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Toilet Chemical... what do you mostly use? We have lately used Eco-Save. We like scented, just because of the scent. The dry is just right for boon docking as it last so long, and it lubricates valves. A nice thing is it can freeze, shake it, works fine.

First saw it used at a campground dump station. A newbie had a sun damaged blue 'stinky' hose that broke, and lost it's content all over the ground. It was a real hot dry day. The CG owner raked and shoveled any solids and flushed away in the bathouse.. He then put about an ounce or so of Eco-Save and some water in a spray bottle and spray covered the area. I watched the area that weekend and never a hint of odor or problem. I like it because it is not chemical based. They don't even recommend it is used ntil there is waste in the tank. Doesn't seem to be mass marketed, but available at a lot of campgrounds. Their web site list where its available in your state.

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I've used different brands but never tried the Ecosave yet but I did read about it a couple of years ago because one of our friends use it exclusivly :) - http://www.eco-save.com/products-frame.html 


Different people all have different ideas about how to set up and service their black tanks and some put a few gallons of water down in the beginning with the chemical to start everything working but not me. A lot of my friends simply dump the tank and then add some bleach or one of our camping friends simply uses dish soap and calls it good. Here's a link to that method and it works fine also -




For me, the chemicals are easy and I like having them setting in the bathroom. I must say though that not all chemicals are the same and my method is old school in that I don't add any water in the beginning. After we dump the tank and then start to use it again, for the first few flushes I just stand on the pedal for a few extra seconds until after a few flushes, I've maybe added a gallon to help combine with the urine. It doesn't smell that first day and when I get up the next morning, I use the toilet and add a couple cap fulls of the Thetford Aqua-Kem - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0006H92RY/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=DVETVI1ZF5E8&coliid=I3GJFOCGHSSVHF


I did say "Cap fulls" because even though it comes in that nice small 6 pack, you flat out don't need to use that much. Most of the time we are staying a week at a time in different places and I dump the tank when it gets half full if we are leaving anyway. Karen has the hose and nozzle inside for washing out the tank and I run the outside and hand her the hose through the bathroom window and she washes out the tank completely around once a month or so. Really, only a cap full is needed most of the time and I add it as needed from there. After a few days, I just watch the level or take a wiff, and if everything is running fine, I don't add anymore. As we all know, different times are constantly changing and every now and again we get the odd week and I will add an extra cap full but that's it. So the small little 8oz bottle sits in behind the tank with the window cleaner and other cleaning supplies and it lasts us along time. The little blue bottle just flat kicks it over most other brands. With others, some come with a measuring section - and a cap full of the Aqua-Kem is really such a small amount that you wouldn't think that it's going to be enough. I can't count how many 6 packs I have used over the years but they last and last. One bottle goes in the bathroom and the rest go into my tool box :)

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I now use EcoSave exclusively. The small bottle of scented usually last me all season. I put about a capful of it, long with about a cupful or so of water at the start of a trip. It "splash blends" as we go down the road. Kind of lubes the bottom of the tank and wakes up the microbes. No formaldehyde, and would never put bleach in...I do carry a bottle of the dry, just in case I run out of the other. But I am lazy, and just splash the 'about right' amount in when needed.

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I could not find an answer in searching the Forum. What toilet bowl cleaners are safe to use with the black tank additives? I purchased Happy Camper brand black tank additive for our September 16th LE 2 delivery date, but just realized that standard household toilet bowl cleaners might be incompatible with black tank additives.

This is just another one of many trailer-related questions that seem to occur to me in the middle of the night.

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Definitely, don't use household toilet bowl cleaners. Dishwashing liquid is quite enough to clean the bowl, and use that sparingly.

Toilet bowl cleaners like Lysol are very caustic. 

Dishwashing liquid is all I've ever used, in the camper, as a cleaning solution. 

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