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  1. I would be thrilled for a 4 in front. Kinda sucks being here on the Left coast
  2. The card is tied to-your bank account and comes out like a debit card. The great thing is that you don’t have to go inside. savings varies depending on trickstop. Please go to the web site, they answer a bunch of questions there.
  3. Getting ready to make a trip to Colorado. Just filled up in Lebanon, Oregon. 57 gallons of diesel @ $5.499/gallon = $313. Ouch. I have auxiliary tank in addition of our main tank.
  4. I bought my Oli used at 10 months old (2020 hull# 648). When I got my Oli one of the small Aluminum support bars was missing in the dog house lid. One my first voyage, We lost the other one within the first 40 miles. I noticed I had a bad habit of lying down the access port cover, so I fixed up a 18g wire and hooked to the large support bar and to the back of the access port cover. Just one year as the owner on one of our 5 day outings, I got to the camp site and went to open the access port to turn on the propane; The large bar had fallen off, and was hanging by the wire. I was going to call Oliver to order 2 more small bars, but since I am out in the cold when it comes to Olivers Warranty I decided to make Aluminum Support bars. I had left over 1”x2” Aluminum rectangle left over from mud flap installation (Original rectangle material was 1”x1.5”), and I had a few small pieces of Black 5/8” thick Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW) lying around. The large bar that I still had only a few very small areas that had the resin attach to it (marked in Red), and the area where the bars came off where real smooth. The surface of the aluminum had a fair amount of oxidation. I cut a couple pieces of aluminum with a Angle grinder cut-off wheel, and the UHMW was cut to size on a table saw. I counter sinked the UHMW with a 3/8 spade drill and drilled out for a 10-24 SS screw. I also tapped the aluminum with a 10-24 tap for attaching the UHMW. I got a little carried away when I attached the UHMW to the aluminum, I used blue lock tight and lock wash and nut on the back side. I was paranoid of the aluminum support bars falling off again, so I go a little carried away with the mating surfaces to be attached. I used a 1/16 angle grinder cut-off wheel and cross hatched the aluminum, I then drilled and tapped 1/4-20 threads into the aluminum. The 1/4-20 holes are NOT for bolts but something extra for what ever I used to adhere to the Aluminum. I also sanded the aluminum by hand with 40 grit sandpaper for metal. For the Fiberglass I sanded down the original area with the 60grit sanding pad on a angle grinder. I left one small portion of an edge for locating the bars side to side. I used a Dremel tool with a carbide bit to cross hatch the fiberglass. Finally I did a final hand sanding with 40grit sandpaper. I made a tool for locating the aluminum support bars from the edge of the of the fiberglass. I took measurement from the impressions in the fiberglass from the resin, and the one Aluminum bar that I had. I calculated the offset of the bar .640” from the edge. This measurement was including the white trim piece. I didn’t realize that the trim would just come right off. If I had to do it over again, I think I would done the measurement without the trim piece. Note the picture shows me holding it without the trim on the shell, but I did not use it that way. Note the wires in the second picture. Before I mounted the bars I made a couple of security straps. I figured that by some chance one of the bars would come off I Attached 16g wire with heavy duty eyelets to each bar. That way I will not loose any more support bar if they cam unglued. The next question was how to adhere the support bars to the fiberglass. I felt that my 2 low tech options were JB weld or Gorilla glue. I research both, and both seemed to be a reasonable option for adhering aluminum to fiberglass. I have used Gorilla glue a few times and never had any problems with it besides the bottle has a short life span in Oregons high humidity after it is opened. The JB Weld had a fractionally higher shear factor than the Gorilla glue did, and I have use JB weld in so many applications and it has never failed. I flipped a coin and JB Weld won, although it might have been a 2 headed coin. I ended up using 1 package of the Professional size JB Weld, and one of the regular size. to do the job. I used a Bondo plastic putty tool to spread the JB weld. I put a small amount on the fiberglass just enough to fill the cross hatching squeegeed across the fiberglass. Then I put a large amount on the Aluminum cross hatching. Put the Aluminum bar in placed and then clamped. Note the trim piece in place. Below is of one of the bar ends. The puddle of JB Weld on the inside of the bar is what pushed up through the 1/4-20 holes. Here are the tools I used for the JB weld. The 3M adhesive remover worked great for cleaning up the JB Weld (sometimes I can make a mess). The final Product. I secured the wires with GB 1” square adhesive back wire tie downs to keep the wires out of the way.
