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  1. After leaving Hohenwald last week, we headed NE We stopped in Kentucky and now at Gettysburg. Leaving tomorrow for Philadelphia. After Philadelphia, we want to visit NYC. At a loss of where to stay. Only listing I see is Liberty Harbor in NJ but recent reviews are terrible. Can anyone offer advice of other options? Will want to leave rig the rig unattended for a couple of days and take public transportation into the city.
  2. Thanks Matteo. Let me build up a little courage and I'll climb back up there. Brad
  3. Matteo, Trailer is 2 months old with the Penguin II with heat strip. The way the tubing is oriented, the box won't fit in area suggested in P2 install document. See photo of I can get it to post, in a limited cell area Thanks, Brad
  4. Just off the roof after trying to install the EasyStart. Instructions say install on divider behind the tubing loop. However they positioned the tubing so there's not enough room to fit. I'll be calling Micro-air Monday and ask for suggestions. However thought I'd ask here and see if anyone's experience this problem.
  5. I had a list of about 5 items I asked Oliver to check out Monday. One was the water pickup. I was told it was about a 45 minute job. I didn't get a chance to see the tube inserted in mine, but did get a chance to watch another trailer being modified. The pex tube is notched then pushed all the way to the bottom of the tank. I'll try to attach a picture in this message. This morning I had a chance to test results. As level as I could get it, the level indicator showed 6% before it started to suck air and stop pumping. This was down from about 35% before. So I'm happy with the results. FYI, before, it would start sucking air at about 35% but feed would continue down to maybe 25%. The new set-up stops drawing quickly. I possibly could have pulled s little more out by raising the nose.
  6. I don't think this is a ground issue otherwise it wouldn't work hooked up to the tow vehicle. When I added aftermarket powered jacks, I hooked up direct to the charge line. So what I'm getting to is if Oliver hooked it up that way (and I'm guessing it is if you can power from tow) and the line is comprised on the way to the battery bank, then you probably won't be getting a charge to the battery from the tow vehicle as you travel. I'd be looking for a bad crimp connection or the charge line connection to the batteries.
  7. Looking under the front dinette seat. I see something like a 1.5 inch line that drops down to the gray water tank. As it runs forward, there's the surge cutoff valve, then further forward is a "T" with a drop down to a "P" trap that connects to the shower pan drain. Continuing to run forward from the "T" is a 1.5 inch line that continues along side of the shower pan which I assume makes a right turn over to the sink because I don't see a vent line or anything else it could connect to. I'll confirm this Monday when at the plant.
  8. Does anyone have any photos of the area under the shower and sink in an Elite 2? Trying to visualize where any p traps might be located and whether the sink drain can be relocated to before the surge cutoff valve. I'm not ready to unseal the sink cabinet so will take a look when we get to the factory and will answer the above questions if no one has an answer now. I'm impatient. :)
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I was told they planned to use pex but not the colored stuff since the exterior isn't approved. So looks like they're using the plain translucent stuff. I have an appointment Monday and have a request for the mod. So maybe they'll have time to do it. I'm on a 3 month trip and threw in a 15 gal water container just in case they weren't ready. Yea! At Crater Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, arrive at the plant Sunday for an early appointment Monday. Brad Santa Fe NM
  10. Hi ShallowGal, The flooring is one of those options that can probably be changed within the first month, First step is the construction of the aluminum frame, then the fiberglass work begins. I'm not sure exactly when the flooring is installed, but probably not too long before final assembly. We took delivery of our Elite II right after the 4th of July, and we're really happy with our decision. Along with the coming price increase, I heard a rumor that some of the low volume modifications some of us have requested are being discontinued like the elevated twin beds. I think they're trying to streamline production by providing a more standardized product. I certainly can't fault them on that, but glad we have our dream machine sitting in the driveway. Have a heart to heart discussion with your sales rep and ask about option change deadline dates. Beverly and I placed our initial order on a Monday, attended the Oliver sponsored rally the following weekend, then went back to the sales office the following Monday and added almost $7000 worth of options. We should have left town sooner. :) Brad - Santa Fe, NM
  11. Thought I'd mention that I installed the "Hush Kit" on my 2014 Casita just before it's new owner picked it up. I was impressed with the drop in noise level. I assume the Mach 8 installed on the Oliver was rated higher so you might need to talk to Orbital Machine, aka PerfectCasita Brad - Santa Fe
  12. I went with the Penguin II and when picking up the trailer, the amount of moisture there in Tennessee was too much for the internal drain, water was coming off the side of the trailer. (Not so much of an issue here in New Mexico.) Had I done more research, I might have gone with the Atwood, but I didn't. I spoke to Jason about exchanging and the rewiring of the thermostat sounded like the larger issue. I'd like to run off the Honda 2000. I've purchased the EasyStart but haven't installed yet.
