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  1. I guess that's one of my points...It's about the price points in the market. Casita 17 Independence - ROUGHLY $17-20K? Ollie Elite 2 - $48 base - $62K loaded Airstream Base Camp ~ $40K Larger (21-25') Airstreams can be purchased for $60-70 Ollie is far and away the best built...but they are small for what you get...
  2. Actually Overland you bring up a very interesting point. There is clearly a sweet spot for a well built camper hitting around the $40K mark. There are many in this forum who were former Casita owners who bellied up to the bar and have plunked down a significant chunk of change for the Ollie. While the Ollie may have a ~40K base price, it's not difficult to get a sticker price of over $60K when you drive off the lot. As a former Airstream owner, our 2007 unit was a great unit...it was 25', full sized fridge, and could sleep up to 6. (And it was around the $60K mark). With that being said, we've seriously considered an Ollie for the better part of the year, but the cost and the differences between Airstream and Ollie have delayed our decision. Personally I would have bought an Ollie a long time ago if a) the price had be lower or b) the trailer would have been larger. Ollie is one of the best built campers in the market. No question...But you pay top dollar for that. Just one man's opinion...and no, I don't think AS is the dark side...both trailers have a place in the market...
  3. Errrr....never mind. Please disregard. I found what I was looking for on the website. (We now return your to your regularly scheduled broadcast.)
  4. Does anyone have a sample of the color palette that's available for the stripes? I know the different colors that are available, but I haven't seen (for example) what 518 Steel Blue looks like. Thanks as always. Keith
  5. Anyone have detail on what this option is specifically for? Thanks.
  6. Agreed. This site has serious performance issues. It also appears that the site is being hosted. The site appears to be referencing 'http://myzone1.olivertechnologi.netdna-cdn.com/ for plugins, templates and such. I think it's also written in Wordpress, but I'm not 100% sure. I don't think it's a browser issue.
  7. Just wanted to say thanks to all of the authors of the lists...While we haven't gotten our Ollie yet, we've toured the mothership and with the 2017s around the corner I'm guessing we'll be using these checklists once the leaves start changing colors this fall. Kudos to this community. You all are a great group of folks. Thank you!
  8. The door behind the propane tanks looks custom from the factory and is a fantastic idea! This should be a standard offering from OTT!
  9. With the storage risers, aren't you basically sleeping against the windows? Seems like you might damage the window shades accidentally?
  10. Strange coincidence for today as I got the following story in my inbox this morning about the elephants in Hohenwald. For those of you you are intrigued here's the website for the Elephant sanctuary..... https://www.elephants.com/
  11. In many of the older posts, I've seen Oliver employees take a very visible and active role in the forums. (I think Robert is a former Oliver employee who did a fair amount of posting years ago). While I realize times have changed, I'm curious to know how often someone from Oliver reads, responds, or participates in this forum? There's some GREAT suggestions in many of these newer threads! Thanks as always.
  12. I assume the reason you would want to do this is to expand your seating area? Yep, that's exactly the reason...with the king bed made up you appear to effectively loose almost 1/4-1/3 of the camper to the bed. Thanks for all the input folks!!
  13. Take a look at 10:05 into the video. Could this be done for an Oliver?
  14. Ok. Hate to be a pest but this would solve the dilemma. Anyone ever tried doing something like this?
  15. Anyone going to be there early Friday or later Sunday? We've been to the factory and we met some wonderful folks last fall in Cherokee who were kind enough to show us their campers. We'd like to come up and take another look at the Ollies, but we have a commitment on Saturday. Thanks.
  16. Thanks Don. Appreciate the pic. You have a beautiful layout.
  17. For those who chose the king bed configuration I am guessing the power outlets below become mostly inaccessible while the bed is made? Thanks again folks. Keith
  18. Thanks Ed and Marsha...I'm curious...do you leave the bed in that config most of the time when you are camping or do you setup/tear down on a daily basis? (BTW the pic looks GREAT! Thank you for sharing!)
  19. We are really wrestling with which option to pick regarding bedding. We've seen a lot of people opt for the twin configuration. We've read all the posts, and still haven't decided on which way to go...Looking for good, bad, etc for bedding comfort. As someone over the 200 mark, I don't know that I'd be comfortable long term in the twin bed...It was fine on the 5-10 min we laid on them at the factory, but not sure I'd get a good night's sleep. Also not sure I'd want to crawl over my spouse with the king config.... Any comments for the article below? Any comments / recommendations are MOST welcome! (thanks) http://www.trailerlife.com/rv-trailer-news/olivers-twist/ Granted, these beds aren’t very wide or long (the trailer itself is only 7 feet across and has no slideouts), so those over 200 pounds or taller than 6 feet 2 inches should probably not apply. - See more at: http://www.trailerlife.com/rv-trailer-news/olivers-twist/#sthash.EKqbUlu0.dpuf
  20. Thanks for updating the forums Matt...much better look and feel. BTW is there a way to set all forum entries as "seen"? or view the entries by newest unread only? Thanks again.
  21. Thanks for the input everyone. I think the Anderson sounds like a good purchase if nothing more than insurance and a bit more protection and general piece of mind. Happy New Year to all of you!!
  22. Thanks for the info on the Equalizer and the sway....That makes perfect sense. I wouldn't cut into the fiberglass either! So....as someone who's had sway control on their Coleman Sunridge popup (tow vehicle was a 4Runner) and then again on a 25FB Airstream (Yukon XL)...I'm pretty conservative when towing. We're seriously considering the Ollie, but I'm hearing recommendations that the Anderson hitch is not really needed???? Thanks.
  23. Anyone know if we could use the following hitch for sway control? It's called the Equalizer hitch that we had with our airstream. Not sure if it would work with the bull dog hitch. https://www.equalizerhitch.com/pdf/0512 ... hureLR.pdf Thanks !
  24. Thanks for the post. We're considering purchasing a Legacy Elite II configured with twin beds. Is there a recommendations for bedding? Do twin sized work well, or do most people use a full/double? Thanks much. Keith
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