  5. I was very impressed with Natures Head (NH) service. When I did my NH install I decided I wanted another hose flange to route a hose on the inside of the sink cabinet. I called them up and they shipped the flange the same day, and I had it 2 days later. The original NH was back ordered 3 months, so that took a long time to get, but getting spare parts are quick. Since my NH has only been in service for 9 month, I will probably wait another year before ordering a spare fan.
  6. Once you get the metal, I have found that using a palm jitterbug sander works great for putting the same type finish they use at the factory. I use 100 grit sand paper for wood.
  7. Mark and Beth, That has to be tough with a new Oliver. I like Johns idea with a larger thicker aluminum plate and backfilling. Were the winds in Boulder? Now they get some really strong winds there. I lived in Colorado most of my life. Born in Longmont, In Boy Scouts I ushered at Folsum Stadium, and worked at IBM on the Diagonal. My son still lives and works in Boulder. Good luck on that repair. Bob and Dawn
  8. When I can get 600 miles a day, without charging, I will think about it. Right now I get 1200 miles between refills. As long as they keep the 18 wheels let’s going, I hope I will be fine.
  9. John, I need to be able to connect to an iPhone or my MacBook to down load files. Can you take the SD drive out of these and play the files on a computer or do you need a special app to play them? I have figured out that the phones need a special app to view/ down load. I just do not know how well they work with the iPhone. The thought about using a 256gb card for storage. So there would be less chance of over writing a file I wanted before I could get it downloaded. I’m assuming I could get 25 to 30 hours of time on a 256gb card with HD. thanks everyone for the info, keep it coming. I’m sure I’m not the only one that is taking it seriously after the wreck. Bob and Dawn
  10. After Questionmark (Mark and Cyndi’s terrible incident I have been seriously thinking about dash cams. It looked like their dash cam had good resolution. Does any one have preferences on what would be a good dash cam?
  11. I am so thank full that you were not hurt. That is truly a blessing from God. I know of a couple that was not so luck on the Colorado mountain roads. It is very sad to see that happen to an Oliver. I know that for most of us we are smitten over our Olivers. I know that there will be an Oliver II out there for you in your future.
  12. I just cringe, and hold onto my wallet, and please sir beat me some more. Still doing a 2500 mile trip in June
  13. I have never owned a bearing arbor/bearing driver set. I have always used a brass punch to remove and set the cones. and a piece of wood for the Seal. Does any one know of a decent quality driver set? Thanks
  14. I agree, I would love both 120v, and USB over the dinette. When I plug in the laptop at the Curbside bed, or at the bottom side of the dinette. It would be much nicer to have those over the dinette.
  15. You are correct 12volt is used by everything. I am fairly new to the Oli and have only been out on a few 4 day boondocking trips. AGM Battery management has been a big deal especially in cooler weather. I do not have a generator at this time, so I am totally dependent on the Solar. Running the fridge off of 12volts really isn't practical with everything else on 12volts. Man, if I had the 630ah solar package and could actually get them recharged daily with cloudy skies, and trees overhead that would be great. Unfortunately I don't have the $$$$ to upgrade to something like 630ah art this time.
  16. I totally agree, living in the PNW. Between 8 months of gray skies and our beautiful luscious trees, direct sunlight is a summertime luxury. We rarely ever use 12volts, and only 120v when plugged in. It is pretty cool though camping under the trees canopy.
  17. Ours came with the Laguna table option. We only used it part of the time. Mostly I got tired of setting up the table, and then taking it down multiple times a day (every time I need into get into the nightstand drawer, and every night to go to sleep). I changed the table to side mount style. Now I just rotate the table to the side to get into the drawer, or rotate it over the night stand for sleep. The table never comes down, just raising and lowering the table to where I need it. So we use the table all the time. I may go with a custom table top that will give us a little extra table space. Now that the table is no longer in the way, I want to add the door added to access the rear bay. I want it use it for a clothes hamper. I use the larger section of the bay for water filter and water hoses. I do not like reaching all the way back into the bay. Pulling out a cloths basket/milk crate should be easier.
