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TV Relocation Pictures


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I have a 2017 Oliver with the television in the corner.  I'm talking to Oliver about having them relocate to the center with a fold up mount.  Just wondering if anyone has had this done by Oliver and if they have any pictures they would share of the results.   I'm especially interested in how the area of the original mount was covered up or addressed. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Since I was planning to go to Hohenwald for some repair work, I asked for the cost to relocate the television. Oliver quoted me a price of $850 + Tax. That seemed like a lot of money, so I did it myself, using Mike's excellent directions. I bought some slightly different parts for the job that what Mike described, and the total cost was under $60.

Since I was still going to Hohenwald, I asked them how much to repair the two fiberglass holes. They quoted around $300. I decided to live with the holes, and to cover them with pictures. 

Here is what the two holes look like:



Here is what it looks like with pictures mounted on the walls. 


Sorry, I have not answered your question about what it looks like after fiberglass repair by the Oliver service people. 


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Thanks for the reply and photos .  My Mount is a single post that fastens on the left side under the overhang and was totally different from how yours was mounted.  I now wonder how many different mounts they have used. 

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My TV was located under the cabinet as is yours. I removed and stored it on a garage shelf the week I got it home from delivery. I mounted a fan where the TV used to go. Removing the mount will leave four holes slightly larger than 1/4”.


If you don’t want to do an expensive fiberglass repair, just buy some white self stick vinyl paper and cut out circles. Stick them over the holes and you will soon forget that they are there. Or reinstall the stainless mount screws in them. There is nothing you can do for the big ugly cable “pipe” except perhaps look for a white hole plug.... but if you put a fan there you will never see the ugly pipe.


Installing a fan will take care of the ugly stuff, and also give you great air circulation. .... two stones with one bird. And cheaper than a professional repair, I suspect.


Good luck.

John Davies

Spokane WA

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I have a hat hanging on the wall to cover my holes.

There's humor in this somewhere, but, I just can't put my finger on it.

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I moved my television to the center mount location in March 2019 for many of the same reasons mentioned in this post.  I used Mike and Carol's suggestion of a door knob protector to cover the old wiring hole into the attic.  I did not like the looks of the door knob protector because the mounting tape was too thick and it left a noticeable gap between the protector and the fiberglass.  So I went back to Amazon and bought a 2" white plastic hole plug that worked perfectly.  The only problem is it came in a bag of 25.  So I have 23 left now because I sent one to DavidS.  If you want to do this mod or already have and need a hole cover, just let me know via PM and include your address.  I drop one in mail for you.  
I also found some small white foam circles that I used to cover the bolt holes.DFA3165A-973A-4D6A-879E-AD11CCE0A4E9.thumb.jpeg.4dd81c619e45f76efb3e1e9814985445.jpeg65F198DC-B57E-4494-8D7D-01B9C64F86A8.thumb.jpeg.961d82e70fd0f503d8fdd5d5ce223f82.jpeg

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