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Regarding emails about "Coins" or "Points"


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I wanted to touch on some emails a few of you may have received about "coins" or "points" after make a topic or replying to a topic. I have been working on some new functionality for the forums as some of you may have noticed when you received the emails. This was caused by a settings error in the backend and started running over the weekend when it was not meant to.


It's been disabled and I'll update you when we have more information about what we're working on to share with you.


You may disregard any emails you have received about "coins" or "points".


Thank you,

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I got one of those emails, and was concerned was not a legitimate email, so I talked to Heather and she said it was something new that was in the works.

I had 1 (one) point, so now I guess I have none. Oh well.



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Stan and Carol

Blacksburg, VA

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Stan - Don't throw that "point" away! We can combine it with the "coin" that I got and get a milkbone for your pup.


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