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Dometic D21 Cook-top Stove - Elbow issue

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We recently ordered and received a Dometic D21 Stove Replacement.  I began to install it and I see that the new stove now has the elbow facing 180° of the one that came with the trailer.
In other words, the elbow faces away from, not towards the rigid copper supply line with the flared fitting that it will connect to.  picture shows old stove on the bottom and new stove on the top.

I believe I have 3 options; 

  1. Pull out the slack  (which there appears to be enough) on the original rigid copper supply line, cut and remove the existing flared fitting and use a tube bender to create a “U” curve at the end, slide on the flared fitting, re-flare the end then, reattach the flared fitting to the stove elbow.  (this modifies the existing rigid copper tubing)
  2. I have some high pressure copper “K” tubing, and would basically create an extension with a “U” curve on one end which would connect to the stove elbow; the other end would then be flared with fittings to connect straight into the existing rigid copper supply line fitting.  (this does NOT modify the existing rigid copper tubing)
  3. Break loose the existing elbow going into the stove (looks like red Loctite, so heat may be required), remove the elbow, clean threads and wrap with “Yellow” gas tape and tighten up, so it would face the existing connection as it did on the old stove.  (this does NOT modify the existing rigid copper tubing)

Yes, there are potential issues below the stove with regards towards clearances and that will be looked at before I do any cutting or routing.

I believe if I make my "U" bend with 4" between the downside and upside that should work.

The more I study this issue, the more I am favoring one solution over the others.

Do members of the forum have any additional suggestions or comments? 


0) D21 New on top, Old on Bottom.jpeg

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Turn that elbow 90 degrees tighter. It most likely does not have Loctite.

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Turn it tighter until it aligns, it should turn with minimal effort... If it is very hard to move, you will have to remove it, clean the sealant from both parts,  and reinstall with a proper soft pipe dope or thread tape. And always leak check your connections when finished.

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I know nothing, no experience, but will say that I was warned by OTT not to torque too tightly on those gas lines (IF / WHEN I would try to resolve something on my gas lines) because the copper pipe is so soft. They were likely speaking from experience. 

I like #3 too, because it's simplest.

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