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    I own an Oliver Travel Trailer
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    Legacy Elite II
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    TBD. Pick up date of October 2021.
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    It was a 40' 2012 Redwood 5th Wheel, recently sold.

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  1. Pennie, I have yet to take delivery of my own Oliver so I will leave the others to speak directly to your questions relative to it. I do hear the names of other RV manufactures over and over while my campers tell me about the problems they are having with their rigs, brand new rigs seem to have more issues than recently purchased used rigs. Thus I know which brands NOT to buy for sure. My point is this, I chose the Oliver because I believe the issues will be greatly diminished compared to what I know to be true about other brands and that should give you some degree of comfort,
  2. To the original poster, it is normal for 50-70 RV's to check in or out of my CG on any given day. In the situation you describe the only guilty party is the guy that was mean mugging you while you were backing in... Period. We have all been in that situation and he obviously forgot that fact. As for the onlookers that really enjoy watching others struggle? well I have little respect for this, its rude, simple as that. When it comes to helping folks out? I tend to chill out for a few moments while I determine if they are struggling or simply need a bit of time to get the lay of that
  3. RB You have highlighted the fourth benefit of a private CG that most do not consider. 1. Unlimited Water 2.Unlimited Sewer discharge. 3.Unlimited Power. 4. Right to refuse service.... I remove, or have them removed, instantly without prejudice. To your point, It is a shame how some people treat public lands, enforcement is seldom present or practiced. I do not know if more funding would help this situation in todays world. Dan
  4. In my humble opinion, Jim, Mike and Carol have spoken the truth relative to this new generation of campers and their longevity in that activity. I literally watched that transition take place on a daily basis during the 2020 (Pandemic) Season. Like the rest of you, I watched the reality of the situation became more clear each day, then the phone started ringing off the hook with cancellations from "Our" Generation, this continued for two months 7 days a week. Then the phone just stopped ringing at all and my parks summer season map was near vacant. I had never seen this before as i
  5. Hello All! I am a CG owner and as a result have seen every size and type of RV there is and a few "things" that would not fall into any class of RV. I must admit that I was not aware of the Oliver by name until this month and that is a result of my interest and research into smaller 5th wheels for my own use that led to the Escape in Canada that led to Oliver in Tennessee and my decision to purchase one shortly after understanding exactly how they are constructed. I am a semi-retired builder both commercial and residential so I had no difficulty seeing the quality of the Oliver and
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