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Found 15 results

  1. On our most recent outing one of our battery tray latches failed. The pin on the left/fore side of the battery tray was totally missing as was the rivet/pin on which the rear of the latch pawl pivots. Fortunately I found the latch pawl itself loose in the battery compartment. Our temporary fix to get us home included tie wraps and, of course, duct tape to secure the latch pawl in place. The right (aft) side battery tray latch was not affected. Until such time we can arrange a permanent repair, I'm confident that our semi-permanent solution pictured below will serve to keep the tray secure. It consists of a stainless steel anchor shackle holding the latch pawl in place so that it cannot be raised whatsoever, thereby preventing the battery tray from sliding out. I found that the 3/16" shackle fits perfectly, with the anchor shackle pin fitting snugly in the holes. For reference the particular shackle I used is made by National Hardware, #N100-347 and available at Lowe's. Hopefully this information is helpful to those who may experience the same failure. Be safe everyone. - Brian
  2. I did search “storage Elite I” etc. And came up empty. Can any Elite I owners verify that these Elite II storage cubby pics and features and sizes/locations are the same on Elite I (2021)? Or I can start a new thread (or a mod can move this or delete it?). I have wondered if there are enough diffs between I and II to warrant making a new “section” on the forum for Elite I stuff? Maybe?
  3. I am a newbie to RVs (does it show?) and excited beyond all belief. Going to go FT w dog. That’s it. You probably see me asking lame qs all over here even though I don’t get the Ollie Elite I til late Jan. Yes, dead of winter. Got a new tow vehicle and all (tomorrow!) and ya’ll have been SUPER patient and kind with me. MUCH appreciated. So, my “plan” is to pick up Ollie in late Jan and hang around Hohenwald a week (or more?) after pickup/delivery. With dawg. Learning. Campgrounds? Nearby Ollie factory, til I feel comfortable towing, operating, doing whatever I need to do to be safe and enjoy it all. No big hurry to “get” anywhere, although I am moving to establish “domicile” etc. — looking at SD. Yeah, I know. Cold. Winter. So yes it will be in the dead of winter and I have no idea what that’s like in TN during “pickup Ollie day” or after. Wherever we may roam. What basic stuff that does not come with my Ollie would I need? Tire chains? A parka? A space heater? MREs? Heh. Hoses? Stuff to keep Ollie from freezing up? A snow shovel? Generator? Which? What “basic toolbox” would I want to have? My sense of humor is weird, I know. But if there are things ya’ll know of that I can order in advance while I have a real mailing address, in Nov and Dec, and most of Jan, let me know. I’m not actually crazy. Just wanna be as prepared as I can. For winter roaming in a new Ollie with muh dawg. Thanks all. Oh. And feel free to message me.
  4. We tow with a 2008 Ram 1500, 4x4, 5.7 hemi, because we use the truck for many purposes, and we need the 4x4 on our NC property. I'm curious for the new owners. For those of you with the smaller Elite, what's your choice?. And pros/cons.
  5. I am getting the 2021 Elite 1 (with the Anderson hitch). Already know opinions on the Anderson, so that's not why I am posting. What I need, if anyone would be so kind as to help, is to know what I need to SECURE the trailer, hitch, etc. so that when I park (truck and trailer hitched together) and go walking or whatever, they are still together (as in "not stolen"), and also so that when I unhitch the truck and drive the truck somewhere leaving the trailer parked (at a site, etc.) no one can swipe the trailer. (I want to do the best I can to secure it all, basically, at least, for now. I will not be staying in "iffy" places. I am new, brand new. And having a helluva time understanding some of this. I emailed my fabulous sales rep and I am still just confused (it's not the rep's fault!). So can you guys take a look at this and help me understand in VERY simple YES OR NO answers, a couple quick things? 1. I bought this. 2. I bought this. And I already had one of those round keyed locks one uses to lock a storage space in a self-storage facility. 3. Nice rep says I need this. 4. Nice rep says I need this. DO I RETURN the two items I bought (#1 and #2 above), because Amazon WILL still let me as of now? AND THEN INSTEAD get the two items shown in #3 and #4? If YES, can someone give me a link to those two items on Amazon, as I don't know the brand, or what goes with my truck or the Andersen, etc. correctly. Thanks! Tow Vehicle is Class IV Receiver, if that matters.
