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  1. Congratulations! That is one beautiful trailer!! I hope to have one someday.
  2. Congratulations! What a great time of the year to get started!!
  3. Fantastic!! And congratulations! I really like the style. Wishing you many years of enjoyment.
  4. What a sweet setup! Very nice and congratulations! Someday... someday we'll be out there with y'all!
  5. I'm a prospective buyer and very much appreciate this forum. I've never owned an RV. And my number 1 concern is not having headaches after purchase. I do get kind of spooked when I read about people having maintenance issues. I'm wondering what kind of learning curve is involved and how self-sufficient and handy one must be to get into the RV lifestyle. I'm hoping for nothing more than annual maintenance. Is this realistic? Thanks
  6. There's a thread about "Preventing Trailer Theft" that may also be of interest: https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/4784-preventing-trailer-theft/?tab=comments#comment-49751
  7. F150 hybrid is intriguing... I was surprised at the towing capacity which is higher than most of the other F150s. Also, the ability to use it as a generator is a major bonus.
  8. While un-hitched, what's the best way to prevent theft of the trailer? Is there recommended solution? Is a coupler lock the best method? Or do you also boot lock the wheels? Thanks
  9. Thank you Bill for some great pointers. The google satellite view is an excellent idea! I imagine there's some sort of lock or theft prevention mechanisms when un-hitching the trailer. I'll be searching via google for some ideas there. I'll try not to jump too many curbs when making those turns! --Brendan
  10. My wife and I are considering purchasing an Oliver. I have never pulled a travel trailer or driven anything larger than my pickup truck. We're wondering if people would mind sharing any troubles or hassles while towing such a large footprint. Just routing travel could seemingly be difficult. While on the road, how often do you encounter turns in which you can not navigate? It would seem that some mountain roads or rural areas could be troublesome. How does one explore new territories on one lane roads not knowing if there's a turn around spot? Have you ever been "trapped" and needed to literally back out of a long road? What's it like to drive during routine travel? Getting gas? Pulling into a fast food parking lot? Is it difficult to find parking when you want to stop in a small town for dinner or spend an evening? Is "bottoming out" a common occurrence? I've seen large RVs bottom out pulling into gas stations. I know I'll need to be extra careful switching lanes or pulling out into traffic due to the extended length. But are there any other points to consider? Thanks --Brendan
  11. Happy Thanksgiving from a future Oliver owner...
  12. Not having RV'd before in my life, this is a potential new territory for my wife and I. Watching YouTube or reading forums, it seems like there's a definite culture around the RV lifestyle. We're used to living in a major city, and security is constantly an issue. My questions: Has anybody had security issues while boondocking? Or even while staying in a campground area? Issues of theft? In campsite situations, is it common for other campers to join you? Frankly, this seems to be an easy way of being set up. Particularly if someone wants to see the inside of the trailer or requests to use the restroom.
  13. Hello - I was wondering how people clean the exterior of their Oliver trailer? Is it ok to wash them using a pressure wash at a typical car wash? Do you recommend waxing these trailers? Also, is the roof safe for walking? What's the best way to clean the roof without damaging equipment? I don't yet own an Oliver. Just looking into these and learning about the RV life as retirement approaches. Thanks
  14. Jekyll is one of my favorite spots. Great bike riding areas... lots to explore.
  15. Congratulations on your new trailer! I hope to buy one in a couple more years. Enjoy the journey!!
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