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  1. Thanks Bill, we haven't decided yet whether we're going to the rally. I would like to go, but we will have just returned from two months in Australia just before the rally starts. Our son lives in Tasmania. Thanks for your comment. John
  2. When I asked if I could just leave my lithium batteries plugged in 24/7 I was told it was ok. That means they are always at 100%. OTT gave me that advice. John
  3. Bill, Do they cover some of these questions at the rally? I don't have a good grasp of the electrical systems and how to integrate a portable solar panel if I had one available. John
  4. I was surprised too how close it was. We're in Oregon. I suppose they have to start somewhere. I wonder how they will be priced at the dealer versus at Hohenwald. John
  5. I have the covers on all four tires even though when stored, the curbside tires face north and never have sun on them.
  6. My wife said no to the composting toilet. I believe 90% are bought with that option when I talked to Jason E a few weeks ago. We can always do it later, but we like the flush toilet for now. John
  7. Welcome to the Oliver family. We just pulled #1290 through Wyoming last week. Boondocked at Evanston in 17° temperature and stayed warm. A little condensation on the windows, but very little. Never on the walls. Ours is stored outside in Oregon, plugged in with tire covers. Ours was the third to last Elite II for 2022. John
  8. That's great advice. Thanks. I used your link and learned about the Faraday cage. John
  9. Doug, I bought the SS lug nuts that ScubaRx mentioned made of 304 SS. I was just in Hohenwald and had service and showed them what I bought. They said that they would work. They're not the bulged acorn. They did install them and I didn't ask what torque setting they used. I do have a torque wrench with me so will set it to 95 and see if any are less than that. Someone earlier posted that they torque higher than 95. We're in Kentucky heading to Oregon now. John
  10. I am for it. We are in Oregon. That's much further than a 12 hour drive! John
  11. We made a list. It's our first time as we bought November,2022.
  12. We're in Paducah, Kentucky and this RV park is full. Somehow I thought it would be empty. We're only traveling because we're heading to Hohenwald for its first service. Lots of big Class A's. John
  13. Bill, Looks very useful. I was rinsing the black tank and was inside watching the % full on the black tank. It stopped registering at 55%. I thought, well maybe it will jump up to 75%. I kept waiting. Then I saw the toilet bowl valve move. I ran outside to turn it off. That flow monitor looks very useful. Do they work as intended? John
  14. Albert, thanks for the math. We have been in Denver for six days helping our daughter care for her two sons, 2 months old and 19 months old while her husband was in Italy for work. Lots of work taking care of those little guys. He's back now and we're heading to Hohenwald by the 29th. Thanks again. John
  15. I will do that. I have been busy with two grandsons under the age of two. Diaper changes, bottles, cleaning up, etc. John
  16. Hi all math whizzes. I took the tv and trailer through twice. First time with the Anderson hooked up. Second time without and third time with the tv only. Does anyone know if doing those three weighs will give me the hitch weight and the trailer weight. Here are the numbers: 1st weigh- steer axle 3120, drive axle 4260, trailer axle 5840. Gross weight 13220 2nd weigh- steer axle 3080, drive axle 4340, trailer axle 5800, gross weight 13220 3rd weigh- steer axle 3380, drive axle 3400, gross weight 6780 The tv is a 2017 Ford Expedition. Missing from the tv was my wife at 140 pounds and maybe 100 pounds of cooler and drinking water. The fuel tank was full as well as the fresh water tank. Black and gray were empty. Thanks for any help. Have a great week all. John
  17. Rivernerd, you are right. Very sorry about your brother Larry. We have the same set-up that you have. I have always run the fridge on DC while traveling. Like you my SOC hasn't gone down much. Two days of travel with a boondocking stop brought me down to 76%. Not bad. If I ever ran it on propane while traveling, I would turn off the propane while fueling. John
  18. "However, my filler port on my F-150 is on the opposite of the rig versus where the fridge is located." Bill, my filler is on driver's side like yours also. I may try doing what you do. I do have two gas stop devices. John
  19. Thanks. I couldn't get the spreadsheet to open. Thanks for the detailed order of weighing. John
  20. Hi all, we left Oregon for Tennessee and I stopped at a CAT scale. That gives three readings; steer axle, drive axle and trailer axle. How do you get tongue weight and trailer weight? Do you weigh with the Anderson attached or remove that for weighing. I saw a thing called Smart Weigh that weighs each tire, but is only available in Florida, Texas and Arizona. What do y'all do? John
  21. Bill, I ran the fridge on DC both travel days, from Ontario to Evanston, Wyoming and again from Evanston to Denver. The solar panels kept up for the most part and kept the lithium pro package close to starting SOC every day. Do you travel with propane on? When getting fuel do you then turn off the propane? John
  22. Probably will just leave it level in the parking area and hook up in the morning next time. John
  23. We are level while under tow. We live on a hill so when the trailer is unhitched and in the parking area, the nose goes up about 12-18 inches after I unhook to get to level in the parking spot.
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