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Expanding the counter space

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We went to a big box lumber place (Lowe's maybe?) And bought this piece. It is designed to fit on the top of a rolling Husky tool box. It slides over the sink easily. We left ours snug where it goes over the faucet, this keeps it from "drifting" while we travel. It stayed snug when a drawer didn't.  We trimmed the length a little, used a hole saw in the drill, and made two cuts. Simple, works well, adds usable counter space, and hides dirty dishes.




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Very nice, is this it?




Did you bother to seal the wood where you cut it?


John Davies


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That is the piece. Price and size were right. I have not yet sealed the edge. I wanted to be sure that it fit and if subject to further modification. I thought I might line the cut with maybe a foam strip, but think that will not be needed. We will seal it at the end of the season. Another project for my "winter-to-do" list.

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I believe it was a 1 1/2". I used a small square against the outside wall up against the faucet. I then measured to the refrigerator wall, both to the square and to the faucet. I remember I measured three times and cut once. I got lucky. If I was to do again I might make a cardboard template?

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That looks great!

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