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  1. Karen & I will play one day- depending on the weather?
  2. We are interested in adding the micro-air Easy Start to our trailer & would like to schedule an install for Saturday Kathy Kgoodusav@yahoo.com
  3. We will be at Mt. Rushmore. My sister who is a librarian says most public libraries are giving away glasses that protect your eyes for free.
  4. Good information. We plan to cut thru at Fargo and up to Voyageur NP and over to the Boundary Waters and then down along Lake Superior heading back to Texas. I have waited too late in my planning to get prime locations. Maybe September reservations will be easier. Any ideas or suggestions on how best to keep my dog cool while boondocking when he cant go on hikes and in the National Parks?
  5. We recently had an invasion of ants coming up thru the area around the toilet. We have sprayed the area around our trailer (beside our house) and all the underside of the trailer and as of yesterday I found several more ants in the bathroom and added bait traps for them. Any other ideas for prevention?
  6. We have found several also and had them replaced at the rally.
  7. Does anyone have any recommendations for our pending trip up through Colorado, Laramie, Wyoming, South and North Dakota, and then to Minnesota before heading back to Texas. I saw 2 posts that mentioned Table Rock Lake in Missouri and one that mentioned Gooseberry Falls, Minnesota. Any other ideas or suggestions?
  8. We spent last September in the Estes Park area and stayed at Paradise on the River and backed right up to the river and could fish. Great people own it and keep it very clean and it is very quick access into the park. We also stayed near Frisco and Breckenridge at the Tigers Run Resort with full hook ups and backed up to the river. It is a resort and has many nice amenities.
  9. If you go during a holiday like spring break be ready for major crowds! My family all met there the last weekend during spring break and we could not get in to places to eat and the trails were crowded. We camped in Terlingua and they had record heat so most of our activities were before noon each day. It is a beautiful park. I also highly recommend going up to the McDonald Observatory which has one of the darkest night skies.
  10. Yvonne, We are due to also get the new bike rack on May 1st. Would love to hear from you and how it works.
  11. Hi, I signed up to help Coy at the Rally with coordinating the food. Since now we are looking at over 89 people attending I think we might need some others to sign up with helping dish out the food to help the lines flow and a little clean up at the end (NO washing dishes :) ) Meals are: Friday evening 5pm- need 5- 6 servers on the line Saturday Breakfast 7:30 am - POT LUCK - need 6 to help organize the food and set up (if you know what you are bringing let me know) Saturday Lunch 12:00 pm - Subway - need 4 to help set up and organize Saturday Dinner 6:00 pm - Mexican Dinner - need 6 to help organize and set up If you would like to help out just message me on the forum or email me and I will sign you up....its all light duty and a chance to make some new friends and spread some cheer. Thanks and looking forward to sharing a fun time. Kathy (kgoodusav@yahoo.com) please put Oliver Rally in your subject line
  12. I also have a Toyota Tundra and Elite II but if we lower the tailgate we have to put a towel on the hitch because it does touch.
  13. We have the same problems with the window shades- two of ours also broke. We have not tried to repair yet but maybe at the rally we can put collective minds together and figure it our. :)
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