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  1. So my Oliver gets delivered in May. I am ready to pick it up and go camping! For me it came down to the quality of construction and the hardiness of exterior. I live in DFW and the threat of hail was a big negative for Airstream. Like others I was surprised by the quality issues new owners encountered with Airstream. I will say Airstream has a lot more interior options and the Oliver wet bath is a concession but how much time are you actually in the bathroom. I think with small kids a wet bath would be a pain. With mainly just me no concerns really.
  2. So I don’t have my Oliver yet (May 2020) but just bought my tow vehicle. I was deciding between F150 and F250. I went with 2021 Platinum F150 4x4 with 3.5L ecoboost and max tow package. Payload sticker is 1,535 lbs. A couple reasons. The TV is my daily driver and I just did not want to drive F250 around town. My use case for next 5 years or so won’t have me on weeks long trips and I am not a heavy packer. I prefer hiking so no bikes or kayaks to carry. Inside truck normally just me and 40lb dog. In 5 years or so when I start taking much longer trips(weeks at a time) I will look at bigger trucks. Of course by then I hope to have a nice Bronco in garage for daily driver. I was really tempted by F250 payload but just not ready to make that leap yet. Good luck!
  3. Appreciate insight. From what I can tell on spec sheet the $500 gets you 4 6V AGMs versus wet cell batteries. In both cases you get same solar setup on roof and 2000kw inverter.
  4. So my build sheet will be due before I know it with a late March production date and starting to seriously look at options and hoping to hear from recent buyers as well as those with more experience in the Oliver. I am still deciding between Elite or Elite II. 1. Awning - From my understanding the upgrade gets you a wind sensor, remote and canvas material. The standard awning is still powered and a vinyl top. Based on my prior rentals I pulled in awning when out for the day and at night so wind sensor is not a big deal for me. If you did upgrade was the canvas material a better choice ? 2. On the Elite II it looks like you can get a solar option with wet batteries and save about $500 over AGM package. Is the AGM performance worth the difference? I appreciate you have less maintenance with AGM but is topping off wet cell batteries really that hard? Right now the lithium jump just isn’t worth it until I get more time in RV. 3. Truma water heater. So 70% of time will just be me and I always take a navy shower in RVs to save on water. Anyone with standard heater have issues with enough hot water? 4. While composting toilet is interesting not sure I want to take plunge yet. I will ask Oliver but this feels like upgrade that can be done later. Thoughts? 5. Countertops That seems like a lot of money to upgrade counters. Anyone with std white have regrets? 6. Wi-Fi/cell boosters- can these be sourced afterwards and not permanently mounted? With a mobile hotspot device are they even needed? Any specific options you have found to be must haves. I’m sure these have all been asked before and sorry to ask again but having in one place to reference is helpful to me Thanks!
  5. So Escape is getting ready to launch a new trailer with dry bath, twin or large bed in front with dinette in rear. Length is about same as Elite II but trailer specs are about a foot wider. I looked at Escape before placing order for Oliver. They are nice trailers but the interior to me is still stuck in 1980s. It reminds me of Pace Arrow my grandpa had in 1980s. Just a preference thing. I also looked at Casitas and the carpet on wall is a no go for me.
  6. This is a great idea! I’ve dumped grey tanks many times on RVs I have rented. Given it is dirty dish water or shower water it never bothered me. Never done a black tank as rentals had a cassette toilet and my rule with family was I’d take care of cassette unless someone went #2 and then you had to do it. With just pee it wasn’t bad. I’m not sure I want to deal with sewage so thinking hard about composting toilet. The pee jug doesn’t bother me but do wonder if composting part really does work. Does it really not smell. I’ve got a bit more time with to decide...
  7. As someone getting a new trailer in 2021 I really appreciate this thread. This also has me worried about quality control. Are you still getting level of quality build and control expected for the price point. I’m happy to pay for a quality product but your experience would leave me disappointed and questioning if the premium is still justified.
  8. Interestingly, as I have searched local dealers inventory the 7.3 is hard to find especially when you get to Lariat or above trims.
