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  1. Good luck with your selections! I just recently turned in my build sheet for a May delivery and what I turned in was less optioned then when I started. I tried to focus on things I did not want to retrofit and deal with later. I was looking at smaller Elite originally and came down to two items for me. At just over 6ft height was issue in smaller one. I wanted to take my kids sometimes and twin model with dinette if needed won me over. I deleted microwave in my trailer. I am not sure if that is option for 2022. I just don’t use a microwave much even at home and wanted storage space. I did get easy start. I think you can retrofit later but that isn’t my forte so I had it added. I originally was convinced I need shower track. I did not get one. I will try without and if needed plenty of options to add suction cups. The one I struggled the most with was interior selection. I ultimately with went standard interior as wasn’t crazy about any fibergranite options and felt like really expensive upgrade for what you got. Instead I am working with Foy on a custom dinette to be centrepiece of trailer. Based on his pieces he and others have share he is a true craftsman.
  2. I will have to add Roosevelt NP to my list. To be honest had not heard about it, so thanks for that. I’m not looking forward to crowds but that is where son wants to go and I’m just glad he is still up for these trips! We rented class B for Oregon trip last summer and had the best time. Plus South Dakota is one of 4 states I haven’t visited before.
  3. I will be headed to Mt Rushmore in July with my son for the first long trip after shakedown trip in May. Any suggestions on campgrounds? I’ve got several state run campgrounds on my list in Custer State Park. Reservations for our dates open in April. The National Forest Service also looks to have lots of options but none with electricity. While boondocking is on my list eventually I’d prefer to at least have electricity and water for my first big trip. One less thing to worry about. TIA
  4. Anyone running with this one? I want a TPMS for pickup but like having and app versus another device on the dash as main source of info and warnings. Where and how have folks wired in the amplifier for signal? TIA
  5. Well my build sheet is submitted! Thanks to everyone for sharing all your experiences. This forum has been a tremendous resource- much appreciated. I did decide to go with LE II. Two primary reasons. The LE I was just too short. I would be constantly grazing ceiling with my head. Secondly I just kept coming back to how much more practical floor plan was for my needs. Look forward to picking up in May!
  6. For those with Oliver lagun table option can the top provide by Oliver easily be replaced by a wooden top? Assuming you can unscrew the provided top and mount another one? Thanks
  7. I’ve seen several videos on this topic by the YouTube “experts”. I agree that the normal RV market doesn’t really apply to direct to customer manufacturers like Oliver, Escape and Casita. I think all these now have delivery dates in 2022 at this point. As pricing is set you aren’t really subject to supply/demand dynamics of dealer model to get the best deal . Will be interesting to see if market gets flooded with used RVs late this year into 2022. I don’t think you will see that with Oliver. Given price point I’d expect most buyers to have down considerable research before buying. Will be interesting to watch. Maybe some deals to be used had on some nice tow vehicles!
  8. Scary for folks in Texas who have been without power most of the day. I’ve been lucky with power but going to -1 tonight.
  9. 10 degrees and snowing right now in Dallas thus no trip to factory today and tomorrow. Supposed to hit 0 Tuesday am. Never seen it that cold here. All 254 counties in Texas under winter storm warning, crazy.
  10. I’ve got an iPhone and no issues.
  11. I was really tempted by F250 but I didn’t need it and it won’t fit in my garage. I can just get my F150 to fit. Maybe down the road when I spend weeks at a time out I might consider 3/4.
  12. Sounds a lot like my 2021 F150 I got in December. Competition among truck builders is great for buyers. The RAM is very nice but I gain payload with F150 in similarly equipped trucks. What are you picking up ? Elite or Elite II? The TRX and Raptor are awesome trucks. I’ll never own one as it would be a shame to own one and never actually really take off road but I appreciate all the engineering that goes into them.
  13. Congrats from a fellow Texan! I am in DFW and pickup in May. I lived in Austin years ago when I went to UT. I visit when I can as it is a great place . Good luck !
  14. We will be there at the same time ! I have meeting Monday morning to finalize and see factory so I booked 2/14 and 2/15 and will head home Tuesday.
  15. Got more creative with search of the forums. Looks like Commodore is the best option. Thanks
  16. I have a hard cover. I personally didn’t want to lose visibility especially since truck is also my daily driver.
  17. So for those who have picked up recently did Oliver cover a night a Davy Crockett? If so did you stay more than a night ? I wanted to stay a few nights after pickup and wondering if you just booked your entire stay directly with the park or just the extra nights you wanted to stay. TIA.
  18. Congrats on your Ollie! I pick up in May and am so ready to get on the road!
  19. Yeah the twin bed with couch was $300 more and I think that is for extra cushion for back and sides.
  20. Would you be getting 2021 or 2022? The only package I want is solar pro. The upgrade to lithium just isn’t worth it to me. I am also passing on cushion upgrades and awning upgrades. I will look to aftermarket mattresses if i feel they are even needed. Otherwise a handful of smaller options I’d want but not big packages like electronics or outdoor pro packages. Also not getting truma or composting toilet which are higher dollar upgrades. Even if I splurged and got fibergranite I’d still be under 70k. Given speed of tech the Wi-Fi and cell booster weren’t things I wanted permanent mounted in roof. Also to be clear not adding in any sales tax in my numbers as I have to pay that whether I buy from Oliver or a RV dealership
  21. As someone working to finish my build sheet I am under $70k for 2021 LEII. I actually think I will be under $66k but again all depends on must haves in the trailer.
  22. When I started looking at fiberglass trailers I noticed that wet baths are the norm. I assumed it had to do with smaller footprint as fiberglass models tend to be narrower compared to stick built. The process to build and test a new fiberglass mold seems to be expensive and time consuming and I assume partly why you don’t see as many floorplan options especially in double hulled trailer like Oliver. I have used enough RVs with a wet bath to realize it wasn’t a deal breaker. Sure a dry bath is nice but the time I spend each day in bathroom is tiny and I’d rather have space used elsewhere like a closet for storage. At the end of day just a matter a what qualities matter most and that will drive RV you end up with. Good luck.
  23. So my Oliver gets delivered in May. I am ready to pick it up and go camping! For me it came down to the quality of construction and the hardiness of exterior. I live in DFW and the threat of hail was a big negative for Airstream. Like others I was surprised by the quality issues new owners encountered with Airstream. I will say Airstream has a lot more interior options and the Oliver wet bath is a concession but how much time are you actually in the bathroom. I think with small kids a wet bath would be a pain. With mainly just me no concerns really.
  24. So I don’t have my Oliver yet (May 2020) but just bought my tow vehicle. I was deciding between F150 and F250. I went with 2021 Platinum F150 4x4 with 3.5L ecoboost and max tow package. Payload sticker is 1,535 lbs. A couple reasons. The TV is my daily driver and I just did not want to drive F250 around town. My use case for next 5 years or so won’t have me on weeks long trips and I am not a heavy packer. I prefer hiking so no bikes or kayaks to carry. Inside truck normally just me and 40lb dog. In 5 years or so when I start taking much longer trips(weeks at a time) I will look at bigger trucks. Of course by then I hope to have a nice Bronco in garage for daily driver. I was really tempted by F250 payload but just not ready to make that leap yet. Good luck!
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