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Lagun table mount


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I asked this on Facebook a few weeks ago but has anyone installed the bracket for a Lagun table in an Elite II under the pantry at the end of the street side twin bed (on the area that backs the battery compartment?) We have the basement door so can't mount it in the normal location. I've seen the mod here in the forum for installing below the street side twin bed, which was nicely done, but don't know where we would get the piece needed for that fabricated.
We looked in the battery compartment and it seems the support piece needed to secure the bracket could go behind/above the batteries if we could get back there. We would likely store the table in the closet when not in use but we travel with kids and would like the option for having a larger table inside for dining and playing games (but wanted the twin beds as well so didn't go with the standard floorplan.) It also seems like a Lagun table could possibly serve as additional kitchen workspace when needed if mounted there. I realize the size Lagun table top Oliver supplies may not be long enough to reach everyone if there were four people seated on the twin beds but if we had a longer table top made and slightly offset it on the arm, I thought it may work. There very well could be reasons for not putting it there and I'm trying to determine that before ordering the bracket. Thank you for any insight!

Joe and Mindy ▪️ 2019 Legacy Elite II ▪️ Hull 457


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I think I understand your question, but maybe not.  The battery box and the pantry base has an air space around it that is about 1" to 2" in various locations.  I don’t think a backing plate it the battery box would work because of that space, it would compress too much.  The backing plate would need to be between the inner and outer hulls.  I have gotten my hand up in the area between the bed and pantry to replace a cable gland.  It was a struggle, but persistence paid off.  So if you are trying to place the Lagun mount in the aisle, you would need to work from the access cover under the bed and see if you can get you hand and arm up in that area to hold the backing plate, washers and nuts in place while inserting a bolt through the table mount.  
My inverter would be in the way of accessing that area so I would remove it to increase the work area.  It’s doable, just not as easy as the nightstand or under the bed overhang areas.

Although I haven’t worked with the 8020 equipment, it seems that you are only limited by your imagination.


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Mike and Krunch   Lutz, FL  
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I am not sure what the height above the floor you need, it is indeed possible to access the space between the battery box wall and the inner hull wall. Possible, not at all easy! In your shoes I would make a substantial aluminum backing plate and install threaded inserts (nutserts), so you will not need to fuss with nuts and washers, and you won’t need to get a wrench in that tight place. I guarantee that if you don’t go this route, you will say a whole lot of bad words..... Here is the technique, I used it to fish a couple of backing plates deep into a 2”x4” aluminum beam, for my rear rack tiedowns. In your case, you would pre-drill all the holes in the fiberglass, run the wire down toward the inverter, and drag the plate back up into position. VERY carefully... You could tie a string onto it too, from the bottom, so if it falls and disappears you can easily pull it back and try again.



It will be trickier with the large size plate needed for your table mount, but if you have one hole centered at the top, it should balance/ align itself pretty well when drawn into position.

For more accurate advice, take a picture of the area and annotate it to place an arrow or circle where you want to mount the bracket. I have looked up in that gap several times, each time I wonder why did they built such a promising place to mount things, but made it so hard to get to...?

Good luck, post pics of your cool project.

John Davies

Spokane WA

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I installed the Lagun table following Overland's instructions.  I did use some aluminum backing plates.  We had our table made buy a local craftsman with slightly narrower dimensions.  We can fold everything up and put it in our front closet easily.   We are very happy with this and we can leave the table up and position it to allow access to the twin beads, basement, and overhead cabinets.  Overland's plan was really terrific.  We have the basement door too.

Just a thought----  You might want to consider Oveland's method for your dining and game table and I have seen some folks have added a fold down counter top extension to the right of the cook top for extra prep area.   There are treads on the countertop extension on this forum somewhere.

Good luck please share pictures of what you do.   

Hint ---- by not centering the Lagun bracket in the table you can gain significant flexibility in how you deploy the table.  Ours is mounted closer to a corner of the center section.  Done through trial end error using a cardboard mock up.  It is a fun project.  

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