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Just wondering if Camco or other companies make bug screens for bugs and other insects (dirt doobers) for the Oliver trailers. I know that they do for the furnace vents, but what about the refrigerator vents, hot water heater vents, and other vents on the trailer. On our Casita I had to make them as they were not offered by manufactures to fit the Casita, I guess if I have to make them again, I will.





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Ken, we love it when you guys come to Texas - the temperature always drops 30 degrees no matter what time of year!  Mike

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So I found the Camco screens for the Water Heater and the Furnace.

Thanks for the link as I've been wanting to cover these for a while.

Regarding the water heater, what about the louvered vents? The Camco screen covers the main opening but not the louvered part on the left.

And I assume you remove these vent screens while under way?







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I assume you remove these vent screens while under way?


No, I leave them on. It was a bit of a hassle attaching them with the provided springs. I sure would not like to have to remove and replace them at every camp site.


Here is a link to the other screen for the louvered vents.

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