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Buffing and Waxing my Trailer


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So after a 2 1/2 year period of owing our Elite II and setting outside in the Texas sun our fiberglass gelcoat was beginning to show some chalking and dulling and in need of a buff and wax job. Now being a retired body shop mgr. for some 35 years at a large DFW dealership doing the proper job was not a problem for me, but at 76 it wouldn't be doing it like I was 40, for sure. I used my 7" buffer and wool buffing pads, I used the Velcro system pads and buffer backing plate, the tie on pads are pretty much useless. I first buffed with Mequiar's #67 RV and Marine compound which did a very good job and really cut the oxidation, probably running the buffer back and fourth on the surface 8-10 times till the gelcoat what at a very high luster, due note here, the top of the trailer and ends we the most dulled areas on the trail, but I did the whole trail just because I didn't want to do a partial job when it comes to doing something. Due note here, I did have to use scaffolding to do the top, you will not be able to reach far enough in with a ladder, plus the scaffolding is much more safe for this old guy. I did the top and ends in one day and the sides the next day. Now for the Mequiar's Flagship RV and Marine polish which I put on by hand and took off with a orbital buffer and a polishing pad for it's final on this project, I hope this will last another couple of years before it needs another buff job, but will polish once a year to help preserve the finish. I watched several video's on YouTube on this and this guy knew what he was doing, or the way I would do it,   trainman


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I have had great success with the Mequiar’s Flagship wax. Been using it for years. Holds up great and gives me some exercise. I will apply twice a year.

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John & Chris Dehne Manchester, MD.  2021 Elite II twin Hull# 901

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We had water spots that normal waxing would not remove. Called Meguiar's and they recommended using Meguiar's #67 compound first then using Meguiar's Flagship wax, the combination worked great removing water spots and putting a great finish on Ollie! We used both during a two day "workout":classic_biggrin:


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Bill #75 LE2 Tundra


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I also used both Meguirs products on my newly purchased used Olliver this spirng. I found that the 67 One Step Comppound took off the water spot markings easier than 2 other non-Meguiars products I tried. I used the Meguiar's Cleaner Wax this spring after the 67. This fall I used the Meguiars Flagship Premium Marine Wax. The Premium Marine Wax was a lot easier to apply than the Cleaner Wax and appeared to leave a far superior finish than the Cleaner Wax. Having owned a few boats in the past, these Meguiars products are a lot better than any of the other waxes I used in the past.   

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