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  1. I would look for another tech. If it was running before, his statement about "not enough wires running to ever work" is obviously bogus. I'd start looking for a more reputable repair shop.
  2. While on this subject, I have a hard time getting my cover to screw on evenly and smoothly. Seems like it is being-cross threaded at times. Was wondering if a lubricant of some nature might make this easier. Any suggestions?
  3. Could be. I could only see it from the Perspective of a Virginia customer.
  4. I believe Good Sam Insurance is actually underwritten by Progressive.
  5. At the rally last year (or perhaps the year before) I noted a couple of folks who had put a small wire tether on their access port covers. At least one person advised me that they actually used the safety wires for light fixtures as their source of their tethers. They also advised that they had a few of them and would send me one if I sent them a note after the rally. Well of course, I forgot who this person was so I am seeking to find that person or otherwise, have anyone on the forum advise the best way to accomplish the task at hand. Thanks, Hobo
  6. No, just a single portable tank will suffice for both. They're going to end up going down the same hole in the ground anyway.
  7. I use the same level on my trailer but I placed it on the front of my storage basket. It shows up very clearly in my rearview backup camera and I didn't have to mess with trying to attach it to the trailer hull.
  8. What is the standard line size?
  9. Overland: Having looked at these, I agree it would be a nice thing to have on board. Not having spent a lot of time (yet) in the bowels of our Ollie , can you suggest the size, kinds (T, straight, elbow) and numbers of each that you would have at your disposal if you were going to put together a kit? I can purchase them at contractor price through my builder . BTW: Thanks for the heads-up.
  10. I also endorse seeing the Bad Lands. Having had one son attend the South Dakota State Univ. and the other attend the Univ of Wyoming; we traveled extensively through that region and found the Bad Lands very memorable. Gotta remember, we in the eastern part of the US don't have those types of openness so it's all new to us. We even enjoyed the endless miles of corn driving through Iowa and the flatness of Kansas. It makes us appreciate the vastness of this great country and how varied the topography is within it. It's all beautiful in it's own unique ways. Experience and enjoy it ALL.
  11. Darryl, You answered my questions better than I could have hoped for. You're step-by-step explanation was perfect. Makes me feel much better about applying for a card. Thanks
  12. Darryl, Any issue with nozzle size and nozzle flow rate trying to fill your truck? Also, did you note that within the "truck" lanes, were there lanes specifically identified for RVs etc. or did you just follow in with the semis?
  13. I've heard good things about Catalina State Park. Your thoughts?
  14. Spike, My wife and I are planning a trip this April from Hohenwald (service) to AZ and returning to AL for the annual rally. We're going to end up at some point at Catalina State Park to see some friends and also sight see. I think we're going to hit the northern part of AZ first and then dive south before heading back east. Since you've made the trek from TN to AZ, can you lend some suggestions of places to drop anchor along the way? Thanks, Hobo
  15. Been researching where to drop anchor somewhere in the Williams area of AZ for a few days in April but not finding anything that is highly recommended. I will contact the folks at Kalib National Forest but it looks like they don't open up until early May and we're planning on being in AZ in mid to late April. A friend suggested a KOA in Williams but the reviews suck and it looks like the RV parks around that area are literally paved parking lots. We want electric and water. Williams, AZ is only a "potential" area of interest. We're open to other suggestions within the region as well. We'll simply drop anchor somewhere and then venture out from there to see the sights within the region coming back each evening to the trailer wherever it is. After we depart northern AZ, we're heading down to Catalina State Park near Tucson but would likely stay somewhere around Phoenix first if someone suggests something of interest. Any suggestions from some of you more seasoned campers?
  16. I am curious to know if anyone can advise whether in the typical "truck" lanes at truck stops there are identified pumps that have the smaller nozzles? I have attempted to use the larger nozzles in my Dodge 3500 and it is a painful experience to say the least. Alternatively, are there any adaptors the effectively allow use of these pumps with a standard diesel fill tube?
  17. It sounds like a great program but I am concerned as to which pumps would have to be used at these truck stops? The truckers pumps have HUGE nozzles and pump the fuel so fast, it is almost impossible to use them on the standard sized filler neck on my Dodge 3500. If the cards can be used at the auto diesel pumps, life would be good. Does anyone know anything about pump restrictions or limitations?
  18. John, Did the noise filter come with the fan or did you purchase that separately? Sorry if I missed any previous comments on that point. Nice install.
  19. We're taking Hobo out for our first extended trip in April/May and wanted to seek input from others as to "must see" stops along our paths. Expect to be out on the road for 2 to 3 weeks after leaving Hohenwald (for service) before returning the the rally in AL. Suggested sites and camping spots would be much appreciated. We are just now starting to plot our path so nothing is off of the table at this point. Thanks,
  20. There are also some cabins within the campground mixed among the RV slots. Save a lot of driving up and down the hill.
  21. Has anyone been able to find Season 1, Episode1? All I can find is episode 2 and beyond. I watched episode 2 last week (DVR) and enjoyed it but found the episode to be about 90% commercials. I'll keep watching (for now).
  22. Can guarantee you they won't do a one-off even it it's something they've done before. The busier they get, the less inclined they are to make custom mods. They just don't have the resources (time) to do that anymore.
  23. I actually looked at the Conqueror's several times. They have been displayed at the Harrisburg, PA Outdoor show in the past. I love their capabilities but getting the wife on-board (literally) was not possible. Not her cup of tea. It's more suited for my friends and I when we go hunting according to her. She's right of course. Have fun.
  24. Overland, New to this thread; can you explain how one can hook up compressed air to the lines to blow them out? Thanks, Hobo
  25. We posed the same question about two years ago prior to picking up out unit and got TONS of responses. The danger is purchasing too much. I would need another TV and another bank account (with $$ in it) if we purchased everything recommended. Good luck and have fun.
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