  9. Yeah. I heard the same. Guessing they may get new big screen from F150 and maybe other tech updates like the self drive stuff. Not sure I want F250 on self drive mode. 🤣
  10. So my Oliver isn’t coming until May and as I continue to look at build sheet I’m pretty sure I am going to get Elite II versus small Elite. It just works better as I thought about how I plan to use trailer. My mistake was looking at F250 this weekend. I have 21 F150 on order but with delays it won’t be ready by end of year which is when I need it. So off to dealer to look at F250. I think I have been watching too many YouTube videos on towing as the thing I got most excited about was the payload sticker at about 2,850 lbs. 😂 The F150 would work just fine and I can stay within numbers with Elite II but I love the mountain west and long term think a diesel HD truck will make trips easier. Plus living in Texas a F250 is really just a normal sized family vehicle.
  11. Welcome from a fellow North Texan! I’ve got a May 2021 delivery scheduled. What side of the metroplex are you on ? I’m on the Dallas side in Collin County. Good luck !
  12. Good luck! The new RAMs are beautiful trucks. I am not so patiently waiting for my new truck and Ollie in May. I will be anxious to hear your feedback!
  13. Surprised to see F-150 over payload on the Elite. Any idea of weight for cargo in truck bed and your tongue weight? I have 2021 F-150 Supercrew 4x4 on order to pull my Elite coming in May so no experience yet with TV. Appreciate feedback from those already on the road.
  14. I’ve lived all over the US and the western US is top of my list when I retire. I love the area around Bend Oregon plus coast is not that far. I’d probably head south for part of winter but that is what the Ollie is for! Texas is home so I have thought about having a small place in the Hill Country for winter between Austin and San Antonio.
  15. So I have been looking at a new truck for my TV as current driver is going to my son plus it cannot tow an Oliver. I have be really surprised how high the prices have been in the used truck market, at least in DFW market. If you are open to brands you might see if you can get a deal on 2020 F-150 as new design for 2021 drops in November. If they incentivise them enough it may not be much of price delta to a used truck. Just depends on the market where you live. I was looking at 2019 and above models. Good luck. I get my LE in May so I have to wait longer.
  16. So I still have time with my build sheet and I am starting to waffle on the LE vs LEII. I really like small size option of LE but one reason for getting trailer is to spend time with my son who is 16. I’d love to have his older sister along but she isn’t much of a camper 🙂 In the LE the smaller dinette seems too small for an adult to sleep for extended period of time. Anyone close to 6ft actually sleep there ? I was looking at specs again and those dimensions are concerning. The LEII twin option is appealing as it gives him a good bed and when we can talk her sister into coming there is a third bed for her. Despite sleeping in a king at home the width of twin in LEII is pretty much the space I actually use. The 40lb dog is a real bed hog! The LE height is also a slight concern I am just over 6ft and I think extra height in LEII might be very welcome. Any LEII owners have issues camping in national parks due to trailer size? We plan to visit many of those.
  17. That live edge walnut top might be my first upgrade when I get my trailer next year. That looks amazing !
  18. So I went to the Casita factory recently. A couple things I noticed. The carpeted walls and ceiling was a deal breaker for me. Once I saw in in person I knew I couldn’t get past it. The cabinet doors were pressed wood and just had a cheap feel. If you are handy can probably replace those easily. I liked the exterior and the options of multiple floor plans. They are lighter since a single hull. The plumbing underneath is exposed. Good luck!
  19. Welcome. Wow, with that view not sure I’d ever want to leave! I have a Legacy Elite on order for May so like you I am working through all the options. Best of luck.
  20. So RAM owners are Ramboxes worth the upgrade? Not crazy about how they look on side but looks super practical.
  21. Really nice looking setup! I’m looking for my TV and while it is great to pick a TV from day 1 there are almost too many good options!
  22. So the TVs I have look at in person have between 1400 -1700 on door jamb sticker. This includes F-150, Expedition and RAM 1500. I will be towing the smaller LE I. I really like LE II plan but don’t need it with just me and dog and smaller trailer size is appealing. Plus a LE II would make it super easy to justify a nice diesel F-250 !
  23. The video above is excellent and helped give me confidence to place my order. I am planning to go before I have to finalize selections to see options in person. I want to do tour as well but shorter tour would not make me delay trip but that is just me.
  24. Not yet. I have a 2021 Elite I on order!
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