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Hello from Charleston SC


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Recently bought a new to me 2017 Legacy Elite II.  We have a 2015 Casita Independence Deluxe with all the bells and whistles and will be posting that for sale soon.  It is in excellent shape.

Without a through orientation I have been getting use to my new trailer the old fashion way, reading the manual.  I am looking forward to learning from others owners and I am sure I will have lots of simple questions.


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On 1/14/2020 at 11:10 AM, Mike and Carol said:

Welcome!  Congrats on your “new” trailer and ask as many questions as you need. Mike

Thanks Mike.  Even though I have used my Casita extensively,  I am still figuring out a few things on my Oliver.  I know  the Casita forum was very helpful and my guess is that will be my experience here.  blessings...

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