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  1. I totally agree, I used to be in the information security business with IBM. After 10 years of avoiding Facebook (after IBM), I finally had to join so I could get information being shared for work. I use it for work only, I do not post, and I have a very restrictive account. I don't friend people, infact some of the crap facebook sends me just pisses me off. (Ok off my high Horse). I know that Oliver just like any other business with a web present is not secure. I will be staying here only for my Oliver information. I like this web site. It is friendly, full of knowledge, and supported by an honest business. I love the "internet introvert" comment.
  2. Susan, Sorry, I didn't define what I saw. It was the Honda 2200i. After I posted this I then remember all the power that was turned off during the start of the fires. What ever these stores had are probably gone.
  3. I get surprised at what I can't find. We were given eggs also weekly during the first couple of months of Covad. but I couldn't find a roll of toilet paper, and we make it here locally. We were down to the last 1/2 roll of TP, then I was blessed to find a six pack on the shelf. Right now I am thankful that I still have a house, and it is no longer raining ash and burnt pine needles. I am truly thankful for the rain last Friday and I can breath air that is not smoke filled and dangerous. I think it will be awhile that I complain about the continuous rain in Oregon. Now I can go back to thinking about Covad and Protest/riots. What an interesting time we have been living in.
  4. Susan, It was a couple of months ago, but I believe I saw them on the shelf at Coastal in Eugene. Maybe call all of the Coastal in Oregon. Thanks, Bob
  5. I don't own a Ollie yet, but very, very interested. I would love to come see some Ollies and meet some of you great people. Larkspur, CO (Jellystone) is centrally located, with great major highway access. I have been to the renaissance festival there. Fort Stevens is also a beautiful place, with some great history around it.
  6. Thanks everyone that have replied. I have learned a lot already. I live in Oregon, So I am a long way from the factory in TN. I have yet to see a Oliver around Oregon, but I am sure there are some. I am starting to think Oliver may be the way to go for my Wife and me. I am 4 years from retirement. We started with a tent trailer and then graduated to a 1978 GMC 4108 35' Greyhound bus conversion. We loved the traveling and camping, it almost caused a divorce, I spent several years working on it and not paying attention to the family. Both of us are looking forward to getting back out and traveling and the independance it brings.
  7. About a year ago we started looking a trailer trailers. It became obvious that the wood framed trailers are pretty much junk. If I buy something I want it to last many years. This is why I started looking at Airstreams. Air streams are not with out their flaws, but they are not junk. I happened across an add for Oliver a month ago, and the thought that it was interesting. I really like the 23-25 twin beed setup of Airstream and I saw Oliver had a similar setup with the 23ft. I have done a few searches, but have had problems gathering the info. I am sure some thread has already covered this in depth, but haven’t found it. I have some questions: What are the pros/cons of Oliver vs Airstream? (I know a broad subject.) I was wondering about the durability of the shell and the ability to get the shell repaired? Also Major vs minor repairs to shell? Airstream has guards all around the front end to protect the alumiinim body and glass. Any problems with the Oliver in this aspect? What is the the longevity of Oliver? (20year old Airstream is still young) Does the shell degrade with longterm exposure to the environment, ie weather, UV,...? Does the shell have seems that need to be sealed, if so how often? People put lift kits on the Airstreams because they sit soo low, Does Oliver need this or is a lift kit available? The Airstream has steel frames that are prone to rust if care is not taken with them. I Oliver use aluminum which can corrode and can be prone to repetitive stress fractures. Are there any precautions/worries that you need to worry about with the frame of the Oliver? I know this is a bunch of questions. Sorry.
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