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  1. I'm not really sure that we have a different opinion on the properties of aluminum vs fiberglass. I'd love to buy an aluminum yacht! Unfortunately the only ones I can afford are fiberglass and made 50-70 years ago. There are tons of them that still sail today and the ones that are sold sell for 4-5x their original price.
  2. Fiberglass is an oddity in a disposable world. A great fiberglass construction quote comes from an indie documentary called Hold Fast: "When fiberglass boats first went into production, the naysayers went into hysterics. Traditionalists pontificated on the value of wooden construction and warned that these so called "boats" made of plastic were bound to wear out and disintegrate within five years... but this was before anyone understood just how permanent plastic is. As it turned out, the curse of fiberglass boats was not their short lifespan but their longevity - wood rots. But just as p
  3. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. We're sold on the pro package now 🙂 Do you know if Oliver is using the heated batteries or the standard ones?
  4. Fantastic guide! I currently have the Oliver supplied backup camera excluded from my build and I've been doing some research on what is out there (not much!). The Garmin BC 35 is my first pick so I was once again surprised to find that you have already shared your experiences with the BC 30. Are you still satisfied with the BC 30? The BC 35 looks pretty much identical other than the slightly improved resolution (640x480 vs 320×240).
  5. Thank you for taking the time to reply, Larry. I really appreciate that you're willing to answer our questions on a public forum. Direct answers from the company helps ease some of my reservations about spending so much on a solar package. Can you confirm that the warranty on your webpage is the same as what will be offered to Oliver owners? There is some verbiage about dealers and OEMs that could apply to Oliver. Also, does anyone know if Oliver is shipping the heated batteries or the regular ones?
  6. Welcome to the forum. I have a few questions for you with regard to warranty claims and exclusions: The warranty specifically mentions that should a repair not be feasible, a replacement battery will only be provided at a 30% discount from MSRP. Shipping to determine cause of failure and shipping back is also not covered. LifeBlue would essentially be selling us a new battery at cost. Is this the same warranty that will be offered to Oliver owners? As someone who is currently slated to have LifeBlue batteries in their new Oliver, why should we choose LifeBlue over Battle Born or Victron?
  7. Nature's Head also makes a foot crank option that might fit.
  8. I agree that the new F-250's 7.3 liter is the truck to really consider if you want to avoid the high cost of diesel hitting you when you drive off the lot, pull into the pump, and inevitably find yourself in the shop. The design of the 7.3 is dead simple and it *should* be one of Ford's most reliable engines to date. If the LC doesn't work out for us, I'm finding it hard to consider anything other than the new F-250 or a used Tundra.
  9. If it is the GG 750, the 15 foot or larger model uses 3 arms. Anything smaller than that would be 2 arms. I wonder if they kept the awning 15 feet or opted for 14 feet to cut costs.
  10. Thanks again for the great read! I'll stick with the Suburban. I'm scheduled for a March delivery date; if model year changes haven't been made public by then, I'd be happy to detail all of the them in a new thread. A compendium of model year changes from the first Elite I/II sold to present day would be a fantastic resource for those interested in the history.
  11. Do you know if Suburban is still using the same boards on new units? We opted for the Suburban due to mechanical simplicity and ease of repair but if the thing is going to blow up every year we might consider switching to the Truma.
  12. That is encouraging. We too are moving from tent camping so at this point everything seems like a luxury 😁 Interesting. The night stand, while aesthetically pleasing, eats intothe seating around the table. With 2 younger kids, the extra space for a butt seems critical. We're still thinking that adding the lagoon mount to the king floor plan will allow us to ditch the table in the future should we decide it isn't as usable as we thought. Having the factory add the twin extensions is always something we could opt for later if our plans change. If anyone wants to point out flaws in my lo
  13. Are you using the factory padding or something different? We're starting to seriously considering changing our order to the standard king layout; sleeping on benches with standard cushions and the table set up most of the time *seems* doable but I haven't seen anyone discuss this as being a workable solution 😬 The bench width is a little larger than our tent sleeping pads so I think I have some type of reference for what the sleeping experience will be like. If anyone does something similar, let me know!
  14. Would a different shock alleviate some of that travel or would the entire axle need to be upgraded? We're interested in pushing ours a bit so I'm curious about what options might exist.
  15. I wonder if this has anything to do with the change: https://rvbusiness.com/dometic-announces-closure-of-lagrange-ind-plant/ Anyone know where Girard manufactures?
  16. I was afraid of that. I wonder if they switched due to supply chain issues.
  17. Thanks! If I get specifics, I'll update the thread.
  18. I've spoken to sales about the warranty. They don't have specific paperwork on it yet but told me they believe the same warranty offered by LifeBlue would apply when sold with an Oliver. https://www.lifebluebattery.com/ewExternalFiles/Warranty .pdf (yes, the space is actually required before the file extension.) They said information would eventually be posted in the university section. While I'm sure the batteries will last at least 10 years when properly cared for, LifeBlue as a company seems super sketchy. Without assurance from Oliver that they will handle the warranty claim, I'll pro
  19. Fritz, did someone at Oliver tell you they are switching to Girard awnings? If so, did they say why and which models they will be using?
  20. 😆They specifically mentioned "a place to plug in your CPAP machine," so at least they understand the problem that was created.
  21. I received a partial answer from the sales department regarding the 110v outlet situation for 2021 trailers. First, an exact reason for the floor level 110v outlet removal was not provided; however, they did specifically mention Canadian regulations at one point in the conversation. The good news is that the 2021 models should have a new 110v outlet somewhere close to the pantry area opposite the stove. I couldn't nail down exactly where the outlet would be during our call. If anyone is able to get better information, please update us!
  22. Does anyone know how wide the benches are in the non-twin layout? My guess is 25 inches.
  23. Interesting! Thank you for the great information. I'm guessing quite a few people were not aware of that.
  24. I've seen a lot of well executed table ideas for the twin bed table setups like Overland's excellent 8020 Lagun mount. Still, I have a hard time ignoring the usable space that the standard wrap around table option provides. This is especially true for insane families of 4 that still opt for the Oliver. 🤪 I've poked around the forums but couldn't find anyone entertaining the idea of using a marine mounted adjustable table that could drop both the rear dinette and the smaller front table down to the bed position. While this option would still be annoying to perform on a daily bases, it would be
  25. The entire night stand top can be removed with 4 screws? It looks like it is part of the mold? I love your custom bracket by the way. I've had your post bookmarked for at least 2 years. 😃
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