  6. I did search the forums for "locking wheel chocks" before posting this and didn't find much. I know there will be many opinions/experiences on this, but I will go with the consensus, I think, because it doesn't look like a huge investment to get these (if most agree it adds even a modicum of deterrent value as weighed against the cost/time to use them, etc.), once a few people weigh in. Locking Wheel Chocks. On Amazon. Because I will be leaving the Ollie Elite 1 unhitched when I have to run errands, etc. and don't want to be the low-hanging fruit, especially if there are simple things to do. I do NOT mind taking the time to do things relating to security (to be clear), ever. So the "hassle" or "too many keys" factor is irrelevant (for ME). The peace of mind factor, however illusory it may be IRL ("anyone can steal anything if they want it badly enough," yep I know) would be worth this unless, as I said, everyone weighs in and says "Totally useless!" With the exclamation point. Heh. Thanks all!
  7. Hiya, Have been told that I should invest in a 50’ quality sewer hose. My sales rep at OTT says a 20’ sewer hose comes w my 2021 Ollie Elite 1 (delivery late Jan 2021) but then added this: “Though we do supply a 20’ sewage hose, if you wanted to buy another one, you can. There are higher grade ones online.” Anyone point me to a good one? I’ve reserved a couple campgrounds and reviews at a few say it’s hard to reach the connection point (whatever that’s called) and it sounds like a good quality sewer hose will be good to have? The new Ollie also comes with a water hose but on various recs I bought a 25’ heated water hose. I can’t put too much more stuff in my Ram truck to make the trip to Hohenwald in late Jan 2021, so I wondered if, aside from chocks and the leveler blocks — I should try to get these other things NOW. It’s gonna be COLD in TN, possibly snow. I don’t wanna have frozen pipes or hoses. Staying at David Crockett SP on OTT the first night and booked extra days and nights there so I can get set up for cold and have OTT nearby if anything is wrong etc. Noob and towing toward TX in early Feb. Thanks, all.
  8. Hi! We are Benjamin & Alexandra from Chicago Illinois, and we just picked up our Legacy Elite about a month ago. So far we've enjoyed just all the nights in our Ollie before we put it to bed for the cold & snowy winter! We've both been hiking, canoeing, cycling and camping since forever under tarps, in tents and in a pop-up trailer. This is our first foray into a hard-sided camper with creature comforts so that's something of a new experience. Most of our camping has been in the Sunset Lakes Resort, Chillicothe and several other places in southern Illinois. We are expecting to revisit some old favorites and also to begin ranging further afield once spring arrives.
  9. Seriously, I have been overwhelmed a bit and unable to "focus" on what exactly I need to buy in advance and BRING with me to the delivery day of the Elite 1 in TN. As simple as I can get it, it appears I ONLY need to buy-in-advance, and bring with me, these things: 1. Chocks. How many of these do I BUY? Exactly how many. 2. Something called "leveling blocks." I have no idea what these do or how to use them (yet), waiting for Delivery Day explanations (which I will video using my phone). But the sales rep included a pic from Amazon (no LINK), so I don't know where these are on Amazon, but I am attaching the pic he sent (said they were on Amazon, but I cannot find anything with this photo) and said these would be something to bring WITH me on delivery day. Are these the leveling blocks he means? 3. A Reese "receiver hitch: for a 2" receiver (which my 2021 Ram 1500 has) -- I believe this is the "ball"-thingy as I call it, techy of me! -- and my sales rep says with a 3"-4" drop? Would this one do? Note: many times I go to Amazon (prefer to buy there as I have prime and it's just easier), and it will say at the top of a link I followed, "Does not work with your vehicle.") Apparently I do not NEED TO BRING ANYTHING ELSE. No hoses. No extension cords. No adapters. Nothing, right? The Elite 1 delivery people will supply all else I need to hook up at the David Crockett State Park that night, with electric, water, and sewer? Am I correct? Please tell me I am correct. This is really driving me nuts at this point. I mean that in the nicest and warmest tone possible and hope you can understand how overwhelming this can be for a true newbie. 🙂 Thanks.
