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  1. Welcome and let the fun begin. We recently picked up Hull #1182 in late July, ordered in October of 2021. That time in between was spent reading this forum, new posts as well as posts many years ago. There is so much information here and the people have been wonderful, I have learned so much. The Ollie was our first travel trailer (first anything except tent and cold ground) and we couldnt be happier. I will vouch for the Service Department and all the help they gave me on our week long trip to southern Tennessee and Northern Mississippi. I had newbie questions and they took the time to help answer questions along with taking care of a couple minor issues. I also highly recommend the Oliver University and the video sections on the website. Just tons of info. Others may have mentioned it but I also recommend videoing the delivery day walk thru. There is so much information given to you, our lasted 3 hours, by the time we settled in I couldnt remember anything and spent alittle time relaxing and looking over the videos again. The rally was over by the time of our pickup but we have a site reserved for 2023!! Safe travels and dont be afraid to ask questions on here.
  2. I too hope you get to revisit all the places you have been. Safe Travels and enjoy!!
  3. Welcome and congratulations !! Enjoy retirement and safe travels !!
  4. Congratulations !! I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy ours. Now the wait. Take that time to watch the videos, read the manuals, and read this forum. There is so much covered here that are not in the manuals.
  5. Did progressive or Oliver give you a reason why this would happen. I'm a novice on things like this but if it is something that can be prevented then it may help others not have to deal with this.
  6. I agree and understand all those points. It is hard to tell someone "its a good deal" because most of us do not know the other persons situation. Everyone has different goals, are at different stages of our lives, and in different financial situations. We felt for us at this time it fit what we wanted to do now and in the future. We have no regrets and look forward to the next 15-20 years traveling and hopefully meeting several of you. I do think some people are missing the value of the "Oliver Family" which includes everyone at Oliver and the owners. It is hard to put a dollar value on service and folks on this forum who have been willing to help me and answer my questions. I only hope I can pay it forward now.
  7. John beat me to it but I will add this. We just picked up our Elite ll on July 22. The base price for ours was $65K. So they have only went up $11K from 2018. I will add we happily paid what was asked for. After reading posts on here for over 4 years and talking with folks at Oliver I believe you get way more than just a travel trailer with Oliver. Just my opinion.
  8. Best of luck on your trip and decision. We went thru the same experiences and thoughts before we "left with one less check". Picked ours up 7/22 this year. Spent 5 nights camping on way home to Ohio and could not be happier.
  9. Kirk, I recommend that you take an IPad or something similar and video alot of the delivery day. They go over so much that day. Ours took 3 hours and we were able to go back that first evening and get some answers to questions that came up from the video. As others on here will tell you watch all the videos and read all you can on the oliver university site and I agree 100%. We got a hard copy of the manuals on delivery day also. Congrats on a really nice Christmas present !!!
  10. Picked up Hull 1182 on 7/22 after almost 9 1/2 long months, but who is counting. First night at the mothership. Long hot day!! The AC didn't seem loud at first, probably just glad to be able to get out of the heat, lol. I can' t say enough about the Oliver Service folks and Oliver for putting in a campground right there for us. We moved from the delivery area to the Oliver Campground and when we went to put the front Jack down it would not come down. I walked back over to ask one of service folks what I was doing wrong, they checked it and then they immediately replaced the front jack. Camped next to a wonderful couple from Texas, the Sparks. We went from there for a night at Davey Crockett, wonderful campground and just stayed one night. Then off to a COE campground near Booneville MS called Piney Grove Recreation Area. I was able to find a spot right on the water for Shawna, Bay Springs Lake. The campground was really nice and the hosts were wonderful. The humidity took a little getting used to, we ate lunch the first day inside the Ollie. Sorry for the Picture quality but it was dusk with iphone. Just wanted you to get an idea of what we had to endure lol. On our way back home we stopped at the mothership to pick up an entry rug Shawna saw and I asked them to look at the Anderson for me, I thought something was wrong. It turns out it failed and we didn't notice it until we stopped for gas on the way back towards Hohenwald. Oliver Service quickly replaced the ball, sorry I don't have any pics of the failed piece, and we were good to go. Back in Ohio now, This is our first RV of any kind and we are new to all this. We could not be happier with our Ollie and with Oliver. We are planning our next trip in a couple weeks. Looking forward to next year's rally and a chance to meet everyone, space already reserved.
  11. A majority of folks today didn't even realize you could get leaded fuel back then.
  12. John, Is there a reason you left the chain couple in place for you mod? I saw another thread where several folks had them failing and thought this might be a good idea to replace that piece also? We pick ours up end of July and I have no experience with the Anderson yet.
  13. This looks permanently attached? Any info on parts or how you did this?
  14. Welcome and congratulations! I not anywhere near that part of the country but hope to visit that part soon. Scott
  15. congrats, safe travels. Lots of pics !! Our pickup is not til July but it feels like we turned the corner.
  16. Do not yet have the Ollie (July delivery date) but we were looking at this one. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00V94W7UW/?coliid=I1GF1UKDPDZJLP&colid=3KEOTVVEK2CKX&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Mike statement of having different sizes makes sense to me. Area could determine what we could use.
  17. Can you share what your payload capacity is one your new F150. I have a 2014 F150 and I have been going back and forth with staying with F150 for TV or moving to 3/4 ton truck.
  18. Congratulations !!! We will be first timers also, well if you don't count tent camping. Our delivery date is July and I have been busy trying to finalize our build sheet. I have learned so much from the folks on here willing to share their opinions and lessons learned. Use the Oliver University and read all the manuals, research what options you think you might want, watch videos, etc. I find I learn something new almost everyday reading these forums and using the search facility. We are just using this time as "part of the journey". Scott
  19. I live in Ohio and inquired recently with dealerships in Ohio, WV, and NC about ordering a new F250 or F350 and was told 28 weeks for delivery from my order time. About the same when I inquired about Chevy 2500 or 3500. That's 7 months, almost puts it a year behind in model numbers. I think I will keep my F150 and wait this craziness out.
  20. Our pickup date is July 22. We were going to stay at least one night right at the factory in new sites they recently put in. Hope to go through most of the stuff there but also plan to spend a few days exploring that part of Tennessee. Good info on some of the options to look into in that 1-2 hour drive.
  21. Congratulations as your big day arrives !! Please post plenty of pictures. Safe travels !!!
  22. Just put in order for some Foyables, in our case the twin bed platform.
  23. Congratulations, we are a mid July delivery. Take advice of reading as much as you can here, you may change your mind on some choices and the nice thing is you still have time. There is a ton of information and videos to look thru.
  24. Congratulations !!! We have a Mid July pick up. We are, as others have said, taking the time to explore accessories and trips.
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