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New weather app


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The radar data is pretty close to real time for one and that is pretty important. I also like geeking out with some of the other features.  This is the best app I've had thus far.

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2 hours ago, Overland said:

Roughly how up to date is the radar data?  I use the free version of the My Radar app and really like it, but the radar delay is around 10 minutes. 

Data delay is about 5 min.

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6 hours ago, Overland said:

Can you do it long distance?  We could make an app. 


8 hours ago, SeaDawg said:

But, that's one of my predictors. My knees...

Maybe there's an emoji for that!


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On 8/11/2020 at 6:31 PM, Ken_Judy said:

The radar data delay from Noaa is about 7 minutes.  Then your app has to take that data and fit it into their program for distribution.  Still beter than asking your aunt if her rheumatism is flairing up..

NWS relies on spotters and chasers for eyes on the ground data for the most accurate information. Green dots on this image represents spotters used yesterday. I don't use NWS data . I use AllisonHouse for alerts.


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Along these same lines, an app that I really like is Windy (https://www.windy.com/).  The app shows world-wide wind patterns; you can zoom into local areas and look at projections for 7+ days into the future.  It may not show local events (for example, it did not show the derecho that we drove through in eastern Iowa this week on our way to Idaho), but it does a pretty good job projecting general wind direction and intensity.  We use it to plan travel days (or times of the day) to avoid strong headwinds or take advantage of tailwinds. 

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