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  1. http://google.com/maps/place/33.304837,-111.978345
  2. This week I added the much needed (by me) water accumulator tank to the outlet of of the water pump. The following may be helpful to you if you want to add to your trailer. FYI, the factory has added this to all the 2018 trailers as I understand. I decided to not only add the accumulator tank, but also utilize the silence kit which adds 2 ea. 30" hoses. The reason was to make the mounting more flexible. With the hoses, I would not be limited where I mounted the tank. (You may be able to find suitable hoses locally, but having everything arrive at my doorstep has it's benefits.) Parts I used: 1. ea SHURflo 182-200 Accumulator tank. $42.11 on Amazon today 1. ea SHURflo 94-591-01 Silencing kit. $25.94 on Amazon 1. Remove the 4 mounting screws in the pump base. 2. Turn off water pump, open the sink valve to relieve the water pressure, and remove the short white hose between the output port of the pump and the valves to the right of the pump. Have towels available because the faucet is higher than the pump so some water will drain out when you break the connections. 3. Before I remounted the pump, I tested several locations for the tank. I chose to move the pump as far to the left, allowing the tank to be mounted to the right. I dressed the hoses around trying to minimize any sharp turns and minimize the hoses hitting other objects. 4. After you have all the connections secure, test the setup, and if you're satisfied, mount the pump and tank. This modification made my trailer much more pleasant to be in. At times the pump vibrations would make the plumbing lines vibrate against the back of the cabinets and sounded like a jack hammer. The tank is pre-charged to about 30 psi. As you can see from my picture, I placed the tank so I could access the air connection should I need to adjust the pressure.
  3. They're everywhere! They're everywhere! Attaching a photo showing 6 Olivers camping in our little area near Dome Rock taken yesterday afternoon (Jan. 24). Mixed in are a few Escapes and Casitas, but the Olivers rule. There a few more west of us, and I saw at least two more come in today. I think Mountainborn was towing a demo unit. We'll get out and try to meet everyone tomorrow.
  4. Can't explain it, but mine seemed to be balanced on delivery. After we got it home, I took it to Discount Tire to be balanced after the factory said they don't do it. The tech crawled under the trailer and said there were weights on the tires so he assumed it was balanced. So, we took it back home. Brad (Sitting near Dome Rock at Quartzsite.)
  5. Overland is right on track. We ordered in April, expecting the yellowish ones when we picked up in July. Pleasantly surprised they were white. Our hull number is 241. Anita said they'd been requesting white for some time without success, then one day a shipment came in white with no advanced notice. Experienced same issue with the heavy dark shade wanting to drop slightly due to the extra weight, but it's not a deal breaker, we still like them that way. We only flipped the sides, not the back shade.
  6. Oliver tank gauges do not use probes inserted inside the tank so there is no maintenance issue, assuming your Oliver is like mine. The sensor element is located on the side (outside) the tank and I believe uses capacitance principle to sense the liquid level. I've had many RVs and this is the first one that uses this type of sensor and I love it.
  7. Thanks for the comments everyone. We're getting a quote for a 30 length, 24 wide with 16 W X 12 H doors on each end of the building (drive through). Measurements on the height of my trailer showed I'd really be stretching my luck with a 10 high. This size will allow me to store the trailer, truck should I want, and still have some room along the sides for storage. Now comes the difficult issue, paying for it. Waiting for the quote, but the slope and water shed issues will mean some major earth work, plus there's real world construction cost, and then there's Santa Fe costs. :) Someone spread the word there were rich movie stars all over town. Ain't rich, and certainly no movie star!!! Brad (and the last name's not Pitt)
  8. I'm getting quotes for a trailer garage to house our Elite II. I'm planning a 24 x 30 metal building and hope to get 2 each 16 foot wide garage doors, one on each end so we can drive through, no backing. The specs indicate a height of 9' 7" as I recall. I've tried to measure the actual height of our trailer, but find it pretty inaccurate with our unlevel gravel driveway. Standard garage door heights seem to be either 10 foot or 12 foot, and I'm afraid the 10 foot might be too tight, and there's the possibility of our trailer sitting a little high. So, I'm thinking I better spring for the 12 foot which will increase the height and cost of the building. Has anyone measured your Elite IIs, and if so, what height did you come up with? Brad
  9. The fuses are in the yellow inline fuse holders. I'd check voltages at the terminals under the shield. If it's affecting both jacks, I'd assume it not the fuses unless both blew. Also, if its a connection problem, I'd think it would affect the front jack too. Good luck, let us know what you find. Brad
  10. Steve is right. Here's a picture if I can post it. Look in your manual for the stabilizing jacks diagram near the back of the manual.
