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Do you use water hose quick disconnects


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I thought I would try some so I purchased a set of 5 pair on Amazon. First thing I noticed was you need a plug for the female end of the snap connector to block the ends from being open to the inside tanks, etc. I did just plug in the male end connector and screw in the factory cap into the end to seal the open line. This works well, but it does use up your male connectors. so I may look for a rubber plug that will fit snug into the female snap connector. I also thought I could get an inline hose ball value and this would work well, but it just makes all the connectors, etc. stick  out that much farther on the trailer leaving it getting caught on something and damage the connection and trailer. What do you do if you use quick disconnects.


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I use quick connects on all of the water connections on our Ollie. Makes setup and tear down at campgrounds a lot faster.  Bought extras so I could have one attached to the cap that is already on the fittings.  And I put a 1/4 turn ball shut off valve at the hose end to turn off the water quickly anytime we leave the camper for an extended time.   And a 45 degree elbow so it doesn’t stick out too far.  




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I considered it, but I think the risk of damage to the ports is too high, especially if your trailer has no mud flaps. A lot of road debris gets projected straight at that area. Imagine running over a truck tire carcass....  Plus it looks a little weird IMHO. I do however screw in a quick disconnect at home when I fill the fresh tank. mainly because it is much easier to screw in an adapter than to screw in a garden hose, and I already have these installed on all my residential garden hoses and accessories. They are SUPER high quality, ten year warranty and you can replace the 0-rings if they leak.




If you want to use any quick disconnect on an Ollie, it would be easy to find a rubber cap to cover JUST the male part, like a chair tip. It would look better than a bunch of extra stuff hanging out. Just make sure to measure first. ...https://www.amazon.com/Shepherd-Hardware-8763E-8-Inch-Diameter/dp/B076FN29LK/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=rubber+crutch+tip+1"&qid=1606500847&sr=8-8 ...  or just go by your local hardware store.

John Davies

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I have used the Camco 20135 Brass Quick Hose Connect, that look like the ones in @FrankC's pictures. I really like the quick connects for the convenience. However, I have found they start to leak after a while and need to be replaced periodically. 

Reading about the Eley fittings that @John E Davies mentions, they are made from brass, while the Camco is a mixture of brass and plastic. I searched on Amazon for brass quick connects, and found this brass HQMPC Garden Hose Quick Connect set of three on a Black Friday special price. The reviews are excellent, and they pass the fakespot test. 


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I’ve been extremely happy with the RVH2O Kwik Link angled quick connects that @rideadeuce recommended here last year. Not only do they angle down to keep your hoses from sticking out, but the resin material makes it super easy to get the hoses on and off. I’ve always found quick connects to be frustrating since they always seem to jam or are just hard to get on or off, but these slip on and off with hardly any effort at all. I also like that each one comes with a piece to screw to the other end of the hose for storage, and they also have a nice rugged cover to keep them clean. 

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