. I don't see a big issue with this situation. I would suggest simply putting a little grease on these areas, no Down-Side. Does your Hitch have the updated Ball/Bat Wing assembly?
  6. Great question! IMHO, the Wet Cell Battery construction is basically technology from the 1950's, along with their corrosion problems and need to refill their water level, not good! On the other hand AGM Batteries Technology is from the 2010 and normally don't experience these problems. They also charge up to 5 Times faster!! They are definitely worth the extra cost, not to mention they are much cleaner!
  7. Extended Warranties are Okay to consider as long as they are offered by the Original Manufacture and are transferable/refundable. I recently bought 2 used "Certified Mercedes Benz" cars with Extended Warranties for around $2200.00 each, great value. I sold one of them and pasted the Warranty on to the new owner for what I paid for it. I am curious though as to why most RV Manufactures don't pass their New vehicle Warranty on to other owners. I know Airstream does, this is a big factor!
  8. I plan on using our 15 year old Honda 2000 with the Propane Conversion also, gasoline is a pane. I understand however that there maybe a Serial Number Break on the Honda that makes the Conversion Kit not work on. My question is, will the Conversion Kit's LPG Regulator mount on the 20/30 LB tanks inside the Fiberglass Cover. I want to mount the Regulator directly to a LPG Tank (20/30) under the housing and then run a long extension hose to the Generator for safety. Any ideas?
  9. Don't new Olivers use the "Never Lube" Dexter Axles?
  10. I understand that the EZ Flex Dexter suspension is an updated suspension and appears to be a nice addition! I am looking at a 2016 Elite 2. Does anyone know when Oliver started using the EZ Flex suspension. It is not a Deal-Breaker because it can be retrofitted to a non EZ Flex axle reasonably.
  11. I think there is an element missing from this discussion and that is Safety! I can't think of a situation, Towing an Oliver Elite 2 without a WDH/Anti Sway control. IMHO this invites a problem! In an ideal world you want the Tow Vehicle's and the Trailer's weight to be spread out between both vehicles, while also providing protection against Sway. Compromising anyone one of these, can't be a good idea and can lead to real trouble!
  12. I Enjoyed everyone comments regarding Generators. We hope to be purchasing a 2020 Elite 2 very soon and plan on using our 18 year ols Honda 2000. Two questions: 1. How many of you have converted to LPG, we plan to Gas, refills are a pain. 2. We plain on mounting it on the Tongue. How to some of you do it to provide security/safety etc. The trailer does not have the second 30Amp plug in, has any one added one? 3. Any other suggestions. Thanks Pat
  13. Does anyone know if it is feasible to change the Standard Floor plan over to the Twin Beds version. Is it costly? Thanks Pat
  14. I've discussed this topic with Oliver and the bottom line is that the Anderson Hitch is the only Hitch they would install, which I understand.
  15. I realize the Hensley Swift Cub is rated at 6000lbs, I told the Hensley Rep that the Elite 2 had a GVWR of 7000lbs, but I doubt I'll ever Tow at that weight. The cost of the Hensley is $1860.00 compared to an Equalizer at $860.00. Since I am considering a Mid Size SUV with a Towing capacity of I believe 7200LBS, Hensley seemed to say it would be okay. The alternative would to go up to their Arrow Model rated at 14,000lbs, and costing around $2700.00, way overkill. I've admired the Hensley Hitch's design for over 25 years, but they are very expensive, maybe a used hitch might work. However, in reality, the Equalizer may be the best reasonable choice from a cost/performance point of view as well has being able to adapt to the Oliver's Frame and LPG Tank Shrouding with the cleanest installation. We had a 25 foot Airstream 15 years ago and I remember them stressing the important of the relationship between the Tow Vehicle's Wheel Base and the Overall Wheel Base to include the Tow Vehicle and the Trailer. In "Layman's Terms," that means that even though a Mid Size Short WB SUV-Tow Vehicle may have a 7200LBS Tow Spec, it doesn't automatically means it the best Choice. You can end up with a situation where the "Tail (Trailer) wags the Head (Tow Vehicle). This is why 1/2 ton vehicle SUVs and Pich Ups are so popular for TV. The above is why I am considering such a WDH in the first place! IMHO, the Hensley's characteristics take the "Tail wagging the Head" scenario out of the picture.
