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Found an Ollie and brought it home

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I was leaving the gym in Holly Springs, MS about 4:30 pm yesterday, October 30th.  As I went out the door, I looked across I-22 (Hwy 78) and saw what appeared to be an Ollie circling the Walmart parking lot. I naturally had to investigate. I drove to Walmart and found the Ollie there. It was a brand new Hull 199 headed home to Texas. I flagged Don and Ginger down and they stopped to see what I wanted.  I could see there concern as I walked up..likely wondering..."what is this guy doing?  Is he going to chase us off?".


I introduced myself, and soon learned that they had misgivings about spending the night at this particular Walmart. (It is an older store, in a poor neighbrhood, closes early, and has zero security).  I told them that I didn't blame them, but could really only recommend one parking spot nearby-my house. So I brought them home, alerting the wife by phone as we caravaned.


Spent a few hours with the new owners, talking towing, hitching, campsites, discount clubs, and reviewing the upgrades Ollie has made since manufacture of my Hull 64. Such a fun evening welcoming new family members into our (yours and my) Ollie family and our (my) home. By the way, I was most impressed with all I have learned since I picked up my Ollie (from Trumpet Guy) in Sept 2016.


Good luck, Don and Ginger!







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Mike and Elizabeth Smith

Snow Lake Shores, MS

2016 Ford F150 3.5 EB, max tow (20,900  miles pulling Ollie since Sept 2016)



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What a wonderful story. And you and your wife are so hospitable.


Thanks for the share. You made my day.



2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12


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I love hearing stories like this! They sure were blessed to have you find them and give them a place of peace to rest for the night.


Moments like that remind me of the olden days when people were full of courage and integrity.


Not that I am old - barely pushing 35 here, maybe I am just an old soul.


Thank you for sharing.

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Full Stack Developer/Marketing @ Oliver Companies

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