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Steve Landrum Update


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Steve Landrum Update 

The past weekend, a fellow traveler and Oliver owner , Steve Landrum / Tali were preparing their Ollie to travel to the Oliver Rally in Florida that Foy Sperring is organizing.  Steve was gathering up his gear and went to open a large gate at his home.  It held stubbornly tight and then suddenly released sending Steve to the ground where he hit his head.  At first he seemed to be OK , but last night at 12:30, Monday morning,  Steve requested Tali call an ambulance because his pain was so intense.

At the hospital the exam revealed Steve has a subdural hematoma, a bleeding of the brain.  The bleeding was significant but treatment with blood thinners and new blood was necessary before surgery.  Early this morning (Monday), the surgery was completed and Steve is currently in Intensive Care Unit at the hospital in Tupelo Mississippi where he and Tali worked for years.  

The physicians are saying that if all goes well, Steve should have a 90% recovery from this accident.  However, the next 4 days are critical.  The doctors are constantly monitoring Steve’s progress, his blood and carefully regulating his medication.  

Tali recently had surgery on her foot and recovery for her is slow and painful.  Today while Steve was being treated, Tali had to go in to her surgeon for wound care and treatment.  Mobility for Tali is very difficult for her now. Steve’s daughter and son-in-law live nearby and are providing care for both Steve and Tali.  Tali’s desire is that she be able to focus all of her attention on supporting Steve as well as recovering from her foot surgery.  For this reason, Tali requests that you turn toward God and spend time in prayer that Steve will have a full and complete recovery.  She values the prayers from each of you and Steve will greatly benefit from Our Lord’s healing grace that will result from your prayers.

As I receive communication from Tali, I will post Steve’s progress.

Thank You 

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Coy, heartfelt thanks for the update. We're all praying for a good outcome, and good recovery. So glad Steve and Tali were at home, with good medical care. 


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