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  1. Yeah, after I posted that I realized I didn’t figure that in. Exuberance subsided enough for logic to finally kick in!
  2. Yes. My cost now has the 2k inverter and as I understand it, the lithium pkg has the 3k.
  3. We have a contract but are still waiting on our build date. We already have the EZ start, solar pkg, 2 extra FLA batts, and a 2k inverter. All of that comes to $4850 that we will be spending. Or, we can add lithium for an extra $4150. However, buying in 2020, we get a 26% tax credit on the system- $8600 (taking out the ez start) X 26% = $2236. That makes my over and above costs $1900 for: less or no maintenance, lower weights, longer life, faster charging. I’ll take that deal* *if my wife agrees and if this math still works and if I have not missed some important figure
  4. I use an app called Pocket. I can save any content from any device and organize it by date or tags. So, when I see a forum topic that I I want to save, I simply add it to Pocket and add tags. It also can accumulate and sort podcasts but I don’t use it for that. DMc
  5. So on a couple of recent trips to the factory, all the valve stem caps I saw were green. I asked if the tires were filled with nitrogen but I didn’t get a clear answer (that I heard). I remember it being something like “this is how they come”. I’m adding that question to my growing list of things to ask at our September pick up. DMc
  6. Our build date is late July and they told us it should be an option by then. Pickup date is mid Sept. DMc
  7. For anyone looking for a Ford F150 TV, Hertz has declared bankruptcy and has a fair amount of those in stock at good prices. https://www.hertzcarsales.com/ Their interface is not very easy to use but make sure you have your location and distance to cover most of the nation and especially the south. DMc
  8. Hello folks! We are soon to be owners with a delivery date around the end of Sept. The day after we ordered, I tossed 13 years of RV brochures and digital PDFs! For each brand we have followed, I noticed they all had branded merchandise such as shirts, hats, hoodies. I found some discussion on the forums about this. But, is anything available? Thanks, DMc
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