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  1. Interesting to see 6 on your Andersen for your F150. Mine was 3.5 from Oliver after install for my 2021 F150. Is the 6 your writing or from my Oliver? They did red sharpie in nut and bolt on mine.
  2. Payload will get most folks well before towing capacity. My F150 has stated tow capacity of 14000. I’d never be able to tow that and take anything. Not even sure I would have enough payload for a driver, lol.
  3. There is a connection box on each panel. Anything inside worth checking ?
  4. I’m actually starting my trek back to Allen Texas tomorrow which is next city south. I had access to ladder today so got up and checked both fuses on roof and connections. All connections and fuses were good. I’ll look for fuse John notes in diagram. I haven’t been able to find that one yet.
  5. Mods. - please feel free to move So today we pulled into our first national park campground. Very scenic setting. This is my shakedown trip and I am still learning to backup and this was the hardest spot yet for me. Anyhow while my son was helping I was blocking the loop for maybe 4 minutes. Two cars were there for about 3 min and first driver gave me the ugliest look as he went by so made me wonder. What is the etiquette here? Should I just pull forward and make another pass or our folks generally patient with folks backing in ?
  6. You get a solution for issue and get solar working? Interesting that two campers delivered within days of each other having issues. I wonder if a new person started working on these connections and did not get it setup properly?
  7. So quick update. I was able to test lines connected to solar panel during daylight hours and meter registers nothing. I am seeing no power coming from solar panel connections. So now waiting to hear back from Oliver to see how they will fix.
  8. Thank you very much. That was information I was needing. Bleeding lines after turning off cylinder moved it to red. Much appreciated.
  9. No worries. When I picked up they showed me which side was primary tank and if closed the primary tank by closing valve on top the indicator when from green to red as there was no gas flow. She said that will tell you if propane tanks are closed for travel. Worked for several days but this am indicator stayed green even though primary tank was closed therefore no gas flow. Perhaps that isn’t how indicators work but that is how it was explained. Thanks.
  10. So the dial that turns from green to red once cylinders is shut off quit working today. I can still turn them off just more of nuisance really. Anyone had this issue and been able to fix? Thanks Brian
  11. Yes those lines were connected to battery so very well could be power from the batteries. I just know lines connected to solar had no voltage reading. Once I test those on controller I have reached my comfort level with the electronics and Oliver is going to have to figure out how to get it working.
  12. Thanks IL_Travelers. Are you getting the led power and charging indicators on your zamp controller? I keep thinking back to orientation and I specifically ask about having to turn it on. What I recall is her telling me that they would not come on since we were inside but would when outside and charging. She also told me she’d been with Oliver since October. I will suggest to Oliver maybe have someone with more experience with product do orientation. I did get a voltmeter, still don’t think I should be fixing this on new trailer, and can see power is going to battery. I just missed sun so couldn’t test solar side but plan to today if sun comes out. Raining now but supposed to clear later. I will post back with results. You know when your controller made? When I pulled mine out to test connections Dec 2020 was stamped on top part.
  13. Appreciate the responses. I don’t have a voltmeter unfortunately. If controller is bad I already pulled that out once to check connections and yes that seems like pretty easy to swap out for a new one. I honestly can’t remember if lights were working in orientation. I think power indicator was on because she said this charging one won’t come on because we are inside. I didn’t really even think about it at DC until just before left which was a Sunday. Service is really important to me so I will keep working with Oliver to get this sorted. Getting plenty of good sun to work on bubbles, never knew that. Hotter in Indiana then Texas, weird. I do really like the trailer. The inside design is better than I expected and size was just what I was after. It tows great. I had driven motorhomes but never towed so was pretty nervous that. A long day of driving Sunday fixed that. I have been very impressed with towing behavior. In another newbie mistake I had accidentally changed display mode on tireminder to temp vs psi. When I left yesterday morning tires look good as air temp very close to my psi setting. Going through Indy and I am getting very concerned as it appears psi is getting close to 90 and the previous day they never did that. Panic was starting when I looked at saw temp vs psi on display. Changed display and all good.
  14. So 5 days in and my solar setup isn’t working. The system isn’t turning on and using solar panels to charge up batteries. I have been working with Oliver service and checked connections on zamp controller the battery cutoff switch for solar and ensured battery cut off is on. Nothing is working to get led power or charging indicators to work. It is also pulling in no amps per readout. Looks like I will be headed to a service center. I can’t express how disappointed that is with 70k camper that is 5 days old. I don’t think they fully tested the system. Any other ideas? I have also noticed that apparently a child installed graphics as with time I have noticed lots of bubbles. Also no one has even called to see how things are going and my salesman never bothered to stop by on pickup day to sAy thank you. Overall a bit disappointed with Oliver customer service experience.
  15. Maybe will run into each at a Texas campground.
  16. Thanks. Yes I am heading to Indians next to see kids plus I can avoid Memphis. I took US49 to cross Mississippi. Not sure how much time I saved but there wasn’t any traffic and no stress. Will have to remember that camp site.
  17. Thanks. Yesterday was a bit of blur but I recall she said they are over 1100 with current order book. Crazy.
  18. I am. Heading to Indiana to see the kids. No rush to get home.
  19. After long drive from Dallas spending a few days at Davy Crockett SP getting acquainted with my new Ollie. A big thanks to everyone for your input on all my questions. Really appreciate it!
  20. Hi Rick I am picking up my trailer on Thursday. I am in Allen and happy to connect when back from my shake down trip. I got LEII twin model with couch option. I am not retired yet so needed place to work from road. Good luck. Brian
  21. I pick up in mid May and I am hull #807.
  22. Congrats on your new trailer. I am two months behind you! Looks like you have F150 as TV. What are your impressions so far with towing?
  23. So I am glad I got into 2021 as I see they made fiber granite standard and increased price. I am just not a fan of the look. I got standard interior and saved the $$ and working with Foy Sperring on custom dinette top to be the show piece of interior. Many like fiber granite though just not my taste. I was also convinced I wanted truma and composting toilet. I passed on both. I will never full time and after a lot of research truma just wasn’t needed to start. I also decided to try standard toilet first. One way or other you deal with waste and I just wasn’t sold on composting and it is expensive option to be on the fence about.
  24. Good luck with your selections! I just recently turned in my build sheet for a May delivery and what I turned in was less optioned then when I started. I tried to focus on things I did not want to retrofit and deal with later. I was looking at smaller Elite originally and came down to two items for me. At just over 6ft height was issue in smaller one. I wanted to take my kids sometimes and twin model with dinette if needed won me over. I deleted microwave in my trailer. I am not sure if that is option for 2022. I just don’t use a microwave much even at home and wanted storage space. I did get easy start. I think you can retrofit later but that isn’t my forte so I had it added. I originally was convinced I need shower track. I did not get one. I will try without and if needed plenty of options to add suction cups. The one I struggled the most with was interior selection. I ultimately with went standard interior as wasn’t crazy about any fibergranite options and felt like really expensive upgrade for what you got. Instead I am working with Foy on a custom dinette to be centrepiece of trailer. Based on his pieces he and others have share he is a true craftsman.
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