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  1. With regards to the auto-leveling on your Ram, there is a jack function in the menus under suspension that will turn off the auto-leveling. We use it when connecting the truck and trailer. Once connected with the Anderson, we turn the jack mode off and have had no issue with the auto-leveling mode after that when towing.
  2. It seems I find a 1/2 used tube of Phil Wood grease every 6 months or so somewhere around the shop. Also used it more than once to lube the freewheel and on emergency bottom-bracket repairs on a tour in some backwoods town in the 70s. Graduated to roadside bearing replacements for our boat trailers at work. God awful job in the Florida summers. Our bearing failures were always due to too much weight on the axles. An important lesson for towing anything including an Ollie.
  3. Getting roughly 15-16 towing our 2018 LE2 with 2020 Ram 1500 Ecodiesel. It all depends on the wind speed and direction...especially on the flats. I have a tendency to drive about 70 on the Interstates. In the very flat roads of Florida I can get up to 18. 3.93 rear axle. I do use tow haul where hills are steep like our current traverse of the southern Appalachians.
  4. One other addition I might suggest is adding an on-demand water heater at the shower head so there is no fw waste while waiting for the water to heat up.
  5. Thanks, Bill. I figured it was straightforward but it will have to wait for retirement (4 months!!!)
  6. That's what they recommend using to remove tar from your feet at the beach.
  7. Does anyone else have problems with black gaskets or seals bleeding and leaving streaks on the outside of the hull?
  8. We're in Hannibal, Missouri now so about to revisit our old friends, Tom, Huck, and Becky. Favorite quote (paraphrased from memory): I gotta set out for the wilderness ahea because Aunt Polky, she says she's gonna cicvilize me and I can't do that, I been there before.
  9. And...I'd guess < 50% use gloves when dumping...at least based on my casual observations.
  10. @mossemi and @SeaDawg Right now we are on our 6-week tour of the midwest and east I can't tell you how many people I have seen rinsing their blackwater tanks from the drinking water spigots. I definitely sanitize, filter, and purify our fill water...and avoid drinking it directly from the fw tank ... even after sanitizing the fw tank prior to lift off. Not having the switch at the outdoor shower is not too big a deal since I usually am inside right before taking a shower But when dumping, everything is always shut up tight and off and there is no need to go inside...except to turn on the water pump. An inconvenience for me and the people waiting behind me at the dump station.
  11. One easy addition I would like to see is a water pump switch in the outdoor shower cabinet so I can wash my hands after dumping. Now, I have to go back in the trailer to turn on the water pump.
  12. I gotta say we couldn't be happier with our 2020 Ram 1500 Ecodiesel Longhorn with Anderson WDH and air suspension. The WDH is no big deal at all. We don't even notice our 2018 Ollie LEII behind us. And, as others have noted, driving without the trailer around town is a very pleasant ride. We were getting 18 mpg towing on the flat roads of Florida. They seemed to be paired extremely well but we are close to maxing out on payload capacity. When checking in at a State park campground, there was a car that kept circling us taking pictures. Despite being convinced otherwise, my wife assured me that they weren't taking pictures of me 😁.
  13. Thanks Townesw and Overland - all very useful.
  14. thanks for the rapid response. That's where I'm at now. Truma is checking on sending me a new circuit board but waiting on approval from the higher-ups. I'm not sure the error was not cleared when reset - the error only appeared after 12v was reconnected AND the propane, pump, and AquaGo were turned back on - not right after 12v was reconnected. Unfortunately the Truma tech I spoke with only started a few weeks ago so he is not up-to-speed on ancient history as per his admission.
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