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hot water heater loose wire.


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Our hot water heater on our 2016 oliver would not work on propane on a recent trip. A fellow Olie owner said he had the same problem with his brand new oliver. He said he found a loose wire. I looked I found a loose wire. Picture attached. 

It comes from outside at the bottom of the hot water heater and then comes inside under the right side bed. 

Can someone tell me where to plug this wire in. Better yet send me a picture? 





Oliver Elite II hull # 151 

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I have a Truma Instant Water Heater so it is different than yours.  But there was a recent post about a water pump problem and there was a picture that I believe might help.





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Mike and Krunch   Lutz, FL  
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I agree with Mossey, Here you go….


The plastic splash guard covers a small circuit board, the wire is the high voltage spark ignition wire. Obviously the WH will never light without that hooked up. It plugs in the side where the small opening is, below the round protrusion. There is a small possibility that it still will not work, the board might have been damaged by operating with it disconnected. Hook it up and try the WH, you should hear a fairly loud SNAP SNAP SNAP and then a whoosh as the gas ignites. if not, the board my be fried (quite common!). Here is what it looks like. Remove the two screws and lift off the cover if you want to look at the board itself.


The board is held down with double stick foam, and it can overheat the parts. One of my resistors fried. It should be mounted in a way that will allow adequate airflow underneath.


A Dinosaur aftermarket one is much better… read this.   https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/2036-suburban-hot-water-heater-failed-a-dealer-repair-story-and-lesson/

If the spade connector does not fit snugly, you can carefully crimp the ears together a tiny bit with pliers, to add more grip force. Add a nylon tie wrap too, for strain relief.

Good luck, and post a followup report please.

John Davies

Spokane WA



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Cool. That was my pic from last week's question. I was wondering what that box did. Now I need to check it and that wire. 

Love you guys. You're the best. 


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SERIOUSLY!!!    You just can't put a price tag on the experience and general know-how of this group of Ollie owners!   Just a quick scan of today's "forum headlines"... and there was at least three scenario's where the other owners saved the day for someone...somewhere, that had a problem!   Good job, thanks and kudo's to all the older owners!

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