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What to pack


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Hello again


I am trying t figure out what is needed and what is just weight and things I don't need to put in our Oliver when it comes in 2 weeks.


Does anyone have ideas or lists that has helped them.


Also, what is your opinion on the Magma pans?


Thank you



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I think your overall question has as many answers as there are owners.  Everyone is different.  Some people can't live without their InstaPot, whereas I couldn't imagine taking up so much space with something like that.  And I have no doubt that people would roll their eyes at a few things that I find indispensable.  Basically, figure out what you're going to cook and what you need to cook it.  Same with bath stuff, dishes, clothes, etc.  I wouldn't worry about weight on your first trip - you'll figure out what you need and don't need quickly enough and can pare down on your next trip.  And it will probably take two or three trips to really nail down everything.  If you think you're taking too much, then it's probably a good exercise to kind of map out where you're going to store things just so you have some idea if it will all fit.  I have heard of some people who showed up with so much stuff that they actually had to drive back home to dump half of it.


The Magma cookware is top notch and worth every penny, imo.  It's as good as any high end cookware you'd find for your kitchen.  But I like to cook and like to cook with good tools - which is why, apart from the Magma cookware, few to no 'space saving' items have made the cut in our trailer; and we've ended up replacing those things with duplicates of what we use at home, regardless of their size or weight.

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Well were somewhat in the same boat, we have been camping in our just sold Casita for the last two years, so we have just about got it down to the bare necessities. We packing what we think we need into our 2019 Ram 1500 Crew Cab without a camper top, or bed cover. We can put some stuff in the bed, but will be staying in hotels for two nights before we get to Hohenwald, so some stuff will either have to be brought into the hotel, or shifted up front for the night. Things we are not taking are the LP grill, outdoor table, just the bedding for sleeping , no food as we will probably eat out more as we are camping for 7 days heading back to Ft. Worth, Texas. Walmart for wine and smacks, McDonald's for breakfast, and and other restaurant that looks like we came survive the food. All being said it will be a little different as far a cooking, but the camping part should be somewhat the same. Biggest problem I see is it's going to be hot. oh well, we live in Texas, what's new. The wife and I both have our camping list, we both cut back on the list and we should be ok with the bare stuff and like I said before, there's always Walmart.



2019 RAM 1500, 5.7 Hemi, 4X4, Crew Cab, 5'7" bed, Towing Package, 3.92 Gears.

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The Magna sets are super nice but bulky and rather heavy. We have been using a cheap aluminum nesting camp set that is super light and works well enough. I think a toaster is more important than a fancy chef’s cook set ;) But these are all very personal choices, get what makes you happiest. Storage space is more of a concern than weight, the Ollies all have a great payload. They are like little bullet proof tanks.


Consider a small HEPA air filter if you camp in the west, to take care of smoke particles, plus a generator if you need to run your AC off-grid. And an outdoor grill, either a propane one connected to your Ollie, or a Cobb charcoal model. .... https://cobbgrillamerica.com/collections/portable-grill


Enjoy your new toy, please post pics.


John Davies


Spokane WA



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I agree that what you pack depends on how you camp. We rarely eat at restaurants. We grill most of the time and so I have a Weber Q1000 gas grill and a small Weber charcoal grill.  We have a couple of pots and a medium size pan and that’s about it. Sometimes we take the instant pot but it rides in the truck, we’ve made chili on a rainy day more than a few times. We carry less now than when we picked up, so I’d go light and add as you see what your style is. Mike

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Like many, we started with more than we needed, and also find we don't have a few things we could use. My suggestion, start with your best guess, spend a week or so out in your Oliver, with and without hook-ups, and you will discover your needs. Don't worry about weight, I doubt you could fill it up enough to exceed the weight limits. As JD stated:"Storage space is more of a concern than weight, the Ollies all have a great payload. They are like little bullet proof tanks". After repeated uses, you will continue to refine what perfect is....


We have been out - exploring the western US for the last month and a half - mostly off grid, small NFS and the like, and what I've discovered is this:


The Ollie design and execution works very well for camping - anywhere. Off -grid - with the composting toilet, and solar - we don't need fancy campgrounds and hook-ups. And arriving and leaving your stop for the day/days is a simple hook up, and go. It fits almost anywhere, planning for the next stay is very simple, we made one reservation the last 40 days..... and it wasn't needed after all. However, you must plan for the fri and sat stays, get your fcfs spot and stay for two nights, Sundays and the rest usually worked out well.


Pots, pans, don't need many.  The Magma stuff is good, but we just take the few we need from the home kitchen, as for all the utensils, misc. other stuff - it is your choice to finesse. We have a crock pot, and a drip coffee maker,  for those few times we are on shore power, and a stove top perk coffee and the Dutch ovens for the times I feel like biscuits, or some sort of cool meal. I also carry my old trusty propane cooktop for the pleasure of the big breakfasts day - bacon outdoors is a priceless smell.


Webber "Q" with propane hose and conversion/elimination of the regulator - priceless. The Webber exceeds my expectations - a rare thing. We use it almost every day. Don't think we ate out once, except for a breakfast/coffee when actually traveling.


Buy a camping "carpet" - keeps a lot of dirt, and such out of the Ollies, we use one of the medium ones, and a few small throw rugs at steps, and inside.


I store a lot of stuff in the truck/TV, extra water (7 gal), grill, chairs, ez-up, tools, Dutch ovens, charcoal for them, and such. The Glamping accessories.


Enjoy, explore, gloat - repeat. (I felt a little guilty - all the comforts of home- amongst the other less fortunate campers) And for those BIG 5th wheels and motor coaches relegated to the large cosmopolitan campgrounds, why bother.


You do not need a gen set - unless you don't have solar - or you need the AC.  I may indeed purchase the smaller Honda just for AC when we are NOT at altitude in the summer.  I hate, well dislike, the cramped spots in the proper shore power campgrounds, not to mention the $$ for such little electric. And boondocking with temps above 90 at night is not agreeable….







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Cindy,  Russell and  "Harley dog" . Home is our little farm near Winchester TN

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