  16. Thanks for the pictures, they were helpful! I have contact Oliver to ask them the question regarding WDH options. I would like to consider the Hensley Swift Cub ( light duty version of their Arrow Model) as well as the Equalizer WDH. Hopefully there will be options available.
  17. Thanks, all good comments! I've seen only one Oliver Trailer and wish I had inspected the Front End of the Frame more to get more familiar with it's design. I would prefer a traditional WDH because I believe the Weight Distribution Characteristics (ability to transfer weight to the Front Axle of the Tow vehicle) of them are better, although the Swag Control maybe okay on the Anderson. I plan on having at least one and maybe two Honda Generators mounted on the front of the trailer, so the tongue weight would be higher than normal. Additionally, I hope to use a Mid Size SUV, so the ability to correctly balance the weight is very important to maintain Road Feel/safety!! I'll try to contact Oliver to get better pictures of their Frame etc.
  18. I've Towed RV Trailers for over 50 years all using WDH. We are considering an Oliver Elite 2 now and are curious about which Hitch to use. We will either be using a Mercedes Benz SUV ML 350 Diesel or a GMC Yukon (Wheel Base Short/Long?) I never heard of the Anderson Hitch until we started researching the Oliver Elite 2, not really sold on it. We prefer a more conventional WDH. Does anyone use another WDH other than the Anderson on Oliver Trailers? Please let me know if you do! Thanks Pat
  19. Wow, sounds familiar! We just sold our PleasureWAY Motor Home also and now are considering a Oliver -Standard/Twin bed models. We started RVing 30 years ago with 2 PopUps trailers -really liked them, then graduated to a generic 25 foot TT - Towing felt like you were dragging a Parachute behind you and the Quality/Design was SADLY LACKING. We hated the thing and sold it after one trip, didn't lose a dime! We then found a used 25 foot Airstream with Twin Beds, great trailer, we loved it. We stopped RVing and bought a Lake Cabin and went Sailing for 13 years. Bought the PleasureWay, mentioned earlier, and had it for only 2 years, but found it had no Character/Personality. Now, we are considering an Oliver Elite 2. We are attracted to the Quality/Style/Size of the Oliver, as well as the Aerodynamics of the design, which we know will translate into better MPG and easy Towing. The entire scope of the Oliver fits our mind-set. We were able to take advantage of "Oliver's Program" to see an actual Owner's trailer locally and were impressed with what we saw/experienced, very nice person! I am making plans now to attend the Sept 2020 Rally in Alabama to learn more and hopefully get closer to finding a Trailer. Our Tow vehicle maybe a long Wheel Base 4X2 GMC Yukon or a Mercedes Benz ML350 Diesel. I realize the Yukon type vehicle will probably do a better job, but I like the size and characteristics of the MB Diesel. I wasn't familiar with the Anderson Weight Dist Hitch design until I started researching the Oliver and I still questions. Will other WD Hitches work on the Oliver or will access to the front part of the Trailer's Frame restricted by the Propane Cover? As far as the actual Trailer Specs are concerned, we are looking for a Tandem Axle, probably a Standard Floor Plan Elite 2, although we will consider a Twin Bed Floor Plan and will consider any used trailer in any condition. We plan on converting the Standard Floor Plan into a Twin Beds. I understand that Oliver used to offer a "High Rise Twin Bed" kit option, but this was discontinued for some reason, it looked good to me. Any other options, we may want can either be added by Oliver or ourselves at a later date. I would love to discuss any comments and Leads regarding the above! You are welcome to Text me at 513 891 5112 and I'll call you back on my Dime. Thanks Pat
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