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Ford Trailer Camera and TPMS


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Researching TV and trailer purchase.  Ford has a rear view trailer camera that will sinc with its monitor inside the truck.  It is a hard wire unit.  I was thinking I could send the unit to Oliver and have them run the wires inside when they build the trailer.  They said they could do this for an additional fee.  Was wondering if anyone has done this?  I understand the unit will only work while the truck is in reverse.  Don't understand why that is, or if I like the idea. Seem like one might want to take a peak while go down the road.  However, maybe not a big deal.  I don't know if the camera that Oliver offers as an option works all the time. But it does require a separate monitor.   I like the idea of only one screen but not the fact it only works in reverse.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  Also, Ford offers a TPMS unit that works with it's monitor.  However, I read that the valves don't fit on all rims. Can you get adapters that will make the valve work?  Or purchase another brand that fits the Oliver rim?  But,  will it work with the Ford software?  Has anyone experienced  this problem?  Probably a question for Oliver service. Geeez, somethings are not easy. Maybe just a pocket tire gauge and one of those oval mirrors like the mail trucks have.  Thanks for your thoughts!

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I have the Voyager backup camera system that Oliver installed. While I use the backup camera when when reversing into a campsite or my storage facility, I rely more on my mirrors and my wife who acts as a spotter. 

I really like the backup camera when driving on the highway. I gives me a better picture of what is behind me than the side mirrors. When passing another vehicle and deciding when it is safe to change lanes, the backup camera really shines. It is so much better than the side mirrors for this. Your Ford setup with the backup camera only visible when in reverse would not work for me. 

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Most of the rvs we deliver have the option of rear view camera always on, as does our car .  This feature is awesome. I  agree with Dave. 

Someday, it will be mandated. For now, adapt it if you can.

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Mark -

In reverse order -

I agree with Seadawg and David - TPMS is virtually a must.  Obviously, there are several good systems on the market and Ford's just might be one of them.  I certainly understand wanting to reduce the number of separate systems and/or screens in the tow vehicle (both for the TPMS and for the backup camera) and I don't know what Ford's system costs.  However, I'm guessing that for what Ford will want for its system, you can get a very nice TPMS (note here that if you go this route you should think about getting 6 sensors which will take care of the four wheels on the Oliver plus the spares on both the tow vehicle and the Oliver).

In ordering my Oliver I thought that the camera being sold by Oliver was expensive AND I wanted to reduce the number of screens inside my truck.  Bottom line is that I had Oliver pre-wire for the camera during the build to include an on/off switch by the camper entrance.  As with all other things that they have done for me the result was very professional and complete.  Heck - at delivery, they even installed the camera for me.  While hardwired into the electrical system of the Oliver, the camera does transmit it video signal to the tow vehicle via WiFi.  This has never been a problem and I can view that transmission on my tablet or my phone (or both).  Since I usually have one or both of these operating as I drive anyway, there is no additional screen.  And, I can have it on or off any time I chose.  My total cost including the camera, WiFi transmitter and Oliver install was right at $250 (note that this was a bit over four years ago).  Again, I'm guessing that Ford's system will be somewhat more expensive than this and if you ever change tow vehicles you might have a problem.


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Saw this on the Ford Site.  It gives details on the backup camera and the TPMS requirements.



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As has been stated TPMS is a valuable resource to have, rear camera, I'm ok without one, but then I haven't used one yet. As for the factory installed systems - I prefer the after market  - they seem to be more responsive, versatile, and adaptive to the variables - and I think more reasonably priced.  


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