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  1. Does Oliver sell an option that deletes the night stand to allow the wrap around seating in the rear with twin beds? Darren's setup looks like a way better use of space! When the lagun blocks access to the drawer there isn't much of a point to having one πŸ˜ƒ (I know the top pops off the nightstand).
  2. Thanks, John. You're a wealth of information. Oliver should put you on the payroll! πŸ˜‚ The mount came with the car surprisingly. The car also has the ECT PWR button for shift point adjustment. Once I get the trailer on the road, I'll post my average temps here for anyone that might be interested. Thanks again!
  3. I'd be a fool to go against the manual and two LC and Oliver owners - I'm sold. Wow! Maybe I should skip the front rack and switch back to 20lb propane tanks. Someone on ih8mud was towing a 5500-6000 lbs trailer on 35psi using the firestone bags. Have you taken yours over 12 and if so, what made you go back to 12? It is a 2019 with 0 modifications. I remember reading about people towing in sport mode to to stay out of overdrive in 5th and 6th gear for transmission temp reasons. Do you do the same? Curious to hear from Mossey on this one too. If true, I assume I should do t
  4. Thanks, Mossey! The REDARC's installation looks simple and clean. The controller isn't listed as being compatible after 2017 but I'm guessing it simply hasn't been updated on their site. There is a youtube video of someone installing it in their 2018 so I should be good on a 2019. Good to know!
  5. John and Mike, I've never towed anything larger than a lawn mower before so please forgive me for the questions I'm about to throw at you! Are both of you still using your LC200 to tow your trailer? Do either of you know how the vehicle towed without the Anderson hitch? I'm really curious to know if you think the improvements are worth the cost. It sounds like the Elite II doesn't have much sway to begin with and I would basically be buying it to take weight off the tongue (please correct me if I'm wrong here). Also, am I mistaken in thinking the bulldog hitch can be extended forwar
  6. I didn't think you were an employee. I thought that the juxtaposition of your quote with something sales might say was too funny to go unsaid. 😁 I appreciate the info though!
  7. Looking at the datasheet for the XC Pro, you can hard-wire or install a 20 AMP GFCI outlet in the front of the unit. I have no info yet from sales; waiting on a call back.
  8. You're good. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this mystery. πŸ˜ƒ Good info! Thank you!
  9. It sounds like Oliver removed the standard 110 outlets below the twin bets leaving only the kitchen 110 and the attic 110 in the rear of the trailer. We work remotely so a laptop being plugged in for a very large portion of the day is a big deal. A laptop is basically our TV as well. I have a call with my sales agent in an hour and I'll let you know what they tell me.
  10. I get that we'll need to do it eventually. We will be replacing the Zamp controller at some point. I'm just saying that it is a pretty big omission on any trailer let alone one at this price point.
  11. I'm sure you know that there aren't too many places to go if you're already looking at an Oliver. We've looked at every other fiberglass RV manufacturer including NL's Boreal which doesn't even have molds yet. We almost took the huge risk of going with the new Happier Camper but couldn't pull the trigger even with the price being substantially less and the layout being better better (for us). The outlet situation is a little worse when you already have an order placed with them that includes a $9,000 solar/inverter system. I doubt we'll even use the TV or Stereo. All of those things have been
  12. Customer: "So where do we plug our laptops in while we're in the bedroom?" Sales guy: "Outlets are so easy to install, just do them yourself post delivery. Pick where you want them to be, cut a hole for a box, run the wires from the nearest outlet and Bob’s your uncle. Don’t worry about overloading a circuit, it won’t happen unless you try to run too many things at the same time. Just adding an extra outlet will not affect anything. " Customer: "uhhh..." 😜I'll give the sales department a call today and try and get to the bottom of this. I'll update the thread when I know more.
  13. Is this still the case on new builds? If so, does it only apply to the twin bed layout? Is the only remaining outlet in the bedroom area the one above the TV?
  14. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Battleborn LFPs are 100 Ah vs the 200 Ah of the LiFeBlue. The cost ends up being $3796 for Battleborn (assuming 4 fit) vs $3790 for the LiFeBlue. If I'm being honest, I have no idea why Oliver chose LiFeBlue to supply LFPs vs some of the other seemingly more reputable brands. The datasheet has typos, the website (or at least the copyright) hasn't been updated in 3+ years and the Android app looks like it sends more data to the PRC than TiKToK. I was really tempted to build the entire system from scratch using Victron components but you end up thin
  15. Nice! We were actually considering an Escape due to the layout (and price) They wouldn't budge on the new exchange rate policy so we decided to get something nicer instead πŸ˜ƒ Hopefully Oliver can avoid the private equity trap that is gobbling up RV manufactures.
  16. Thanks SeaDawg. 22% is better than nothing! πŸ˜ƒ Are you the same SeaDawg that was selling an Escape trailer recently?
  17. Thanks for the answer, Overland. I'll need to look more into the tax credit, Mcb. Our completion date isn't until next year so I'm not sure it would still apply.
  18. After a lot of back and forth, I changed my option to lithium despite the cost being hard to stomach.
  19. Thanks, John! Going with the lead acid over the AGM saves about $850. I'd probably never get around to selling them but your point about getting rid of the weight as quickly as possible is well taken. I'm a little weary about the weight already and will be towing with the same vehicle you use. Thanks for the guide by the way! Do you know what brand Oliver uses for their wet and AGM batteries?
  20. If I'm understanding the configuration and components of the current solar options offered by Oliver, the Solar Pro Package at $4999 would be ideal for someone not looking to spend an additional $4000 to have LiFePO4 but would like to upgrade sometime in the future. I'm hoping someone with some solar knowledge can double check my thinking here. Should I want to upgrade to LiFePO4, the Zamp ZS-30A can handle the LiFePO4 chemestry and the Xantrex PROwatt 2000 could still be used, just not to power the AC off battery power. When the AGM batteries kick the bucket I should be able to simply s
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