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    I own an Oliver Travel Trailer
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    It was a 40' 2012 Redwood 5th Wheel, recently sold.

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  1. I signed up and paid the deposit months ago, received an email yesterday with a $450.00 Payment due in order for them to send me the system and I could not hit the "take my money" button fast enough. I do not expect anything close to perfection, but where I am located in SW Montana the only thing available is 19-20 MB and that is already spotty so it wont take a lot to improve my situation. I will update as there is something to say, No, I do not know when I will receive the equipment, only that they did take my $450.00 and "its being shipped". This is not an RV system just the standard system. Dan
  2. If you have a recommendation of a Full Service Camp Ground that you have physically stayed at near Nashville, TN. I would appreciate your input/suggestions. I will book a week at the end of OCT so I can enjoy Nashville while also putting the RV through its paces near the factory after I pick it up. I am aware of the new campsite at the factory and David Crockett. I am looking specifically to set up closer to Nashville. I see there are several campgrounds available just figured I would see what first hand info this forum has on the subject. Thanks Dan
  3. Congratulations and I agree that is a cool hull #. I pick up #928 the end of next month, heading south early to attend Talladega and Charlotte Races beforehand. Best of Luck with your new Rig! Happy Trails. Dan
  4. I see you do not have a service at your residence so this may not help but I use Dish and can add my RV to my existing account for $5.00 a month. This requires a dish compatible portable Satellite of course so there is that initial investment but once its all set up I can view anything on the road I would normally watch from my home as long as I have all the necessary signals available to my Trailer. I am told other services offer similar programs but am not familiar with any of them. btw thanks for the reminder I pick up Hull # 928 soon and I had forgotten all about getting this set up. Dan
  5. Well said! And I strongly urge anyone asking the question "how much can I tow?" to read Dave's statement above however many times it takes to fully understand what he is saying. I see the word "overkill" used a lot in this and other forums. In my opinion when it comes to breaking ability, weight of tow vehicle VS. weight of trailer and the amount of cushion or reserve left in the tow vehicles overall abilities that there is no such thing as "overkill" properly defined this would be "safer", "more reliable", "less stressful" and "much more enjoyable". I own a Ram One Ton and have towed 5th wheels, Gooseneck Equipment Trailers and Dump Trailers that are at the maximum of what my truck is capable of in all respects for decades..... In all of those situations myself and everyone around me in traffic were at a greater risk because of the fact my Rig was traveling at its maximum capacity... while capable and rated for it the fact remains its literally on the edge of disaster and I was responsible to keep it on the safe side of that edge every second. I do not consider this type of travel a vacation by any definition of the word. My reason for purchasing an Oliver is so that I can hook it up behind my One Ton and enjoy my drive more than I would with a 40' long 30,000lb 5th Wheel behind me so I caution those of you that are considering towing your Oliver behind any Rig that would be at its Maximum all the while you are in motion/driving for all of those same reasons. The physics are the exact same despite the gross weight being much different in the event of a sudden need to break or high wind or ice or another bad driver an Elk/Moose/Deer/Dog your still at a much larger risk of experiencing a catastrophic event that you could otherwise avoid with a larger tow vehicle that provides another type of "insurance" you cannot purchase from an insurance agent..... the ability to break, swerve and hopefully avoid a wreck in most cases. Good Luck to you all and please know we are not giving this advice because we want you to be just like us it is because we want the roads to be safe for you and for us and our loved ones and the larger your tow rig the safer we all are no doubt about it. Don't fall for the overkill hype!! Dan
  6. Will this valve open at all with the original door intact and closed? given this is the Grey Water tank full open would not be necessary to let it drain.