  18. We also use the compact camping percolator on the gas stove. I am still trying to get the timing down for good consistency. Haven't spent enough time on the road yet. We also pre-grind the coffee before we leave home. We have several different flavors at home to select from. I do notice a difference between my grind technique and my wife and the outcome of the coffee. About 17 years ago I decided that when the cheap $40 grinder dies I would buy a nice gear grinder. Still waiting for the grinder to die. I want to get the full life out of this grinder.
  19. It wasn't me. I was on the Corvallis to Lebanon overpass at 1430 (2:30PM) which is close to the 30 miles north of Eugene on Monday. We just came back from 4 nights on the coast. Great weather. We are in Sweet Home. Where do you live Fargoman? Someday we should make our own West Coast/ Northwest Rally with all of the Oliver owner out here on the other side of the world.
  20. When I got my Oli, I bought a very low millage 99 F250 SD. Tires had great tread, but were 2010. The full size spare was 1998 that had never touch the ground. Needless to say I spend $1400 for 5 tires on a Thanksgiving deal. I got the tires that I wanted, with the tread pattern and hardness that I wanted. Same thing with my wife car. Got a very low milage Camry. Drove one year on the previous tires and then replaced with tires that I wanted. We have tons of rain and some snow. To me all tires are NOT equal. I like to spend time finding the right tire for my driving. My daily driver 08 Corolla has 290K miles. the current tires will last until 330K. I retire in 2.9years. That puts me out at 340K on the car. My last set of tires will most likely NOT be top of the line tires. Even though the car runs great and uses less than 4oz oil in 4000 miles, I will probably get rid of it.
  21. Thanks everyone for the input, Mossemi I'm glad you had been adventurous and found i way to get the wire fished through there. I have a open switch hole in my panel for backup camera. I was going to use that switch for turning both the rear view and side camera at the same time. Though I really don't think I need the Curb side camera while driving while driving. Mossemi, If I get real daring and these cameras work, I Will contact you about accessing the street side.
  22. I am planning on getting a rearview Haloview camera with monitor. The monitor can view several cameras at once. I would be able to take the monitor from the truck and put in the Oli and be able to monitor at least the rear and the curb side of the camper while we are inside. (if I'm able to mount the camera on the curb side. The camera requires a 12 volt supply. I was thinking of placing a camera just below the awning and and to the rear of the main door. Does any one know if there is an area open to the outer shell from the inside of the camper? Like behind the microwave or above the fridge from the outside? I would like to try to fish in a wire from the desired outside location into the area behind the switch panel is as you enter the camper. Here is where I was thinking. I would prefer above the Outside light. I know this is a long shot. I hate to drill a hole in the camper unless I know I can get a wire strung. Any Ideas?
  23. I'm all for the a quieter AC! It would probably be 4 years before I could make a trip back east, if they did offer it as a upgrade. Now if they offered an AC with all of the custom mods to retro fit current Olivers and would ship it to me, I would do the install.
  24. I don't remember the grade being any worse than most Colorado mountain Rides. Independence Highway from Aspen over the continental divide was much steeper and scarier coming down. All I remember was the freezing cold and wet snow on Beartooth highway. I hadn't planned on freezing temps and wet snow on our tour. All I had was a light rain jacket and leg warmers. Our ride started at Jackson hole, bike all around Yellow stone, then up over John Coulter pass, Bear tooth and down into Cody. We had a Swag wagon, that took our camping gear from one spot to another. We were one our own while biking. I also have done several Credit Card tours in the Colorado mountains and stayed at motels every night. I only needed small rear panniers to carry 1 change of cloths and tools. I have never dreamed of going across the US. I think I would wimp out after 2 weeks. 7-10 day rides are enough. Although I would like to start discovering some of the Rails to Trails as we we take our Oli across the nation.
  25. I haven't taken the Oli on it, but I bicycled over it. I did it in late June. It snowed a few inches made the bike ride a little tough being cold and wet. I would take my Oli over it.
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