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Signs, Signs everywhere: Read ALL and Take Notice of Some at your... Risk?

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My break time is over Sorting Thousands of Casino Dice... but had these signs to add.

Montana Forest Service, Zion National Park when you are towing OUT at the South End and pay $15,  Nevada (NO Fish at Fish Lake... These are for Lithium Evaporation Ponds and create Sink Holes in the process when drawing the salt brine from deep underground.




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1 hour ago, BoondockingAirstream said:




Entering Zion from the east requires driving through this tunnel.  Last month we purposely drove south to Hurricane, UT and then up into Zion to miss this tunnel.  The next day we drove the highway without the trailer and it was well worth the time.  The tunnel was one way traffic, so waits are normal depending on which way you are driving and which lane has been stopped.  Large trailers have to go down the middle of the road due to the rounded sides of the tunnel.  It’s 1.1 miles long if I remember right.  Mike

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Traveling North on UT 261 approaching the Moki Dugway


The Ghost Town Animas Forks, CO


Jackson, MS, one of the deadliest cities in America


Finally, the way it should be...


Old Drilling Rig stuck in the Bentonite in the Backcountry near Capitol Reef NP

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One of many wildlife warning signs in southern British Columbia.


Interesting single lane bridge, with steel grating deck (don't look down):


This is the second Hagwilget bridge, the first was a little rickety and fell down ;):



Wildlife warning on a popular foot trail in Prince Rupert (coastal, very much brown bear country). The two elderly joggers we encountered ran by with their un-leashed dog and said, "We run this loop every day and in six years they haven't bothered us. They just turn and run." Yeah, right. We had bear spray and talked loudly.


John Davies

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1 hour ago, Mike and Carol said:

Entering Zion from the east requires driving through this tunnel.

There is a very nice little (short) hike who's trailhead is only a few yards before this tunnel starts.  The hike gives great views of those "windows/air vents" that are cut into the sides of the tunnel plus wonderful views of the rocks and valley below.


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Excellent and interesting signs.

This sign is posted in a small town in Nevada, across from a Casino and a Denny's where we spend the evening at the large gravel lot to the East.  There is a RV Park with trees a bit north and this sign is to persuade 'campers' to squeeze into a small space, if possible.

No facilities, truckers find it convenient, as well.  The Double Cheeseburger and Fries is good for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or a 'snack' for those of us who burn the calories wandering the canyons, mesas, mountains and have a wrist GPS in the event we get lost. The GPS gives us direction to go, distance and if it were not for the canyon walls... the one mile short cut... is closer to 4 miles to access our camp.



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