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  1. Hello, The elevated bed option does not allow you to sit comfortably on the bed (IE, use it as a couch). However it gives you a lot of much needed storage. It's true that the elevated twin bed is no longer offered in an effort to provide a more standard unit. The factory is steering away from custom options. Our trailer #241 was picked up about 2 years ago and was the last elevated twin bed unit made. If you're interested in a well equipped unit with almost every option offered, contact me. We have made our last trip in it and are in the process of unloading and cleaning and will be offered in almost like new condition. It has been stored inside most of it's life. Brad Cottingham Santa Fe, NM brad@bradbev.com
  2. Bill, Thanks for the update. He was a nice guy, wish him well in his new endeavors. I'll contact Micro-Air direct. Brad
  3. Matteo, I've got a couple of questions I'd like to talk to you about. Lost your email address. Can you send to me? It's about the cycling issue we discussed in person at the last Oliver rally. Thanks, Brad
  4. Good information in this thread. I use the adjustable unit pictured above with the gauge. I would caution you to not leave the regulator in use or stored in freezing weather. Water gets into the spiral pressure tube, also known as a Bourdon tube. Should it freeze, the Bourdon tube is distorted and the needle is no longer accurate. (Trust me on this - experience) The only other item I'll mention is that I always install the regulator at the valve, protecting the hose. I've seen an overpressured hoses that looked like a snake that had eaten a rat. But, truthfully, I rarely used a regulator nor hook up to city water. I fill my water tank using a filter and operate with the pump 99% of the time. Brad
  5. <p style="text-align: left;">If you're getting drainage on the outside of the trailer, frequent problem is leveling. Mine seems to drain best with a slight nose high attitude. You can see the drain plumbing by popping out the filter screen.</p>
  6. After years of dealing with large carpets, I've switched to a smaller item. Check for Camco utility mat. Folds up easy and easy to store.
  7. Gee, simpler to stay at home and watch the travel channel.?
  8. Yes, they've moved the fan to an inaccessible area. Was told this was done unexpectedly by Dometic. May be one reason Oliver has moved to Norcold. My friends Dave and Ruth were at the factory last week and they said they identified a wire that powers fan and ice maker option. They may install a manual switch in that line. If and when my fan fails, I may consider disabling the stock fan and installing one that is accessible.
  9. The existing port (if like out 2017 model) is to reach the water heater bypass valve for winterizing. A larger port might allow you to reach both valves. Good mod!
  10. Hey, us old timers gottakeep a few secrets to ourselves. ☺ I sometimes find myself fighting the cover and I realize I didn't take the time to remove the screw in port. Do it from the curb side and the cover removes and replaces easily. It's balanced and there's no need to put your hand inside.
  11. That's what happens when you don't notice there's a second page.
  12. I haven't seen the tub collector but you can see the drain tubing by removing the ac filter. You'll see two "T" into one that I'm sure goes outside. I got an unexplained dump of water onto the cabin about a week ago. Think i may have had the nose too low.
  13. Is it possible the filler was stored inside the battery box? Vapor from the batteries may have deteriorated the squeeze bulb>
  14. Ohh - Didn't notice the date on the original post. How about asking for a loaner for the rally? I bet there's one or two behind the factory. You need to be there! Brad
  15. 22 foot? New model? Brad
  16. You can add me to the listing. Brad & Beverly Cottingham bradbev E-15 New Mexico #241
  17. FYI, if you order 4 off Amazon like I'm doing, the price plus shipping works out less that $10 per set. Actually $38.52 for 4. Click Here
  18. Permit Bob, I also have an O Grill. I like it but I'm not sure it's convertible to low pressure propane. I'll dig it out next trip and see if I can determine if it's convertible. Mine is the smaller red unit that Camping World has carried for several years. Brad
  19. Hi June. Your 2017, hull 258 was manufactured shortly after mine, so probably doesn't have the accumulator. If you going to be at the Oliver rally in May, you can compare rigs with and without the accumulator. Sounds like you have the tankless water heater. We also have it and think it works well. The accumulator really has no direct effect on the water heater, it just gives a more steady supply of water (either hot or cold) with minimal pump pulsing off and on. I consider it not a necessity, but just a nice addition to my rig. Brad #241
  20. My initial plan was to go vertical, but it proved to be more practical to mount horizontal . The main thing is no warer is trapped inside the tank when winterizing. I use a compressor to do the initial purge, then the pink stuff for the final step. So, I'm comfortable that no water remains in the system. As far as performance, the positioning is not a factor.
  21. Stan, I think there's a dinner the evening of the 7th (Monday) so you may want to depart Tuesday the 8th. Brad
  22. I've installed 2 in previous 5th wheels, and 1 in a friend's. I like them. I've purchased the meter and controller for my Elite II but haven't installed yet. The only difference is that I got the larger meter rather than the RV slender unit since it will be replacing the existing ZAMP. It fits into a double gang electrical box, and still it's not wide enough to cover the hole that will be left from the removal of the ZAMP. My solution will be to get a blank 3 or 4 gang blank to cover the hole, and then cut out a hole for the Bogart. I think the Bogart controller can be mounted on the back side of the meter box, or right in the area. The existing wires will need to have the connectors cut of, or use some short 10 gauge jumper/adapters to convert from the eye connector to the bare stripped ends needed for the Bogart. The reason for that is that I can reversed the install should I want to revert to the ZAMP if I want to sell the trailer or something. The only issue I have not worked out is where to mount the shunt. And after you get the shunt mounted and installed between battery ground and chassis ground, the 3 (as I remember) small ground wires that go the the negative battery terminals will need to be rerouted to the chassis ground side of the shunt for the meter to work proper. And of course the 4 or 5 wires going to the meter connectors, but that won't be an issue. Plan to tackle it soon. Still pretty cold here. I'll post pictures when I get to it. Brad
  23. http://google.com/maps/place/35.034872,-106.939503
  24. I'll eyeball them in May. I was running short of power in Quartzsite. Thinking of upgrading the charging system.
  25. No, we're on our way home. We were about 1/4 mile east of you for over a week (where Jim was parked) Drove up a couple of times but kept missing you. Understand someone has tiltable solar panels. Up there. I'd like details if they're not already posted somewhere. We'll see you in May.
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