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Elite 2 Rooftop Reflective Canopy or Tarp

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May 8, 2024

Is anyone aware of a reflective rooftop canopy (if not reflective & blocks sun well, this is ok) or tarp that fits nicely on the Elite 2 that will not suffocate my rooftop Houghton A/C and withstand the Florida sun?  I am sure this does not matter but my OllieRhonda is a 2020. I did find this one in the below link but I'm looking for additional options.



Thank you for your help!

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Are you interested in a full cover or only a rooftop cover?

CalMark custom makes a full cover for the Oliver but it does not have a reflective top (nor will they make one for you with a reflective top).  There are other (usually less expensive) covers that fit the Ollie too and they have been mentioned from time to time here on the Forum.

Good luck in getting what you need.


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Hi, @NomadLife, and welcome to the forum. 

I've seen the photos of the canopy you shared, and I doubt it's a good option for your Ollie, if you're trying to run your ac while shading your Ollie. 

Are you a full timer? Are you looking for a portable shade shelter? What are your goals?

To protect the gelcoat from the florida sun, we've successfully used a couple of great marine paste waxes over the years on our 2008, applied twice a year. 

Do you have the solar option on your 2020?

Could you amend your profile and signature to reflect your status, please.

happy camping.


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You are wise to protect your roof top. The sun’s UVs are really rough on the Olivers gelcoat, plastic panels and caulk. 
Maybe consider a covered commercial storage location? 

Welcome to the forum! 

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22 hours ago, NomadLife said:

Is anyone aware of a reflective rooftop canopy

Something like this would certainly work to protect the Oliver if stored in the sun, not sure about A/C use other than folding back or raising the cover. I have used these over many years for the purpose intended, and know how durable and effective they are in blocking UV and reducing heat. FS has several sizes to choose; pic for illustration.


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@Patriot - maybe provide a link to the pix of the set-up at your home for EXPLOR to @NomadLife...  You've got an awesome protective structure that he may find interesting, just a random thought.  

See y'all tomorrow in AL!

Safe travels, brother! 

A & D

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