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Dometic AC Heat Strip

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Hull #1045, 2022 E-2

I had forgotten all about this. It recently came up in the discussion on changing AC units.


How do you use this feature?  The only things I remember is you use it to take the chill off in the trailer and it runs off electric. 


I want to know what the parameters are for its use and how to activate it. 

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No heat pump in our Truma.😔 In our AS we had a ducted Dometic AC with heat pump, so the heat pump being part of the AC pumped heat through the ducts. It was good to use down to approx. 42 deg. Fahrenheit, and I loved it.

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We have a 2019 EII and ours is activated with the wall control and shows as another option to select just like the A/C or furnace. It's nice to have another heat option (especially if you're running low on propane) and we sometimes use it in conjunction with an electric heater that we plug in next to the closet. We, of course, use our furnace when it's really cold outside to keep us as well as the trailer components warm.

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11 hours ago, Steph and Dud B said:

No heat strip in our 2022 Dometic A/C. Hull 1150. Wish there was.

FYI:  We added a heat strip in our previous camper's non-ducted Coleman Mach 8 AC unit - easy install and we loved it.  Dometic Penguin II has a heat strip kit also (from Amazon) that may work for your unit - best to double check with Dometic or OTT Factory to be sure.  Definitely worth examining, IMO.


Our Hull #226 has a heat strip installed before we bought it and came in very handy last weekend with morning temps in the Hi 30's - Lo 40F's, FYI.  We control the Dometic with a Breeze Air Touch Screen thermostat - it's 100% compatible with the furnace and AC unit, we've got it set to cycle between the two for ease of maintaining internal temps where we like it...



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Our old dometic had a heat strip. Since the penguin ii can be purchased with a heat strip, I'd be surprised if you couldn't add one, as MAX Burner suggested. 

I'd open a service ticket, or check with dometic.

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