  11. We're heading that way next week and plan to arrive around the time the tent show starts on the 20th. We usually camp out toward dome rock and usually have a group of Casitas, Escapes, a Bigfoot 25 foot, and our E2. New Mexico plates, no front logo, and pulling with a silver Dodge Ram 3500. Brad
  12. The "slowly stopped" may be a clue that might be worth investigating. Both rear exhibit same symptoms? Not operating both at same time? Battery charged? I'd pull the cushions driver side behind the axles and measure voltages at the fuse terminals for the jacks under no load, then when someone energizes the jacks. Sounds like a low voltage issue that may be battery, connections from battery to the jack fuse terminals, etc. Hopefully you have a volt meter. Brad
  13. <p style="text-align: left;">Amazon price shot sky high overnight. I'll wait a few day's until they're available again. Was $70 yesterday.</p>
  14. I didn't know about the smaller 3 quart unit until reading this thread. We've got the 6 quart riding in the floor of the Oliver closet. We've had no problems but there are some negative reviews due to customer support. I'm thinking of ordering from Amazon and thoroughly checking it out within the return period. I've heard there are some credit cards that double the warranty on certain products. That might be worth looking into. Have we hijacked this thread or what? ????
  15. Personally, I don't miss it at all. I wish it was an option each user could set. Right in the way when using my smartphone
  16. Friday evening, our local RV Club had our annual Christmas Party. We're not big, maybe 15 couples, but we enjoy each other. One interesting fact is that after Beverly and I brought #241 home, 2 other couples have placed orders, so the Oliver will be the majority trailer brand in our club. Because I've served as president of our little club for several years, one of our members brought Beverly and me a great Christmas present. Ricki and her husband Tom came over to the house this summer when we had a party to show off our new trailer. Ricki took a picture, digitized it, and embroidered a nice hand towel for us. Of course it's too nice to ever use as a hand towel. If anyone is interested in something like this, Ricki said she could embroidery towels, shirts, jackets, etc. Drop me a note and I'll put you in touch with her. (She does small or large projects. She's even embroidered items for movies which has becomes a relatively new industry in our area.) Brad
  17. Beverly and will head south from Santa Fe around the 13th-15th of January and spend a few days at Pancho Villa State Park in Columbus NM, then on west, arriving around the time the big tent event starts on the 20th. We usually camp close to Dome Rock with Casita, Big Foot, and Escape friends.
  18. We're planning to arrive at Quartzsite around Jan 19-20 for the big RV show that runs from the 20th thru the 28th as I remember. Anyone else be in the area? We usually stay out around Dome Rock with Casita and Escape friends. I think there's a Casita rally a little later but we've usually moved on by the time it starts. FYI, there's usually a week long ham radio event south of town around the same time as the big show but we prefer staying around Dome Rock. Brad. K5ILW
  19. I purchased a horse stall rubber pad from Tractor Supply. It fits between the fender wells. 4 ft. x 6 ft. x 3/4 in. Thick Rubber Stall Mat, https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/4-ft-x-6-ft-x-3-4-in-thick-rubber-stall-mat?rfk=1 One side has a pebble finish, the other is smooth. I put the smooth side up. Brad
  20. Is there a Who's Coming list anywhere? How many have registered at the park versus with Oliver? I'm guessing the park number might be a better indicator of the number because some may wait to register with Oliver until they have a better feel for their May schedule.
  21. I was delaying winterizing until I could get the accumulator installed, but cold weather started creeping up on us (finally). So, I will wait until the next camping trip to complete the install. I received the 30" SHURFLO 94-591-01 Pump Silencing Kit which will give me some options of exactly where to install the accumulator. We will head down to Pancho Villa State Park (Texas) near the Mexican border around the middle of January, then on to Quartzsite for the big RV show that starts January 20th. Lots of my projects get done on the road with the help if friends when we're all together. The gals play cards, the guys do projects. Randy, I purchased a larger accumulator like yours for an install in a larger trailer, but ended up selling the trailer before I completed the job. First thought was that it would no way fit, but maybe it can somewhere. Where exactly did you end up mounting the larger tank? I can't tell from your picture. Brad
  22. We're planning to be in Q town during the big RV show that starts Jan.20. We'll probably be in the Dome Rock area. Then Bluebonnet in April, Oliver rally in May.
  23. Thanks for the photo. Looks like you spent time and effort coming up with a nice solution.
  24. Better put that in a solo cup and hide the bottle. :) There was a ranger at South Llano State Park that gave us heck for displaying some beer. Thank goodness he retired. Most Texas State Park employees want all their guest to have a good time and as long as you're not creating problems, they're happy. Just don't be too obvious.
  25. I'd appreciate the photo if you can locate it. I don't have the water heater control box, possibility because I've got the tankless system. I've ordered the 2 30" hoses Shurflo sells as a noise reduction solution. This will give me some mount location options. I'll post a picture as soon as I get it mounted.
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