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About that Wonderful Weird Oliver Fuso Mashup

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I think it was John Davies who first posted this peculiarity...




Cool.  Also weird, but in a good way.  I've always wondered what the deal was with this thing.  Then this morning, in an unrelated forum search, this post from 2015 popped up...




Whoa!  Could this guy have realized his dream?


The answer is yes.  Yes he did...






Someone needs to get this guy back on the forum to explain himself.  Come back @mjfreshyfresh - I want to know more!

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The original picture has bicycles on the back while the second picture shows a motorcycle hanging off the back.  I know John asked about carrying a small motorcycle on his OTT in the past.  Now my question is “will it fit in the Hanger?”

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Depends if your hangar has a 12' door, I'd imagine.


Looking at this photo, his bike rack is attached to the Fuso rather than the Ollie, which is what you'd expect.  Also, he's built a custom tire carrier to carry the larger spare.


[attachment file=1*Eoj3RuQFRdSBxeuqvpNIGQ.jpeg]


Interesting that you can see the Ollie bumper is still in place.  My guess is that he just chopped off the tongue, removed the suspension subframe and attached the Ollie to the Fuso at the suspension mount points and somewhere up front.






Snowball • 256 • 2018 Ford Raptor

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