  13. I'd like to hear more about running a/c using inverter. I've got the standard 2000 watt inverter and 4ea t5 batts. Initial test indicated a/c isn't wired to work with inverter. (Honda 2000 in basket) I've got a 3000 hybrid inverter but I don't know if there's room in the Elite 2, and I don't have time to tackle the job before we depart on a 3 month journey. I've also got the EasyShare kit but not installed due to chance I may have to replace the a/c when I stop at factory to get a couple of bugs fixed. One is the a/c drops offline for a few seconds , then restarts. Once it was making a noise like a suck relay. Didn't want to install the ES if the a/c might have to be exchanged. Thoughts? Brad Santa Fe NM
  14. I don't know if this applies to your rig, but my new Elite II has circuit breakers mounted in the end cabinet above the rear window. One of them is marked pump. Brad - Santa Fe NM
  15. Thanks. Looks like we're getting closer. These seem to be brushed nickel whereas the OEM units are chrome. I'll keep my eye's open for the exact replacement. Planning to run by the factory next month and maybe I can pick up a couple.
  16. RE missing Knob. It's a 6 mm metric as I remember. The one in the center braise is the same, take it into the hardware store to double check. I bought a plain bolt to use until a better replacement was available. Brad - Santa Fe
  17. I'm wondering if anyone knows a supplier for the towel racks and reading lights in new rigs? Brad - Santa Fe
  18. I was debating whether to install the sensors before balancing. Oliver is taking the same path as the rest of most other trailer manufacturers . I'm from the old school of "If it rotates, balance it. Now to find the TST TPMS I bought a few years ago. It's here somewhere. :) Brad Santa Fe, NM
  19. Kathy, I enjoyed your post and agree that you will be a happy camper.!!! Beverly and I picked up our Elite II about a week ago, and the pulling experience back to New Mexico was wonderful. It tows like a dream. We prioritized the punch list and got the major items addressed before we left for our trip home. We're planning a trip back east in a few weeks and plan to stop in Hohenwald to get a few other minor problems resolved. These guys are proud of their product and will see to it that it's as good as possible. Someone asked today how many RV's we've had since we started 40 years ago. I believe this is number 12. And like you, we think this will be our forever rig. I consider owning a RV to be comparable to owning a boat or airplane - there's always going to be some minor issues. But if it's safe, let's enjoy the trip. Brad - Santa Fe, NM
  20. Picked up 241 Friday but sticking around to correct a couple minor items. Question: The overhead mirrored doors look very easily scratched on the back which would definitely show. Looking for suggestions for protecting. Jason said some glue something like felt over the back to protect. Suggestions?
  21. Real campers will remember the older Casitas with the slide valve operator mounted OUTSIDE! The pan's filling up and you ask your companion to step outside and pull the handle. Or you make a quick dash outside in your birthday suit. :) (Towel optional) I kinda like the slide valve solution. My latest Casita had the Hepvo valve and it sometime leaked some when the grey water surged and there was usually some debris to clean out of the shower. Brad
  22. One question I forgot to ask was how does Oliver control grey water surge when braking? Casita used a slide valve and later a Hepvo valve. Oliver? And is that valve accessible should it need to be serviced? Brad
  23. Yvonne, Please let us know what kind of response you get from Jason. Also, let us know what they say about the ZAMP controller. Brad
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