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  1. Mike,


    We're considering hopping over to CGI Detailing in April after our Oliver Service visit.   When you had your's done, where was it applied?  Do they have a shop?

     I looked up the business and it just looks like a home.  (No Shop).

    What's been your experience after the detailing?  Did it last?  Approximate cost?


    Craig Short
    *hull 505

    1. topgun2


      AS I remember it - Mike and Carol had their Ollie done by CGI in the driveway of their home in Texas.

      I had mine done just last year at CGI's place in TN.  The place is slightly hard to find but it is just outside Murfreesboro, TN.  They do have a "shop" and can totally enclose the Oliver if the weather demands it.

      If you like donuts - then I recommend Donut Country in Murfreesboro.  Its not hard to get to from CGI.  If you get coffee and eat inside they will refill the coffee - free (do not get the paper cup - ask for the ceramic cup)

      Tell the guys - Colin, Gavin and Denver - I said hello.  Also, there are a bunch of "different" chickens running around the yard - some with feathered feet!


      Craig -

      I just "Googled" CGI and I think that I see what you are probably talking about.  Perhaps they have moved the operation - but - my bet is that the Googled address is where Colin and Gavin are presently living versus where they detail and coat Olivers.  Make sure that you get the GPS coordinates for where they want you to arrive for your appointment.

    2. Mike and Carol

      Mike and Carol

      Craig, we had ours done in our driveway.  The CGI team was on a Texas visit and did 5 or 6 trailers.  They are very thorough and do a great job.  They gave us a complimentary wash the day we arrived at the rally last year.  The shine has held up well, we’re glad we did it since we were starting to oxidize a little.  Mike

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