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Lippert Jack It Bike Rack


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I know there has been numerous posts regarding bike racks, but haven't seen one where anyone talks about the Jack It bike rack.  Has anyone had any experience using the "Jack It" bike rack with their Oliver?  Trying to decide whether I should have the bike receiver installed from Oliver or go with the Jack It bike rack.  The Oliver receiver will cost $1,250 to install and still wont be perfect, with the 1 1/2" receiver.  Will have to get an adaptor to use my 2" Yakima bike rack.  The Jack It fits on the tongue, where the bikes should ride better and the cost would be much less.  I have some pretty expensive bikes, so I don't mind money, I just want to choose the best option.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks!  

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I know at least one Oliver has had a similar bike mount - I just don't remember who it was. It seemed solid and workable - a little more difficult to stow the bikes - it seemed to me. 

My $$$ bike rides under cover of the truck bed cap.

Were it me - I would have one customized - off the rear - similar to the original Oliver design. 


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One option nobody seems to mention is to extend the tongue a little. The original Ollies came this way. There is no reason you couldn’t do something similar to get extra room up front for bikes (when backing especially), plus as a bonus it lowers the tongue weight. I would check with Oliver Service to see what they say, it will void the warranty for that part of the frame unless they do it for you “in house”... I would not mind an extra 12 inches of tongue, if it could be easily removed and shoved under the A frame during storage.

This is my old aluminum utility trailer, I added a square steel receiver and it allowed me to quickly remove the raised Treg offroad draw bar, or swap it for a dropped 2” ball coupler. The latter extended up to 30” for carrying a canoe or long lumber. Normally it was extended 18” to allow the swinging cargo door of the RAV4 to clear it.



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