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Selling our 2019 Elite 2

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  • The title was changed to Selling our 2019 Elite 2
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Ray and Nancy,

Sorry you are selling! As you know you were instrumental in Cheryl and I buying our LE2. We love our Oliver and heading to Traverse City  and then Lake Superior in a couple of weeks.  Hope all is well. Happy Trails!

Robert and Cheryl, Louisville, KY, Legacy Elite II Hull #1390 Oliphino, TV F250 Tremor

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Tent camped since I was 16 with a 1956 VW to collect fossil vertebrates in the Badlands of Nebraska in 1966. Sometimes three of us using an Army pup tent or sleeping under the stars for days or a week.  Sun sets and the Sun rises. No clock... if you can see... time to get moving. Walk and discover fossils washing out after the Rain washes them out.  Ahhh... the Hunting Days are great memories... Gone.

Married we tent camped and bought a 23 foot Airstream in 2006 off the Dealer's Lot.  They attached the trailer and waved... The adventure began.  A 25 foot and then a 27 foot and then... kept the 2019 27 foot Airstream and the 2019 Oliver Elite II... was a chance sighting at a Boondocking site in Colorado.  A go anywhere travel trailer, four season, double axle and built well.  Found one in Las Vegas, Nevada in February 2022.

Both travel trailers had ALL of the Propane, Solar, Batteries and plug in options.  Most buyers are RV Park travelers and do not need what the 2019's offered. Generators and then Plug In.  Times change and so do the Buyer's who want different travel trailers.

We have been everywhere.  This spring we went to our favorite New Mexico 'Off the Grid Boondocking National Forests and BLM'...and we have been going since 2006 trailer camping and before in a tent. Then came home and... been there, done it all, now what?  We saw all of the western National Parks tent camping. Before the... crowds.  You drive up, pay a fee and go anywhere.  Not any longer... times change.  ...and we changed.

Not because of our current choices in 2019 Airstream and 2019 Oliver Elite II... but we been there, once, twice, twenty... times.  We are western Rocky Mountain rock, fossil, mineral and hiking campers.  In our 70's and sat down, sell which, keep one, sell both... discussions.  Pristine, clean and shopped out with hardware (Airstreams three of them... you know where to begin)... and decided it is time to... reconsider why we need one or both travel trailers.  Been there. Done it. Saw it.  Seen everything and even now some areas are closed to camping, Ranches have gone to Corporate Ranches and NO Visitors Allowed on the Properties.  The Ranchers we knew died or the kids sold out as it is hard work.   We would even volunteer time to 'pay our way' to collect fossils in the Badlands of  Nebraska.  All gone today... and gone commercial leasing.

Not the trailers fault... there is a time when change is coming.  Done it All.  Been there Often.

I pull out a DeLorme Atlas... and on some pages the GPS locations and comments fill the blank borders. Some with 20 campsites with comments. Even the guides for Wagon Trains leaving Independence, Missouri in the 19th Century... once the Union Pacific laid track... it was over.

The double Axle Oliver Elite II can go anywhere. Same clearance as our 27 foot Airstream, 3 inch lift and upgraded to 16 inch Michelin tires.  All standard on the Oliver Elite II and had the Airstream add two Solar Panels and both are perfect for OTG camping... and built to go anywhere.

The Oliver is the Go Anywhere Travel Trailer. The Airstreams took us time to discover the weak points... and when purchasing a new Airstream... tweaked it to be Solid... as the Oliver Elites are...from the Factory.  Time to move on an there are lots of Airstreams for sale... most we would not want at any price... but Olivers are scarce and few are familiar with them.

Some travel to travel. We travel to walk, hike, hunt and enjoy the solitude outside the City.  Stepping out of our Oliver is ahhhhhh fully nice.  We wil always remember fondly.  The Oliver hunt.  Owning an Oliver.  ...and time to sit back and recall we did it ALL.. and content.






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Posted (edited)


2020 OLEII - Hull #634 aka-  “XPLOR”

2021 F350 6.7 liter Diesel Lariat Ultimate Tremor 

North Carolina 🇺🇸



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