  10. Hi all, Saw the big thread on Snow Chains. Still wondering, if my Tow Vehicle is a Ram 1500 4x4, and I arrive (or try to) in Hohenwald in Jan 2021 to pick up Elite 1, and it either has snowed or will snow, should I have chains for the Elite 1? If so, link to which ones? For that matter, would I need chains on the Ram truck (Rebel with non-snow-tires that came with it)? I lived at 8000 ft in the mts once where it snowed a lot and often, and had a little (as in very small and light, base model, NON 4x4) Mazda B2000 pickup and used chains and got to where I could put ‘em on in my sleep, no biggie. But I have never towed a trailer in snow conditions much less an Elite 1. Will check the manual for the Ram 1500 4x4 Rebel re: chains, but thought I would ask here re: chains for a 2021 Elite 1 whether the Rebel “requires” chains or not. I know there are many factors (how much snow, where you’re “going” in the snow conditions, on and on). Just thought I’d ask “generally” here first. Can also call my OTT sales rep about this — still time to prep. Thanks.
  11. I know, weird question, but for you Elite 1 owners: I use a MacBook Pro but I connect it to a large curved desktop monitor — a 38-incher — yep — and I love it and use it for what I do. Love as in “I will do whatever I have to in order to keep it, yes, even in the Elite 1, if at all possible, and I don’t care how much ‘counterspace” it uses long as I can plug that puppy in” — that level of love. Heh. I know this sounds insane to some (all?). But can anyone with a late model Elite 1 (standard floor plan) tell me the various counter dimensions of the table spaces in the Elite 1? Can I cram this thing on top of the smaller table (dinette?) on the side? Hoping to set it up and keep it set up. I’m a nerd. MacBook Pro screen too small. Too used to the big curved monitor now. Thanks for not laughing.
  12. Hi all. There is a post here as to all the spaces and available storage on the Elite II, but is it not different for an Elite 1? (I.e., less space to store your clothing, kitchen stuff, whatever, inside.) If so, and any Elite 1 owners (late models? I am getting a 2021 in Jan) know any dimensions and such, I’m all ears. I have NO idea how much “stuff” I can fit into Elite 1. And I have to downsize (further than I already have) because I’mma go FT. I have watched the Ollie 1 walk-through video and it’s just hard to tell really how much the closet will hold, how much space for shoes, kitchen stuff, everything. If anyone can give me an idea — I know it’s hard to say “Four jackets, 3 pairs of jeans,” etc. — but any idea at all would really help. Thanks!
  13. Any of you been tracking the changes in features or structural differences between model years of the Elite that can comment on what was changed through the years and when? Maybe it's been covered here before, but I can't find it. Thanks in advance, Daniel
  14. Getting the Elite 1 in Jan, tow vehicle would be a 2002 Escalade with a hitch thingy (tech talk! Ha!) on it. Manual says tows up to 7800. Dealer seems to be saying I should do the “upgrade” to an Anderson hitch? I think that’s what they’re saying The Escalade has 168k miles on it and I am now concerned and thinking even if it CAN pull the Elite 1, should I add the option for the Anderson hitch to my build? OR, should I shop CarMax and find a Ram 1500 or Ford F 150 (used, say, 2017 models and upward, with “tow package”)? Lowest miles possible etc. Etc Really don’t know what to do and the more I read with all the ways people tow, Anderson v not, Ram or Ford and which one etc. more confused I get! i want to have a good SAFE setup. If I can NOT break the bank but have that too, I am game. thanks all
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