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Solar Eclipse 2023


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Here in Western North Carolina we are getting close to the maximum of today's solar eclipse - maximum here is around 1pm and it started at 11:46 am and will end at 2:42pm.

Only approximately 44% of the sun will be covered and about 5 minutes ago that made the sun look a bit like "pac-man"

Hope that the weather is good for all that are interested in this type of thing!


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Here in northern Ohio, all I see is rain.

I'm hoping for better during April's solar eclipse since I'm right on the path, but being Ohio in the spring, It'll probably be similar. I can at least guarantee that it will be dark for 3 minutes and 52 seconds, whether you can see the eclipse or just a bunch of clouds. 🙂 

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We’re right in the path, it was pretty interesting to see.  I didn’t get very dark, stood out in the driveway with our neighbors taking turns with the eclipse glasses.  Definitely a ring of fire.  Mike

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We are in base camped in Fayetteville, Arkansas and it was cloudy, so a no go here. 


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Cold drizzle and gray skies in Indiana. Now waiting for the April event. 

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What's today?............. the most frequently asked question as a retiree 🙄

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