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Rusty drawer slides?

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Has anyone experienced this?  I just noticed that a couple of drawers were rough to open and it looks like the bearings on all my drawers are rusting - some pretty badly.  Like, really badly.  I'm not sure if there's a solution to this other than new slides.  I guess I could take them out and soak them, but I'm sure they'd quickly rust up again.  I have to guess it's just from humidity since there's no sign of water intrusion anywhere.  Possible that I have a hidden leak between the hulls that's keeping it overly humid in there.

I've got a dehumidifier, but I haven't been using it since it requires the trailer to be plugged in 24/7.



I guess I've got a new project.  I've sent a note to Oliver to ask about replacement.  Blum has a lifetime warranty on everything they make, so hopefully they'll swap out the parts for me for free.

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Made me look🙄, haven’t seen anything like that thankfully.

This is the dehumidifier I keep in the trailer and it only needs electricity to dry out the beads inside.  When the beads turn green they are wet and need a drying cycle.



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That's a bummer.

I just checked mine. They're fine. But a different design, and probably a different brand. Not surprising,  since my trailer is ten years older than yours.

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I'm in the southeast, and it's pretty humid here.

But I'm thinking that it must be exasperated by a hidden leak somewhere.  I had a problem with the bath window last year and it had to be replaced, plus I discovered some water trapped inside a few of the window frames when I cleaned the caulk a bit ago.  And maybe too I've had the standard clogged window drain leak at some point, though I haven't seen evidence of it.  Your guess is really as good as mine.  I suppose it could have just been a bad batch of slides.  I'm pretty sure they're galvanized.  

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I had to clean a rust stain this spring from outside the battery compartment hatch. Looking inside I had a good amount of that on the battery tray slides. Hmm. Also two of the straps were broken, for whatever reason the strap had come unsewn.

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