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  1. Generator box - Has anyone made their own and if so any suggestions? It is my intent to put this box where the storage box from Oliver goes. I want the generator completely enclosed with a cover that opens. It will have vents for air to come through and exhaust to get out. Our generator runs on gas or propane.
  2. Strange that the wiring electrician wouldn't have a diagram in front of him to ensure he was using the right wires for everthing since there are several different load requirements.
  3. I did PM our sales rep and am awaiting her response. I will keep you guys posted on this subject. I did look at the 2019 online manual as John suggested. It at least gave me some idea of where everything is.
  4. Thanks everyone. I can see why they wouldn't have them online as anyone could download them (like another trailer manufacturer) but they really need to be provided to Olie owners, so I too will inquire from my sales rep, Anita
  5. We will be picking up our 2021 LII trailer in July so I thought I would download the manuals to get myself acquainted with it. I know we will have help on pickup day. I noticed after I downloaded the manual the section on electrical was missing the diagrams. Will we be getting an actual printed manual when we get our trailer? will it have the diagrams that are missing in the download version?
  6. Talked with sales today. They said they didn't have a definite answer because of the fact the powered awnings had settings that could be adjusted. However they also stated that when not on site to retract the awning.
  7. Thanks for your responses. When I first did a search on the forum nothing came up. I will have to search the forum using less words probably. We appreciate your input
  8. Does anyone use anything to prevent someone from pulling up to the trailer and hauling it off when you aren't there
  9. Does the edge of the awning have a place for attaching poles? We get our trailer in July and have to travel to Montana that same month. I want to ha e poles purchased before then
  10. Guidelines are very helpful. Thank you for your expertise. 😪now only if I could figure out how to erase this emoji
  11. We have considered not purchasing the wind sensor feature of our power awning. Does anyone know how much wind the awning can handle before we need to retract it?
  12. We would love to meetup in the hill country Cindy. We have some commitments in Sept and Oct. I haven't figured out how to respond on comments but Bill you are funny guy
  13. We will be picking up our trailer in July. The support from all the folks on the forum is so very helpful. Thank you to all that do participate. You guys are part of the reasons to buy an Oliver. Donna and Scott
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