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Convection microwave upgrade on used Ollie

Heather and Eric

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Hi Everyone,

Has anyone changed out their standard microwave oven for a convection microwave oven?  Our used  Ollie came with a slightly used standard microwave and we have aspirations of cooking crispy browned food.  Just curious if this swap is possible and what it would take to do it.  It looks like we’d have to at least build a spacer/frame to compensate for its added depth.  Thanks!  

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Heather and Eric

2022 LE2 Standard hull #1147, tow vehicle Toyota Tundra Double Cab 5.7L Pacific Northwest

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12 hours ago, Heather and Eric said:

Has anyone changed out their standard microwave oven for a convection microwave oven?  

This mod might be a bit problematical.

For a number of years, owners of Ollies requested convection microwaves.  Unfortunately, the reason that I was given was that the area where the microwave is located simply didn't allow for the additional heat that a convection oven would generate.

I have no idea of what may have been changed such that we finally got this choice of oven - that change could have been structural and/or regulatory.

In any case, if you are considering this change, I'd recommend that you make absolutely sure that it is safe before you do it.  A discussion with Oliver Service just might yield valuable information in this regard.  Good luck!


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One of the concerns about installing a microwave / convection oven is the ability to allow any extra heat between the hulls to dissipate.  Many hulls did not come with adequate vent holes in the cabinet walls to enable the heat to escape.  While the oven does vent heat out of the front, there is a concern about any extra heat trapped between the hulls.  Fortunately, The Wonder Egg - Hull #14, has extra vents in the side walls behind the oven, so I have gone to the micro/conv. option.  The unit is deeper than the oven it replaced, so a plenum was added to accommodate the extra depth, resulting in a minor loss of space on the "chopping block" in front.

It cooked a fine, crispy chicken once.  Woohooo!

Should you go with that option and your trailer does not have cross ventilation behind the oven, you may consider adding some before making that modification.  How many, and how large, is up to you.  I would think the more, the merrier.  


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Our 2008 originally had a small convection microwave, with a round marine vent on each side of the cabinet. Since we rarely camp with power, it was pretty much a bread box.

When it finally died, we converted the microwave cabinet space to a little "pantry."

Do you actually use your microwave much? If not, you might be better off with a cabinet, and carry a small but effective toaster oven or air fryer that you could pull out and use on the counter. (A number of folks here have a small Breville. )


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6 hours ago, bugeyedriver said:

... It cooked a fine, crispy chicken once.  Woohooo! ...

Gotta love this comment, "once!" I never thought the microwave/convection oven was such a great idea.

At home we love our Emeril Air-Fryer. Couple years ago, his small model was on sale for $100 (now $200) and I bought two at the time (it measures 19x15x10"). We keep it under the front dinette seat where it fits nicely. In fact, there's enough room down there for a small pressure cooker and Chris' blow dryer too!

I have a rubber mat under it and a short appliance extension cord so we can run it anywhere, inside or outside. At 1500W it can also run off the inverter when our batteries are good. 

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Chris & John in Prescott, AZ | 2016 EII #113 | '01 Ram 2500 Cummins!

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@Heather and Eric

We have the convection microwave and absolutely love it. We upgraded to the convection microwave when we placed our original OLEll order, And I can tell you it really works great with zero issues regarding high oven heat. There is nothing like a roasted chicken with sides on a rainy cold night. Or the ability to heat up homemade chili or bake a lasagna while traveling. 
On our recent 6000 mile trip out west we used our convection/microwave a lot and we’re sooooo glad to have it. It’s hard to  imagine not having a way to enjoy hot food. You can’t always rely on a campfire or grilling if there is a fire ban or it’s raining or high winds.
We also carry a Weber Q1200 and it gets a lot of use as well. A quick call to Oliver will likely provide the answer you’re looking for. I would bet the conversion is not that difficult especially since your Ollie is a 2022 model. 
Please post up what you learn. 👍🏻😊

Happy Camping and Happy Cooking! 👨🏼‍🍳




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Given that yours is a 22 i dont think itd be too much of an issue, i believe the only venting that is used comes out the top and bottom on the front facia of the convection microwave on mine. just check with oliver they can probably even sell you everything needed to do it.

I love mine and use the oven function quite regularly moreso than the microwave. if it ever gives out i may even try and forgoe the microwave alltogether and find a propane oven or just a toaster oven. 

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