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  1. Is that to keep some tension on the TV so if the trailer bounces, the TV doesn't come down to viewing position? Any pictures of how you do that? John
  2. Bill, my TST 507 gives readings without needing rotation also. It takes a few minutes to get readings from all the tires so I typically turn it on ten minutes or so before we leave. I haven't needed to install the repeater for the trailer. John
  3. I bought the TST 507 tpms for both the LE2 and the TV. My reasoning for the tv sensors was that as I understand it, the vehicle sensors are for pressure only. I wanted to see the temperatures too. I bought a ViAir to air up the tires as needed. John
  4. Chris, somewhere I thought I read that Oliver doesn't recommend running the generator while in the basket. Any concerns? John
  5. Good price. I bet the next Ollie they do will be higher. 😂🤣. I wrote back and forth to CGI and I thought since our trailer is #1290 that the prep would be very minimal. They said that they still have to prep new trailers so the cost wasn't decreased. I did put Rock Tamer mup flaps on and towing back to Oregon, it looked good. John
  6. I agree. I didn't know about the Truma Varioheat furnace until almost delivery date. It's a great furnace that worked well in sub freezing temperatures. We both got lucky with the Truma package being available for the last few trailers in the 2022 production run. I believe it was money well spent. John
  7. Welcome to the family. We're recent members ourselves! John
  8. Mike, What kind of wax do you use? What do you use to wash it? Thanks. John
  9. Oregon has no sales tax, but since January 1, 2018 there is a "use tax" when a vehicle is bought in another state. Ours is 1/2 of 1% of the sales price. I didn't know about this tax since we buy vehicles very rarely. It was a surprise, but not a huge amount. Ours came to about $430. John
  10. I rode my bicycle through the BLM land southwest of Quartzite a few years ago on my way to St. Louis from San Diego. I saw several trailers and motor homes. I talked to one Canadian woman who goes there every winter to get out of the snow and cold of Canada. I want to try that with our Ollie. John
  11. Katjo, I used the remote, selected smartcast and I have tv now. It was on other inputs. The trailer had recognized that there was a WiFi connection, but it couldn't connect until I chose smartcast as the input. John
  12. Steve, I was able to get the TV working by selecting smartcast from the input on the remote. Now I am trying to figure out how to get the sound from the TV to be through the trailer speakers instead of from the TV speakers. Big learning curve! John
  13. If I figure it out I will let you know what worked. John
  14. Great looking cover! We don't have enough space on our lot for that kind of structure. Great job on it John
  15. I am slowly learning all the systems on #1290. We have a new ORBI router that has a main router in the basement and two satellite routers that communicate with the main router. We did a signal test inside the house and outside and there's a good strong signal now. The Vizio TV recognizes that the ORBI is available but when I put the password in during TV set-up it doesn't connect. No internet connection. Anyone have an idea what needs to be done? TIA John
  16. That was scary. I have seen ads for a fire blanket too for a kitchen fire as a lot of house fires start in the kitchen. Good that you were able to put out the fire. That must have been a frightening experience. John
  17. Good idea about just removing the sensors and batteries. John
  18. Great pictures! Same to you also. John
  19. How often do you have to change out the batteries on your tpms? Our TST lasts a year according to the packaging directions. I wrote to Matt today. John
  20. Bill, I have the ViAir air compressor which I plan to have with me. Initially I thought to get a couple extra for the spare tires, but if I should ever need to put the spare tire on, I figured that I could air up those spares and swap out the Tpms on the new tire. I think the batteries in those sensors only last a year. Might want to get eight batteries. John
  21. Good looking job that you did! Thanks John
  22. "We didn't use the awnings very much in the rain. The window vent I made, along with the added gutter, allowed us to keep the dinette window open, even in heavy rain. That's been enough so far." Do you have pictures of both of those? John
  23. We chose the second awning too. We picked up on November 7, so basically have only spent ten days in ours just around Hohenwald and the six days coming back to Oregon. Do you find that second awning useful? I think it will be good for being able to have cross ventilation even on rainy days. John
  24. I agree. We both camped in very cold temperatures coming back in November and the Truma furnace was able to keep me warm even at 5°
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