  7. Hello John, I recently had to commit to my own build sheet and, like you, I am unsure of how serious I will get about boondocking until I get out on the road and see where the wind blows me. I decided to go with the 6V AGM, 2000 Watt Inverter and the easy start AC but no solar for now. I also invested in a Honda 2200 with the LP conversion kit so that I have my own power solution while I learn what my long term needs will, or will not be, relative to Solar. Not trying to sway you in either direction this is just where I landed, my build sheet is set in stone, check written and I pick up my Ollie the end of Oct. Your question is AGM VS Lithium so I may not be of much help πŸ˜‰ in my case it was more commit or not commit to solar right now.... and the batteries I chose were the result of that decision. I am used to 6V AGM from my past campers and never had any issues with them. Good Luck with your choice and Happy Trails. Dan
  8. #3 hands down. It keeps your traveling options open while you are getting a good nights sleep and not bumping your head all the time. Good Luck and Happy Trails Dan
  9. I find this post most interesting as well and I am curious how things worked out for the Author on that trip. Thanks to the rest of you that have shared here as I will be traveling in the fall to winter season myself. The only experience I have to add here since I do not have my oliver yet is that outside showers are huge negative for any RV in cold country I have seen multiple 4 season RV's here with frozen and or broken outside showers. They just don't belong in this winter climate and often are forgotten about until they are an issue. I deleted the outside showers entirely from my oliver build. I am not sure what the final result will be given the molds and voids where they would normally be but I don't care I am not having them on my trailer. As for cold weather RVing in general? The folks I know that do it one a regular basis, know what they are doing, own a true 4 seasons RV and come every year love it, granted their plugged in here and I have heated hydrants and water mains buried 8' deep and a sewer system that will not freeze so its relatively simple compared to dry camping, They do have most everything else to themselves or at least only have to deal with minimal crowds and winter has its own special beauty as long as the essentials one needs are all in place. I hope this thread stays alive as we do not all camp on perfect weather or just during the summer months. I know I made some sacrifice relative to other 4 season RVs out there But it is a conscious decision based on more than just camping in the shoulder seasons. I think the Oliver will do great if set up/used correctly. I will only need to sneak back home through some very cold temps from whatever warm southern point I stay at on my outings. I am looking forward to finding out. Dan Happy Trails
  10. Well reading the posts tells me that there is maintenance or at least more attention being paid than I am interested in providing while I am on vacation and again this is just my personal preference not trying to impose it on anyone else just answering the question I was asked as it relates to me. I hear tell of a start up that has solved the heating issues and makes a respectable flexible panel www.merlinsolar.com Yeah I know.... their a startup... but for a portable solution I may risk it.
  11. Valid Point Dewdev, In the event I do decide to part with it I will cross that bridge. On the other hand I have seen inside the guts of some Solar equipped Ollies here that I would not touch with a ten foot pole..... because I am not a qualified solar tinkerer with a mobile machine shop in my TV with the want to or know how to maintain those systems.... Nothing against those that do its simply not what I am looking to get from my Oliver. That being said if you see a picture of my Oliver here in a few years with more flexible solar panels than gelcoat visible.... well I have been known to flip the script like that before once I am convinced of something. πŸ˜‰
  12. My Oliver will spend 10-11 months inside my shop while plugged into shore power, I will travel for one month and sometimes two months per year staying long term at full service RV parks like Rocky Point in Mexico that cost $6-$700.00 per month. I can literally fund my trips for 5 years for the cost of a solar system on my Oliver. I was concerned about the mounting system and holes in the Gel Coat, Thanks to your replies, I am not longer worried in the least about that issue. I will not be adding solar at this time, I expect that I will do so in the future if I keep the Oliver more than a few years I will likely hand it over to the Boondoctor and let him have his way with it. Until then I will have a "portable" solution of some sort and it may be suitcase solar of some type, it may be solar mounted on the bed cover of my truck or it might just be my Honda 2000... Time will determine this. Someone suggested I visit the factory and this was sound advice but the one thing I don't have? is time to do this prior to my pick up date, I will try not to bother you with any more silly questions. Thanks again to all of you for your input on my original questions I appreciate it. Happy Trails Dan
  13. Sorry Neuman, I can see how that sounded, the 100% was meant in comparison to my previous RV's that had PVC Roofs, Wood Substrate, Fiberglass Coated Wood Siding etc. The Oliver is nothing like them and is new to me.
  14. Hello John, A 2013 Land Cruiser 200 is not an Ideal TV, but it gets the job done for you right? I am quite sure 99% of my choices relative to my Oliver will not be up to your standards so that is established now. As I stated in my Original Post I am NOT using Lithium and would like to avoid this post going down that rabbit hole so it can stay on topic. I absolutely love the 7 PIN solar solution in my case it is an ideal option, and I am grateful for it. Dan
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